Day 18: Thanks to Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish, Christ our Savior Parish, and our wonderful volunteers who braved the rain!

Will to Love

This is My commandment, that you love one another, as I have loved you. Greater love than this no man hath that a man lay down his life for his friends.

JOHN 15:12-13

 Jesus loved us more than He despised the suffering He was about to endure. If you can imagine it quantified, think of a scale of balances. One side holds the ardor of His Sacred Heart and the other side holds the great dread of His Passion. The scale tips overwhelmingly in favor of His Love. Amazing!

 All creatures gravitate toward pleasure and avoid pain. Only man, given free will, can choose to face and endure harm for the sake of a good. We see this, for example, when emergency responders or soldiers serve others.  Christ loved us so much that He was willing to take on incredible suffering for our sake — the ultimate Pro-Life choice!

Darkness can only be scattered by light, and hatred can only be conquered by love.

St. John Paul II

 As disciples of Jesus, we are called to live in the light of His Truth and CHOOSE to LOVE!


Stories from the Sidewalk

The constant rain did not deter year-round regular Saturday morning prayer warriors Joe and David from praying, witnessing and advocating in front of the abortion center.  Despite the rain, we were all filled with joy because the clinic was closed and no babies were killed today.  Nice to see that the heavy rain did not deter those other faithful prayer warriors who came at the end of my shift to join Judy and Joe.   The nasty weather gave us the opportunity to offer up the discomfort of the rain and cold to God and not waste it.  GBY


Bill, Judy, and Andrew

Ron and Joanne from Our Lady of Mount Carmel parish, along with Joe

This amazing crew from Butler comes downtown every other week, bringing love and supplies to needy people on the street. They gave me a steaming cup of coffee and accepted two 40 Days buttons.

Richard, Dean, Andrew, Conrad, Bob lighting up a rainy afternoon

Conrad, Mary Queen of Heaven, Richard, Shift Manager Dean

Several more Soldiers for Life came to pray the Rosary in honor for the sacrificed babies and the violated Mother and Father.

It’s never any fun to do a 40 DFL shift but it is a blessing doing a shift when Planned Parenthood is closed for the day. That and the rain made the day quieter than usual. We had plenty of time to reflect in prayer. Someday abortion will be a memory.

Dean, with pictures by Barbara

Billy, Katie, and Seth


Today Jeff, Katie, Seth, and I came down on this lovely rainy day. We found out Planned Parenthood was closed. Another fantastic day. We did not let the rain ruin our parade or even the pro-abortion person who screamed at us outside their car. It was another great Saturday! God bless. 


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