Day 20…Thanks to St. John (Delmont) & St. Mary (Export) parish & Faithful team members…AND MID-POINT DIAPER DRIVE TODAY!

Have you been “Chosen”?  Have you ever seen the painting by Caravaggio of the apostle Matthew being called to “Follow Me”?   Or maybe you saw the same thing in the movie The Chosen.  Matthew seemed stunned. His expression is saying “Who me?  You’ve got to be kidding.”

What was your reaction when you were called to be actively pro-life, to Follow?  Was it “Who Me? Really?”  Did you come up with countless reasons why you can’t?  I’m not qualified, I’m too busy, It makes me uncomfortable…

I’m guessing if you are reading this you heard the call to “Follow Me” and sooner or later you answered the call.  Thank you for the courage to overcome your fear and discomfort to come to the sidewalk. Just today I heard again the expression in a homily “Courage isn’t the absence of fear, rather it’s doing the right thing despite the fear”.  Who was it who said “Be Not Afraid?”

If you haven’t been to sidewalk yet, come on back.  We need you.  The babies need you.  If you have been downtown, consider coming back. Do you know someone who might want to join you on the sidewalk?  Why not ask them? Or forward this email to them as an invitation to join you on the sidewalk in something truly meaningful, to pray, to witness to life and to save lives?  Do them a favor and let them feel the true peace and joy you feel after going to the sidewalk, doing HIS will and Following HIM.  I hope to see you on the sidewalk. God bless you. Tim

The day started very quiet, with no clients entering PP during our shift. Bonnie arrived about 8:00 to join Michael and I. We prayed and talked with light foot traffic and only a few PP staff entering, then about 9:00 we had an incident. Two men stopped and one began yelling at us, and said he wanted to kick our materials over. Both Michael and I asked a question, and then he got in our face and did indeed kick over the case of materials. He then walked away and kept yelling at us. On the positive side, a young man who was walking by stopped to help us pick up the supplies, apologizing and saying he has never seen anyone that angry on the street before. Noone was hurt and a police report was filed. We all filled in Conrad, and prayed for God’s grace,mercy, and protection.

Michael, Bonnie and Mark stayed Christ-like and peaceful in the face of anger and hatred.

Two guys came along, screaming at us and telling the men who were here that they had no uteruses, and so had no right to tell women what to do with their bodies. They just kept screaming and screaming, and then they knocked over our stuff all over the place. A nice guy came along and helped us clean it up. Conrad filed a police report and I got a video.

These are the two men who knocked over our materials and were screaming at our volunteers. If you see them, please do not try to engage them in conversation…that seems to make them angrier. Just pray silently for them.

Overall, this morning on the 9 to 11 shift was very quiet. I did not see the incident which Bonnie described. I had gone up to Little lambs for a few moments. However, Bonnie was all over it and thank goodness all this happened when Mark and Michael were there also.

David and I were there when they walked back up the street heading towards the convention center and gave us some verbal abuse, no big deal. However, they didn’t try to upset anything that time, and I didn’t really pay them much mind.

Then I saw them again as the morning went on, and then one of them just walked by like nothing it happened.

  The morning was uneventful. the only person going in was it look like a grandfather and his granddaughter probably in her early 20s they were in there for about 45 minutes, and when they came out David offered her literature and also spoke well enough that she was able to hear what her options are. David said that she looked very disturbed. I think that David did a fantastic job, given the circumstances because he conveyed the important information to her, and she was able to hear his voice thank God.


Today was very busy on the sidewalk. Ree, Carol and I were praying the Rosary when a man who was an airline pilot stopped to talk. He supported our work, was the father of 4 children, and we talked a while about faith issues. Very nice guy. Next, the next person who stopped to talk to us was the same man who was there last week. At that time he was very high. today he was not. He told us he graduated from Peabody High School, years ago. I taught at Peabody for 14 Years. Then, he said he had  gone to Arsenal Middle School before Peabody. I taught at Arsenal Middle School for 15 years before that. He said he remembers being in my geometry classes. We spent the next hour talking about Scripture. He was very well informed. Please pray for him to overcome his addiction.


It was another beautiful, sunny day today – it reached 74 degrees by 2:30! Hard to believe it’s the third day of March!

We had a nice group of five on the sidewalk, Mike, Margie, Bill, Billy and myself.

There was a lot of foot traffic in town given the Steelworkers’ convention at the Westin. (FYI, they will be there all week.)

No traffic in or out of Planned Parenthood with the exception of their fire alarm sounding off at the start of our shift and the workers had to come out on the sidewalk.

Not much interaction with passersby. We did have two very positive reactions – the first from a man running by telling us to ‘keep praying’ and another young man telling us he ‘loved us’!

I’ll take it! It was much better than the usual toxic reaction we sometimes receive.

Keep up the good work everyone!

Marie P
Bill, Margie, Mike and Billy let the SON shine through them today!

Beautiful sunny day in low 70s with many pedestrians walking up and down Liberty Ave today , a few going in and out of PP . I was wearing the sign stating 58 lives killed in there this week when one man walking by shouted to me “ how many lives are killed because they don’t have Health insurance” then kept on walking. I wish he would have stopped and educated me about that because I never knew they Killed people because they don’t have health insurance. A few others wagged their heads at us , and a few others shot some snide remarks our way . Oh well , you can’t please everyone! Scripture reading today tells us they wanted to throw Jesus head first down a hillside! If he couldn’t please everyone I know we can’t !
A man took dolly after dolly filled with boxes of what look like records and dozens of computers and put them in his truck . Curiosity got the better of me so I asked him if they were closing down , he just looked at me and smiled then said no , I’m sorry. I told him “ oh well, one can hope.

AnnaMarie, Joanne and Bob represented Christ on the sidewalk, with Dan today.

(From Nikki)…Thank you dear Sisters for your prayers for me and for all of us on the sidewalk! We are all so grateful! God bless you!

Thank you…Thank you…Thank you!! What a wonderful group you are. When I arrived for diaper pick-up, the bins were full and diapers stacked around.

( Did I take a picture…No!! Sorry…too excited) Catholic Charities was beyond excited!! They just kept saying, “It’s not even the big, Mothers Day Diaper Drive!!”. So, the message I got was that they depend on us!! Let’s really Wow them on Mothers Day. Thank you for always coming through for Mom’s and babies!!! ❤️🙏Charlene


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