Day 11: Thanks to INCREDIBLY DEDICATED Pro-Life Pittsburghers

Neither Rain nor Snow …. Are you one of the “FROZEN CHOSEN”?

Frosty SHOUT OUT to the dedicated pro-lifers who prayed at Planned Parenthood today in the bitter cold and snow !

*Even though they did not have to go, four people showed up at 7 AM! As Shift Manager Seamus used to call us, the “Frozen Chosen” showed up and witnessed for Life….

And Planned Parenthood? OH … they were closed :-).


Tomorrow’s forecast is looking to be about the same so there will not be the normal sidewalk set up. There will be a small mobile bag of supplies so that anyone can be free to leave if you get too cold. If you have your own sign, you may bring it. Also, we will not be starting tomorrow’s vigil until 9 AM. Please dress warmly and be safe! If you get too cold, feel free to leave if you need to. Thank you everyone!

7-9 Shift Joe Manager Reports:

In spite of the weather all of today’s faithful made it to the vigil even before I did – raring to go…This group is better than the post office!!!  Impressive and inspiring!!! I was joined this morning by individual volunteers – Dave, Bonnie, and Mary Kaye, and Bill H. Even before the sidewalk was cleared the group had “gone big” – starting the rosary. Mix in a bit of weather, and wind, sharing, and some praying (Divine Mercy) – we “gotz” a vigil here!!! Prayers answered – No Signs of Life at 933 this morning – They were closed (yea!) – at least while we were there – let the Blessings and Trend continue!!! Our frosty vigil finally broke up on time – but that weather and Winds of Thor also did not deter the next group as they all showed up on time too!  Dedication, eh?  We left it in good great hands with Sue and Bill and his church group.

What a gang! What Faith! Four people showed up at 7 AM! As SM Seamus used to call us, the frozen chosen!

9-11 Shift Manager Sue Reports:

PP is closed today — praise God!!!  Bill S., 2 people from his church, & I covered the 9-11.  When I left, new SA Andrew was there.  He said he didn’t mind being alone.  


Year-round Sidewalk Advocates Anita and Rich sent in this photo and report from the afternoon shift:

There were a lot of positive remarks (God bless you for doing this, thanks for being here, etc) and a honk and thumbs-up from a man in a pick up truck. A kind gentleman bought hot chocolate for all of us (I don’t know his name but he also buys water bottles for us when it’s hot.) Lots of prayers and rosaries were said today. Thanks be to God for closing PP for the day. 

More FROZEN CHOSEN Tom, Andrew, and Judy

Andrew and I talked in length with a woman that wasn’t pregnant but wanted to know why we were against abortion. She didn’t believe in God and said that some abortions are needed. After pleading our case with her she took some of our brochures and said she wasn’t totally pro abortion and said she was glad to have met us. 

Billy ( and Jeff) “held the Fort”

3-5 Shift Manager Billy Reports:

Good Afternoon, all, hope you are all inside and nice and warm today. I wasn’t sure when I first came to the vigil if I was going to stay because I read part of the email that Diane and Tom weren’t dropping off materials. It’s been a quiet day and Jeff came to be here with me.  God bless everyone who is working to end abortion in Pittsburgh! 

5-7 Shift Manager Jeff came early to stand with Billy since the vigil closed at 5 PM today! He reports:

Billy and I stood 3 to 5. Wind was worse than the cold, but cut down on the party people walking by.

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