Day 18: Thanks to Guardians for Life, St. Peter; Jeannette Holy Name Society; St. Ferdinand RTL Group; St. Thomas the Apostle K of C; Jericho Walkers, Shift Managers & Buddies and Wonderful Individual Volunteers!

ABOUT THAT “WOMEN’S MARCH” last Saturday… Don’t be Fooled!

As many of us know, abortion supporters staged demonstrations in hundreds of cities last Saturday to advocate for abortion on demand, for all 9 months, paid for by taxpayers. We even had an interaction in front of PP when an angry marcher harassed Sidewalk Advocate leader Greg who stood peacefully on the sidewalk . The encounter really portrayed the differences between the two groups! I watched a few of the live-streamed videos of these city marches and once again conclude: the Pro-Abortion movement (and PP) are media darlings! Please do not fooled by the coverage these anti-life gatherings have received in the media. JUST REMEMBER :

  • The LAST TIME there was a Pro- Abortion March was 2017 (remember those awful, distasteful pink hats? )
  • BUT Pro-Lifers SHOW UP EVERY DAY in thousands of cities across America to offer free help. Faithful pro-lifers are out on the sidewalk offering alternatives daily!
  • These marchers met in balmy October.
  • BUT Pro-lifers by the hundreds of thousands join the MARCH for LIFE in the middle of WINTER in Washington DC EVERY YEAR, freezing rain, snow, or hail!
  • Planned Parenthood, a multi-billion dollar corporation, is the Sponsor of the Abortion March.
  • BUT tens of thousands of pro-life, faith oriented groups sponsor folks who want to attend the March for Life each year. All of them charitable!
  • And always remember: we have THREE TIMES as many Pregnancy Care Centers as there are Abortion Centers in this country. Keep the Faith!


7am-9am Shift Manager Tim Reports:

Sarita and Joe get the day Started at PP

Joe and I were blessed this morning. A car pulled up early with Virginia plates. A young woman jumped out and headed toward us. We approached her with literature ready. She smiled and wanted to join us in prayer. Sarita has only been in Pittsburgh for a month yet she saw our email stating no one was signed up to pray with us at 7 and came down for her first vigil. Then Mary from St Monica in Chippewa joined us in prayers which were answered as there was little or no activity in the abortion center.  Thank God. Tim

9-11 Shift Manager Sue Sends Reports:

Sue and Sue were joined by the Holy Name Society of Jeannette in prayer during the 9-11 shift. Faithful Chuck and Carol joined in their Jericho March.

11-1 Shift Manager Dean Reports:

Overall, it seemed quieter than usual for a Saturday at P.P. There seemed to be more women exiting than going in.
Please continue to pray that the Texas Heartbeat Law, which was reinstated, is upheld.

3-5 Shift Buddy Mary Reports:

Billy and I were joined by Nadine and Jackie and Joe during our shift. We only saw a few girls going into PP but they weren’t in there long. Two who went in together accepted a card from me as they came out. We prayed a Divine Mercy chaplet and rosary.

Unfortunately we had another visit from the young man who tells us he’s gay and then launches into a very graphic description of his sexual activity, but this time thankfully he didn’t stay around long. We formed a circle and continued praying so he finally left. I didn’t get a picture of him but he’s probably on camera. I feel he’ll probably be back. We got a few encouraging words and lots of snide drive -by or walk by comments.

Sadly some of those were from Duquesne University students or associates, and I’m told it’s not the first time, possibly from the same group. As it happens I just sent a letter to the president of Duquesne and two VPs with a copy to Bishop Zubik, respectfully and firmly expressing my dismay that some professors and students have been trying to start a pro-life club on campus and have been turned down repeatedly, yet a student “ethics” group invited PP to come and speak to the students. I plan to keep up the pressure. 

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