Day 13: Thanks to the faithful who said “Yes, Lord” today

“Put out into the Deep”

“Put out into deep water and lower your nets for a catch.”
Simon said in reply,
“Master, we have worked hard all night and have caught nothing,
but at your command I will lower the nets.”
When they had done this, they caught a great number of fish
and their nets were tearing.

Do you ever feel like St. Peter sometimes about going down to the abortion center to pray and witness for life?  Thinking that “We’ve been doing this for a while and what’s the point?”, “I’m tired”, “I’m busy”, “What difference will it make?”, “Somebody else will be there.”

Is Jesus is calling you specifically to follow him and do this despite your doubts, love of the comforts of staying at home or concern about what people will think of you?

If we do what HE asks when we hear with the ears of our heart, make a sacrifice, do our small part and rely on God letting Him work through us, miracles can happen. The God of life and nature will send the fish into our nets.

I’m betting we have already filled many boats with the joyful lives of the saved babies, parents, grandparents and all the lives they will touch. Yet the fish are still out there and we need to once again put out into the deep. Every person, every prayer, every minute makes a difference. Come back down to the vigil when you can. Be courageous and ask a family member or friend to join you.

“Do not be afraid… Put out into the deep.” 


Here are the reports from today at the vigil starting with Sue 7-9 am:

The sidewalk was still covered in ice from the weekend, but broke up fairly quickly after Diane and Tom sprinkled some salt on it. People hurried by going to school and work.

Pictured are Don with his handmade sign and shift buddy Amy.

I had little interaction and mostly just prayed. Many people went into Planned Parenthood today, all using badges, so perhaps there was a training or orientation. Many prayers and rosaries were offered. Several maintenance men were there as well. It was nice to see the 3 ladies with Beth Ann heading down the sidewalk to take on the next shift! -Sue

Here’s a team pic of the faithful from Christine 9-11 am:

From Ginny and Marie’s 11-1 shift:

So blessed to get in some sidewalk prayer-time today. Went with a friend from Sts. J&P.  She said she would come back with me. 🙂 We enjoyed praying with some women from St. Aiden’s and also sisters Marie & Ginny! We had some good conversation with our prayers! 🙂 Those sisters made my day. 
God bless!
– Jenna

From Beth 1-3:

Lots of business for PP this afternoon. Mostly single men, a few women, so a different clientele.
Ken and I prayed, it was a relatively quiet afternoon with only one person stopping to tell us we’re all wrong for a variety of reasons.
Next time, surprise us and tell us we’re doing something right ☺️

From Dan 3-5:

Pictured: Faithful pro lifers and sidewalk advocates Barb and Megan.

We were blessed with sunny and pleasant weather today as we encountered some unusual people. One lady approached us and didn’t say a word but walked to each and every one of our pro life items and took pictures of them. When we kindly ask her what she needed with the pictures, she wouldn’t answer us but then continued to take individual pictures of Barb, then Megan, then myself. Finally she took a picture of the “pledge a picketer” sign in PP window, turned to us and smiled and said “Now I’m going to make a pledge to Planned Parenthood using the pictures,“ then just walked away. Oh well, I guess she thought we would get mad or offended. -Dan

From George 5-7 pm:

All was quiet this evening at PPAbortuary. We all have our jobs at 40 Days for Life.

But Tom is the valiant soldier that I so respect because he schedules time in the morning, and in the evening to give us supplies, and take them back to safety.
Thank you, Tom

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