Day 11: Thanks to St. Gregory & St. Ferdinand Church Groups, Christ Our Savior Parish, and Individual Volunteers


Psssss- It’s the little things …

I have been blessed to sit at the feet of MANY incredible pro-life leaders through the years– I have worked for political organizations, Faith Oriented entities, Activists, and even a Catholic Cardinal! I know that we can and must take on “grand” tasks in this movement—- Organizing Protests, Writing Letters to the Editor, Publicly Praying at the Abortuary, Speaking to Our Elected Officials, etc. …. But I have learned that of all the arrows in our pro-life quiver, it is most often the silent, everyday witness that seems to lead others to conversion …

If you are reading this, you probably already do at least one of the grand Pro-Life Tasks. Let’s make sure we are all doing the little things, too! Here are just a very few ideas:

  • Put a pro-life Bumper Sticker on your Car I was in an Oakland hospital recently after driving around a parking garage for 15 minutes looking for a spot – I got into the elevator and a young woman in hospital scrubs said “Was that your car with the PEACE IN THE WOMB sticker on it? — I love it” Our beloved Al Brunn is right – PEOPLE READ BUMPER STICKERS
  • Subscribe to a PRO-LIFE newsletter; READ an ARTICLE- the great part about this movement is that we continually turn up new information, new reasons to be pro-life, more support for witnessing to the truth, — and there are countless perspectives on this critical issue— be informed!
  • Wear a Pro-life Pin, T-shirt, or Baseball Cap and TALK to whoever asks you about it in a loving, open way – My Optician was wearing a tiny feet pin the first time I met her. She and I both knew the symbol as a pro-life one, and we had an immediate bond.
  • Support a New or Overwhelmed Mom– Bake, Babysit, Be a Friend & Listen — Good for YOU and Her!
  • Donate your Time or Goods to a nearby Help Center (food pantry, homeless, pregnancy , etc.)– give cash if you can! (remember to wear your pro-life T Shirt!)
  • Visit a Challenged or Lonely Neighbor or Family Member and remind them that EVERY human life is a GIFT.
  • and of course :
  • PRAY -If you come to the end of your day and realize you hadn’t had any LIFE MOMENTS – do what God loves best and raise our cause up to Him! Pray to End Abortion and all those Ensnared by it. Prayer Changes Things!


7-9 am Shift Manager Tim Reports:

Early Morning “Faithfuls” Anita, Isaac, Joe, John & Virginia !

It was a very quiet start to the day and the regular faithfuls were able to pray together for a little while.  The lights were off inside the abortuary and we were hoping they were closed.  However, a young women in sweats jumped out of car and entered the clinic. She sat against the window for awhile in the dark waiting room. We tried to talk to her through the window and prayed and pleaded that she come out.  Rose, Issac and John made a powerful witness praying on their knees.  On the window ledge behind her sat the small realistic 12 week fetal model. We think she looked at it. But she did not come out.  Eventually other workers came and the lights went on inside. A worker gave us the 12 week model off the window.  We left hoping that she would still come out.  Pray. Tim

9-11 Shift Manager Sue Reports:

St. Gregory & St. Ferdinand Church Groups Raise Up PRAYER

It seemed downright balmy today on the sidewalk compared with last weekend’s deep freeze.  A faithful group from St. Gregory Church in Zelienople & St. Ferdinand Church in Cranberry were there praying when I arrived and stayed through until 11:00.  Josh arrived to pray with us toward the end of our shift.  Sue D. and I were able to hand out many yellow cards, but unfortunately, our offers of help to folks entering PP were all turned down.  We prayed, as we always do, that we at least helped to plant a seed in each of them.  I don’t remember any negative comments this morning, but at one point a couple came by and I offered the woman a card.  She said they were from California and that they support their local pregnancy care center in their town, and they thanked us for our witness.  It is always so encouraging to run into folks from all over who are supporting the cause of life!  Please continue to pray for all involved in abortion (and all forms of disrespect for human life), that the Lord will send us many of these folks to help, both before and after abortion, and that He will give us all we need to help them. – Sue

11-1 Shift Manager Dean Reports:

It was mostly quiet during my shift today, with some young women going into P.P. Their weekend guard seemed more aggravated than usual at our presence there today.

Barbara, Kathy and Beth bring out the SUN

1-3pm Shift Manager Kathy K Reports:

Sunshine makes such a difference. Jim, Barbara, and Johanna were joined by Beth from Wexford. Many prayers, readings and beautiful songs made 2 hours pass quickly.

3-5 Shift Manager Billy Reports:

Normally, I don’t share personal perspectives in my reports, but I want everyone to know that before this campaign started I prayed that God please use me to make an impact down at the 40 Days for Life this campaign. I think God heard that prayer! Today,  I was joined by Katie, Vince and Amy who is in the picture. We had a couple of interesting interactions throughout our time . I barely noticed but eventually saw that our presence was even noticed by a passenger in a car. I looked once I realized and she was making a profane gesture. Later, a group of young girls walked by and one said “no abortion”. Another couple walked by and said they didn’t need help but thanked us. Then a guy and a girl came and we had a very interesting discussion and they were pro choice. But by the end of the discussion, there was a respect for our opinions . Amy thanked them for stopping by and having a conversation. Thank you guys again! – Billy

Billy, Katie and Amy share SMILES FOR LIFE!

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