Day 14: Thanks to all who sacrificed time and comfort to pray at PP today!

They said to each other, “Did not our hearts burn within us while He talked to us on the road, while He opened to us the scriptures?

Luke 24:32

As Our Lord opened up the scriptures on the road to Emmaus, the Holy Spirit opens the Word of God to us. Through the Spirit, we find answers to prayer, consolation, truth, and hope. For me, the Spirit reveals insights in scripture during quiet times of Adoration before the Blessed Sacrament. These are peaceful times of intimacy with Our Lord that bring not only solace, healing and joy; but also preparation for the trials of life. Our time on the sidewalk can be stressful, filled with anxiety and concern because of the troubling events of our day. I would even say that a healthy fear may enter in when we are approached in some of the more aggressive encounters. At these times the cardinal virtue of Fortitude arises as a gift from God but also as a result of our prayerful preparations, fasts, and meditations on His Word. We are invited to the sidewalk by our Lord and encouraged in this work of Mercy through prayer.

I am fortunate that before my shift I am able to attend a Holy Hour of Adoration. As we put on the armor of Christ, we are like the Maccabees: “Observe, from generation to generation, that none who put their trust in Him will lack strength. Even in a time of ‘furious anger and ruin.'” Then we have a heart burning with zeal for the love of God and His precious little ones. From a recent reflection: “There is a reason that we remember what the great saints of old did because they “put their trust in him.” Their examples of faith sustain and fortify our own. The lives of the saints serve as a pertinent reminder, too, that the power of those fighting against God in this age is only temporary. In the book of Maccabees, Mattathias is encouraging his sons that God will emerge victorious in the end. We have that same promise.


Stories from the Sidewalk

Our shift was quiet this morning. There were only staff members entering. Passersby were either friendly or cool. None were hostile. Nice. The weather was CHILLY. Appropriate. The first clients arrived when the next shift arrived.


Dave brought Lysol to disinfect the yellow doorway. Thanks, Dave, Claudia and I say, “Good try, hope it works!”

Cold and busy during our shift. Lots of staff also going into PP. Offered lots of help but no one stopped to talk.

“The missionaries will have to understand that they are stones that may never come to light, but some day will be the foundation for a great building.” -St. Daniel Comboni, Apostle to the Sudan. Our building is the culture of life.

P.S. please pray for my sister, Bern — her lung cancer has produced a lesion on the brain. Thanks in advance.


Ken, Barb and Rose

Please pray for a woman who traveled a distance to Pittsburgh to abort the child in her womb. She spoke with us for a good ten minutes, citing her reasons and saying that she didn’t take the choice lightly.  She considered everything we said but ultimately entered the building for the procedure. 

Also, pray for a very unhinged woman who screamed at us in regards to our presence at Planned Parenthood, and threatened to knock down our display.  May God grant her peace for whatever troubles her.


It was just Mike, Sandy, and I today.  Sandy was successful at talking with women who were getting birth control, letting them know we are there for them if they become pregnant.   Prayed continuously.  God blessed us with a peaceful vigil.  Only one woman yelled “My body, my choice” as she walked by.  Father, forgive them, they know not what they do.   


This shift usually involves persons leaving PP, either employees (wearing the neck badge), or the “unknowns” that leave with a brown paper bag — mostly female, but recently, 1 or 2 males. One passerby talked briefly, saying he was pro-life, but felt that we were financially contributing to PP and we should take our message online or approach elected officials at their offices. There were a small number of inappropriate finger gestures, the usual foot traffic of students or workers heading for the bus.  One man, parked in front of PP but not a “customer,” was having trouble starting his car. Gor at least 30-40 minutes he started the engine on and off, until finally the engine stayed on.


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