Day 11: Thanks to Christ our Savior Parish, Jeannette Most Holy Name Society, Corpus Christi Respect Life Group, and all who prayed!

Press On!

In the Old City of Jerusalem, pilgrims process along the Via Dolorosa, following the path Christ took from His sentencing to His crucifixion on Calvary’s Mount.

Three of the fourteen stations recall a similar incident: Christ falling under His cross. Of all the events which took place then, why do we recall THREE of the same thing? Could it be to encourage us to always persevere? Remember, He is our Way, our Truth, and our Life! If He kept on after each fall, so should we!

We know discouragement is apt to seep in. You stand out in front of PP offering help only to be ignored or sworn at. Sometimes, your back is turned and another young lady slips through the doors before you can react. You might feel that you have failed. But, PRESS ON! If Our Dear Lord wants to make a difference using you as His instrument, you have to keep coming and being that prayerful, open presence for Him!


Stories from the Sidewalk

David and Tim


While the ambulance was not called for a PP client today, it did correctly show that people are hurt and in need of help at 933 Liberty Ave

God can turn things not so good into something good. A woman passing by with a walker greeted me and my prayer partner, David, and wanted to say the rosary with us. However, after a short while, she started complaining of severe pain in her foot, noting she had surgery earlier this year. She asked us to call and ambulance and we did. The ambulance came and parked in front of the clinic for some time, implicitly showing someone is hurting here and needs real help. We were happy for its presence and hope and pray that perhaps it turned someone away.

We were also blessed by Andrew who came to pray and specifically asked to hold the Our Lady of Guadalupe banner. God blessed us in many way this morning.


Jeanette Holy Name Society


Joe and Nadine

Andrew and Vince

Today’s 9-11 shift was chilly but very prayerful and peaceful.   The Holy Name Society for both Sacred Heart and Ascension Parishes prayed devoutly and continuously. Members were Ed, Paul, Brenda, Brendan, Amy, Mike, and several more. a man stopped by to thank Ed for having helped him in the past–he had been given two nights in a hotel by Ed. (Christian generosity abounds.) Nadine and Joe added their prayers to Vince’s and Andrew’s. When Barbara arrived for the 11:00 shift she requested a group picture.  The male escort guarding the door quickly took a picture of us, too—SPIRITUAL WARRIORS, NOT terrorists or criminals!


Judy with Jeanette Holy Name Society

Andrew, Joe, and Vince

Mark, Bob, and Richard

The sidewalk was jumping! Judy and Jeannette Holy Name Society, led by Ed, generously stood for a picture of witnesses from the 9-11 shift.  Richard and I usually witness at 7:30 to an initially quiet sidewalk.  Jumping or quiet, either is fantastic.  Witnessing on this sidewalk, site of unspeakable horrors, for Babies and violated Moms, feels like such a blessed opportunity.  You are face-to-face and shoulder-to-shoulder on the border where parents make their final choice:  kill or let their baby live.

You carefully, passionately (it has to be both) ask the parents to accept your offer of the bountiful, free, confidential expert care ready for them and their baby that lasts from today and into their baby’s toddler years. And on the 11-1 shift, on the other side of the border, you carefully, passionately (it has to be both) talk with the parents leaving PP.  Jesus invites them to “right now, return to him.” Sadly, traffic in and out of PP was steady. 

Nadine was our Shift Buddy.  She has beautiful Catholic stories to share. Vince, 40 Days ardent Sunday regular, prayed the Rosary quietly. Shift Manager Joe stayed over, holding the Our Lady of Guadalupe poster.  Mark energetically came and prayed.  Bob, Saint Paul of the Cross, prayed with us on his way home.

Thank you, Nikki and our management team.  You are the BEST!


Corpus Christi Respect Life Group

The chill was in the air today along with a gray sky as the sense of evil lurked on the sidewalk.  Sue’s and my spirits were lifted up by the powerful prayers being prayed by Corpus Christi parish.  As bad as things looked by the women going in and out of the clinic, Sue had a good encounter with one young couple. GOD is Great!


Billy, Katie, and Seth


Hey, everyone! Today Katie B, Seth, Jeff and I were here for the 3 to 5 shift. Today we had a visitor ask for two rosaries, a pro life item, and a plastic baby. We got some thumbs up, and some asked if we were cold; but it was a peaceful shift. 


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