Day 20: Thanks to St. Joseph the Worker Parish and the faithful

Sacrifice is not easy

If any man would come after me, let him deny himself, take up his cross and follow me.” Matthew 16:24

“There is a big difference between following Christ when this does not require a great deal from us, and identifying ourselves totally with him through the tribulations, great and small, of a life of sacrifice. “  Fr. F. Fernandez

As we mark the halfway point of our Spring campaign, we need to renew our commitment to sacrifice.  We must get up and begin again as we do each day.  I know, the cross is heavy, and we each have our own extra loads that are added on top of it. 

It’s not easy going downtown and witnessing on the street.  If it were easy, HE wouldn’t need you.  It’s not for everyone. “Some are apostles, some are prophets, some are evangelists…”  Is HE calling you?  You know in your heart if HE is.  And if so, deny yourself, pick up your cross and follow Him.  Come down, or come back. We need YOU. HE needs you. The babies need you.

Do you know a family member or church member who you think is also being called to witness on the street?  If so, be courageous and ask them to join you.  Forward this email to them. Share what will be truly a joyful experience despite the difficulty and sacrifice.

“Come follow ME”


Here are the reports from today starting with Peggy and Amy 7-9 am:

Our morning began with Amy spreading blessed salt in front of PP. I felt we were laying the groundwork for the rest of the week because we were able to pray for two hours without interruption. What a joy it was to pray with Amy!

Christine reports from the 9-11 shift:

It was a mostly quiet morning with lots of Holy Rosaries prayed on behalf of the unborn. We said a Divine Mercy Chaplet for those involved in abortion. Sunshine peaking through the buildings gave us a little warmth, along with the gentle faces of the faithful witnesses coming down to pray.

Here is the report from Beth 1-3:

Beautiful day at a nasty place. Almost no clients and we had some nice comments from people passing.
Lots of young wearing black; maybe they do realize that PP deals in death.

The pic shows Marie and John praying for an end to abortion.

From Dan 3-5:

Blessed with the sun and warmth of the first full day of spring and the wonderful parishioners from St. Joseph The Worker Church, we had a much-welcomed uneventful day on Liberty Ave. praying The Divine Mercy Chaplet and The Joyful, Sorrowful , Luminous and Glorious Mysteries . 

Pic on the right: Bernie, Paulette, Chalice, Fr. Jeremy, Maryanne, Judy and Arleen. Faith filled Prayer warriors from St. Joseph The Worker Parish

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