Day 18…Thanks to Christ Our Savior Parish, Triumph of the Holy Cross Parish, Faithful team members & Volunteers!

One soldier remarked to another that the third cross bearer probably wasn’t going to make it to the height. He’d already fallen once, and Golgotha was nowhere near. A quick scan of the crowd and the Cyrenean was singled out, forced to assist Jesus.

Simon had only joined the crowd to watch! And yet, there it was. He was extended a more intimate invitation than anyone else present – an actual participation in Our Savior’s Passion! Undoubtedly, this was humiliating. Surrounded by chaos, he was probably on the receiving end of flying debris or an occasional misdirected lash of the soldier’s whip. Laboring next to Christ, who was very bloody and sweaty, was NOT what he had in mind when he originally joined the crowd to view the spectacle. We can imagine Simon’s reaction! Close to the Cyrenean in this shared experience, Jesus, Love Incarnate, must have blessed Simon with an awareness of the singular privilege he’d been offered. What a grace!

How do we view the work on the sidewalk in front of PP? Do we feel called and ignore it? Do we remain on the periphery? Trust Him and step forward! A SIMPLE prayerful presence is VERY powerful. Christ will bless you. Choose to join us?

God smiled on us this early morning as the team from The Triumph of the Cross braved the damp, rainy weather to make a powerful witness.  We had almost 2 dozen people which also included Anna and Mary representing Seton LaSalle high school and the Knights of Columbus all praying intently the entire time. Every Saturday regulars Randy, Bill and Bill made their presence known with their signs and prayers as they walked back and forth. And the greatest blessing was that pp was closed and no babies died today.  Praise God.  GBY

Our wonderful “off-duty” team member, Beth, with an awesome group from her parish, Triumph of the Holy Cross!
Mimi & Amy

PP was closed again today! Joe, Bill, Mary Pat, Vince and I were here.  A white truck with markings ” LAZPRO LOGISTICS” parked in front and lingered for a long time.  They walked into the front door, a siren sounded, one man took a large box inside (the siren sounded again when the door opened–or maybe it never stopped?) Then they drove off. The siren continued to wail! An officer stopped by and checked out the open door.


We had another Saturday that Planned Parenthood was closed for business today.
However, things weren’t exactly quiet on Liberty Avenue. Early into our shift we discovered that a pro-Palestinian group was planning to March through town. Playing it safe, we re-positioned our display material and signs across the street until the procession (about 250-300 people) went by. There were no incidents, I’m happy to say.

Richard, Dean, Steven and Chris
At about 12:15pm a Pro-Palestine group marched down Liberty Avenue with about 300 people, but thankfully everyone was peaceful!

Whenever you pull up to Planned Parenthood, and see them closed, it definitely makes your day! Especially when you’re preparing to have to counsel. I was joined by James from Butler for the entirety of my shift and later by Marc and Linda who overlapped with both me and Billy. Pray for a young woman we talked to who stopped to ask us some questions about why we were there. She had had an abortion and did not seem to regret it. She was very respectful and we were able to give her some literature.

James from Butler made a powerful witness for the sanctity of human life!

On my way to my shift I saw a Free Palestine protest. Andrew was still here talking with this guy who was testing him and finally Andrew left. I walked away and the guy finally left. Two of the Free Palestine folks told us we weren’t doing anything. It was Katie, Jeff, and I, and we were accompanied by Linda, Mark and Maggie and they helped us out a lot. We had a come and over and Maggie explained what we were doing. A man on the street advocated for us and said “Have a heart” to our critic. It was an eventful day.


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