Day 22…Thanks to Sts. Martha & Mary Parish, many faithful team members and volunteers & last night’s Mid-Point Event photos!

The Harvest is abundant!

Today’s Mass readings are very fitting for the topic that I was planning to write about. I was thinking of the contrast between the commitment that ONE person can make, and the abundance of fruit that can come from that commitment. One faithful volunteer named Mark decided to make the commitment to stand alone if necessary ALL DAY on Monday at the vigil. From 7:30am until 5pm, he was committing to make sure the vigil continued unbroken, since so many of our team members were in Harrisburg for the PA March for Life. While he was willing to be all alone (if necessary)…we, on the other hand, were shoulder to shoulder with thousands of pro-life brothers and sisters, enjoying the amazing fellowship and joy that comes from sharing in the joy of the harvest! It struck me as a strange contrast that day…Mark braving the cold for 10 hours, while the rest of us travelled on packed buses, singing songs and praying, listening to amazing speakers and marching around the capitol building.

The readings today confirm that contrast. In the first reading from 2 Timothy 4:10-17, Paul is alone in prison. He has been abandoned and deserted by those he thought he could trust. But he ends the letter by saying, “But the Lord stood by me and gave me strength, so that through me the proclamation might be completed and all the Gentiles might hear it.” If you read Mark’s blog report from Monday, you will see that he most definitely felt the Lord giving him strength to get him through that long commitment on the sidewalk!

The second reading from Luke 10:1-9 is about Jesus sending out 72 disciples in pairs, to prepare the way for his preaching. Jesus told them that the harvest is abundant, but the laborers are few. He also told them to be as lambs among wolves. I imagine the large group of disciples receiving this commission from Jesus, and being paired up with a buddy to be sent out on mission. What amazing fellowship they must have felt, as they prepared to begin Christ’s mission of salvation!

I guess what I am trying to say is that the dedication and commitment of ONE PERSON has the potential to inspire many to join the Life Team…the JESUS team! Don’t ever doubt or despair when you feel like you are all alone in your pro-life beliefs! God will use your efforts to bring many more laborers into the mission field…and the harvest of souls will be great!


Enjoy these photos from the PA March for Life, where I had the joy of running into many of our 40 Days for Life team members!

The harvest truly was abundant in Harrisburg this week at the March for Life!
Our group was blessed to have a private Mass at a very old but beautiful Church just a block from the Capitol!
First team member spotting! Peggy from the Wednesday morning shifts!
It was a joy to see Carolyn, Thursday afternoon team member!
What a bargain! Three team members in one sighting! Beth, Rose and Sue!
It was a blessing to run into an old friend…Fr. Joe Luisi!
Two more sidewalk warriors…Michael and Meredith!
Year-round Saturday morning sidewalk prayer warrior and 40 Days shift manager, Joe…the joy of the Lord shows in his face!
Wonderful Jeannine from Most Precious Blood of Jesus Parish was our group leader!

Another contrast that came to my mind as I looked at these smiling, joy-filled faces, was the memory of the angry, distorted faces that I saw in the photos from the “Women’s March.” Why is it that pro-lifers have so much joy, while those who are pro-abortion are so angry? I mean, abortion is legal after all…so what are they so angry about? The spiritual world is more real than the real world, isn’t it? It is so obvious!

Last night we had the pleasure of a visit to our Pittsburgh campaign from a member of the national 40 Days for Life team, Heather Gartner from Austin, Texas. We hosted a mid-point event at Epiphany Church, where she spoke and encouraged us with her story. Enjoy the photos below!

Heather Gartner (center) travelled from Austin, Texas to visit our Pittsburgh Vigil! The two men in the yellow shirts travelled all the way from Uniontown to meet her and join us at our mid-point event!
Group photo! Thanks to all who joined us!

Thanks to all who attended the mid-point rally! Now, enjoy these photos and reports from the sidewalk today!

We had a very quiet shift today. Prayed the rosary. Only workers, as far as we could tell, went in until nearly 9, when two individual women went in, without companions. Did not want any help or information. We prayed a Memorare for each of them.

Earlier a woman stopped and asked about our signs. When we told her, she said she did not believe in abortion, but had been forced into having one by her sister previously. She is pregnant now and having this baby. Her partner wants her to have him/her and is supporting her.


 There were about seven couples going into PP, appearing to be abortion minded. Elsie offered literature and words of alternative, however to no avail.

There was one fellow who stopped and showed Elsie a picture of his newborn baby son, who he was very very happy about. He told Elsie that the lady who ran the shop up the street was very kind to him and helpful with clothes, diapers, etc. He also stopped and showed me the baby’s picture. He was very happy and proud!

 Ed appeared near 11 AM to hold our Lady. He has been very stalwart and faithful in doing this. The 11- 1 shift appears to be very well represented, which is always good to see.


Thank you to Priscilla, Joyce, and St. Martha and Mary parishioners Carol, Marilyn, and Cynthia for praying with us today! We stormed heaven for one woman in particular who was struggling with what sounded like hyperemesis gravidarum. I talked with her husband for a while and he was very receptive. He said they both didn’t want to have the abortion, but she was losing weight and having difficulty taking care of their other children. I encouraged him to have her come out and talk with me about ways we could help her get effective medical care, help with childcare in the meantime, and all the rest of the things they’ll need for the new baby. He said he’d call her and come back to let me know what she said, but as of 2:30 when I left I hadn’t seen either of them.


Katie, Kevin, Elaine, Arlene, and Chris
Chalice and Paulette

Today was a great praying day on Liberty Avenue.  I was joined by prayer warriors Arlene, Chalice (what a beautiful name!) and Paulette, all from St. Joseph the Worker, Phil from St. Aidan, Kevin from Regina Coeli, and Shift Buddy Elaine from Our Lady of Perpetual Help.  Many Sorrowful Mysteries and Chaplets of Divine Mercy were prayed by us.  Sidewalk Advocates Katie and Judy were ever-vigilant, offering information on free services to women entering the abortuary and to those just walking by.   Unfortunately, there were several young women who exited PP, either in the telltale sweat pants or holding a brown paper bag.  Toward the very end of the shift,  a young man took a picture of the QR Code on PP’s window and, as he left, said, “Hail Satan.”


We had a young man who is pro-life and who said that he speaks to people on the sidewalk every day about abortion being murder. Another man ‘s girlfriend has had an abortion and spoke with tears to us about her. She has no self esteem and he is building her up daily. He wrote a beautiful song about praising Jesus and is hoping that it will one day be recorded. He showed us the lyrics. Positive day for us.


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