Day 20: Thanks to St. Philip and Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parishes and the faithful prayer warriors

Like making bread

What we do on the street outside the abortion center is like the leaven that it used in making bread. There is just a tiny bit of us that is mixed with all the elements outside the abortion center but wow what an effect we can have. The smallest amount of kind words, a smile or some good information can make something else rise to a level that was not expected yet is so beautiful. We transform the dough into something wonderful.

But if we don’t mix the little bit of us, the leaven, in with the world, then the world doesn’t change and we are wasted and turn to rot.

Come to the vigil if you haven’t been downtown yet, or come back if you have. Be courageous and ask a friend or family member to join you. We can make that ordinary miracle happen. We can make that warm and wonderful little loaf of bread. We can help create life. We can transform the world one loaf at a time. Tim

Here are today’s reports from the vigil starting with Sue’s 7-9 am:

Shift buddy Amy and I were joined by David, Monday regular “Evangelist Bill,” Jon and Don. It was great to have these four strong pro-life men stand with us on the sidewalk. It was somewhat quieter downtown today, most likely due to the Columbus Day holiday. Planned Parenthood was definitely open though as we saw the director, several workers and the security guard enter. Two young ladies also went in right before my shift ended, but we did get them a card with the free resources. Thank you, Sue

Here’s from Ginny 11-1: Chris , Tim , Cathy, and Lindsey joined Marie and Ginny for our shift today to pray and witness for life.
It was pretty quiet except for one man who called us Nazis, hating men and destroying our country.
But right before many people came they would pray for us
. Ginny

Here’s from Dan 3-5:

Dan, Joanne and Vince

It was relatively quiet shift , beautiful weather. We prayed the Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet. Vince had a discussion with a few students who had some questions about women who were raped and some other concerns but Vince told them it doesn’t matter what way the child is conceived that it didn’t deserve to be killed. They eventually went on their way. I’m sure Vince’s words had some impact on their thinking of abortions , well at least I hope so. – Dan 

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