Day 18: Thanks to Guardians for Life, Christ our Savior parish, Christian Mothers of Most Precious Blood of Jesus parish, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel parish, and the Kindness of Pittsburgh Pro-lifers

YOU’VE GOT A FRIEND IN ME! 2 Local Organizations to know more about: Western PA Diaper Bank & THE NEST

Did you know that in our area 18-30% of children live in poverty? I spent my afternoon at the Western PA Diaper Bank (WPDB) located at 201 N. Braddock Avenue. The WPDB, a member of the National Diaper Bank Network was founded by Pastor Phillip Battle and his wife Cathy Battle ( who currently serves as the group’s Executive Director.) Established in 2012, the primarily volunteer WPDB partners with over 40 local social service agencies and churches in the Pittsburgh area to ensure that no Pittsburgh baby goes without diapers.

The WPA Diaper Bank Collects Diapers in their large warehouse space in East Liberty, and Volunteers sort and repackage them by size for pickup by groups serving the needy in a 4 county area surrounding Pittsburgh.

LAST YEAR the Western Pennsylvania Diaper Bank Distributed OVER 3 MILLION diapers!

Volunteers are needed weekdays or in groups on weekends, to sort and repackage diapers for distribution in the warehouse. You can get a group of 8 or more together and the WPDB will schedule a volunteer session. I was there today with members of the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre plus a Pitt Undergrad and High School Senior. 412-373-3074


THE NEST -“nearly new clothing for little peeps” is located at 425 East Ohio Street on the Northside. This beautiful little boutique is full of lovely baby clothes and equipment — much of it brand new! ALL PROCEEDS SUPPORT SINGLE MOMS and the work of Women’s Choice Network, which is located next door! I had the privilege of stopping in to drop off donations for the children of Ukraine this week- what lovely staff, what BEAUTIFUL ITEMS – WHAT A STORE! I will surely head there instead of Macy’s for the next baby event !!

TAKE A LOOK AT THE EXTENSIVE LIST OF RESOURCES MENTIONED IN OUR NEWEST HANDOUT “Free Local Resources for Women” – and get to know our Friends in Pittsburgh- – – these places are REAL and they are WONDERFUL!

7-9 Shift Manager Tim Reports:

Kelly, Joe, Diane, Jim, David and Tim start Saturday off Right!

The rain did not deter the early team from showing up to make a strong witness.  Diane and Tom arrived early as usual and set up all the vigil materials before the vigil even began. Thanks for your continued faithfulness. Father Tim and the Guardians for Life joined us and led us in prayer.  A woman approaching on the sidewalk stopped and joined us for a while and then moved on.  It goes to show, people do see us and we impact them. As my shift was ending we were joined by Nichole, who drove down from Erie, and Christina who came for her first time to the vigil.  Sue and Sue along with Bill from St. Ferdinand took over.  God bless you all.  Tim

9-11 Shift Manager Sue Reports:

It was raining when I got to the sidewalk. Fr. Tim and his guardians were just leaving. We were told by the previous shift, that many women had entered planned parenthood this morning. The stream of women entering continued throughout our shift. Many prayers were offered. The “3 Sues” prayed St. Joseph’s Chaplet for Life in honor of his feast day, asking for his intercession…The rain did stop and the sun peeked out. A shaft of heavenly sunshine can be seen behind the 2 Sues – – We reached out to everyone that we could, offering them help and alternatives to abortion. We also tried to make sure women coming out know that there is still help…the and Rachel’s vineyard. A beautiful young couple stopped to take a card and she prayed with Nichole and Bridget who were kneeling in the street—–it was their 11 year wedding anniversary, and she was very compassionate! We also met a pastor who was passing by and took a card. She prayed for the Precious Blood of Jesus to cover this place. Thank you to everyone who was there. Christina, Nichole, Greg, Bridget, Sue, Sue and Sue! 

A “Heavenly Ray” Backs Up 2 Sues on the Sidewalk

11-1 Shift Manager Dean Reports:

How encouraging it was to have Nichole from Erie with us today. She regrets her abortion and was sharing that testimony with anyone willing to listen. May God strengthen her as she starts a 40 Days for Life vigil in the Erie area.

MULTI-Generations from Sacred Heart of Jesus came to Pray

3-5 Shift Manager Billy Reports:

Hey everyone, I wanted to tell you a little about our shift today at the sidewalk. I was accompanied by Jeff and Mary and didn’t get their pictures, sorry.  It was pretty sunny and nice weather for the most part with a little bit of rain. There was a small Divine Mercy Chaplet Mary and I did, a lot more passersby this time around. We had people come and take some resources, one was given a baby model, and we were trying to give resources to the people coming out of the clinic. At the end of the shift, a woman came and prayed for a president who would end abortion and we stayed a little after 5 to pray with her and talk to her for a bit. God bless you guys. 

From Nichole:

The time went by so fast. Meeting so many people, hearing Amazing Grace being sung, and hearing the prayers was very moving. While it was heartbreaking watching all of the women go inside,  I can only hope and pray that they were many cancellations because of our prayers. Thank you for all of your work and your faithfulness to this ministry! 

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  1. The ray of heavenly sunshine is shining right down on Nichole in the background of the Sue and Sue picture! God is blessing her powerful witnesss!

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