Day 1…Thanks to Bishop Waltersheid, Fr. Chris Donley and many other wonderful priests and faithful Christians for kicking our Lenten 40 Days for Life off with a beautiful Mass and Procession…and Sidewalk reports from today!

How beautiful it is when Christians unite around our Lord Jesus Christ! We had a beautiful Kick off Mass and Eucharistic Procession to Planned Parenthood last night! Thanks to all who braved the bitter cold and ice to bring Christ to the sidewalk!

Thanks to everyone who participated in this kick off event last night! I believe we will receive graces during these 40 days because of it.

Today is the day we begin this long journey of 40 Days for Life in front of Planned Parenthood. It was bitter cold today…and sadly, today was probably the nicest weather that we’ll see for a while! Please read on for today’s sidewalk reports:

Charlene & Peg (7-9)

Happy Spring Campaign! Happy Ash Wednesday! We were all on target for Day 1…the building was blessed, Diane and Tom delivered abbreviated supplies (portable in case we need a break from the cold), Peg and I had rosaries ready. Anyone who was around for “365” might have seen the Netflix production crew. Some are very friendly…saying they support us, looking at the babies, offering hand warmers. BUT guess what the film is about? Demonic possession!! WOW!! Right in front of PP!! Someone picked their sites well! They wondered how we could stand out in the cold. We said we will be here as long as they are doing abortions. Yes…we are ready!!


Katie & Sharon (9-11)

Sharon and I were joined by Denise and Beth on this frigid and relatively quiet morning. Only 3 or 4 people went in during my shift. One girl said her baby was already dead; I wasn’t sure if she meant she had had a miscarriage or had taken the abortion pill and the misoprostol hadn’t taken effect. Two of the Netflix crew members talked with Sharon; they were both pro life!!!

Thank you Denise and Beth for joining Katie and Sharon! We are always grateful for unexpected prayer volunteers!

Barbara & Richard (11-1)

It is such a privilege to witness for life as a member of Pittsburgh 40 Days for Life. The temperature hovered around 20. We remained outside during our 2 hour shift.  I am an old person. If I had signed up to go ice skating with Shawn Carney, I might have begged off, requesting a rain check. But, our vigil schedule is a “sacred” pledge.  Each of us feels honored. Katie had been there for 2 hours..  She remained for two more hours. Women and their accompanying person arrived.  Katie offered alternatives quickly, carefully, lovingly and quietly. Her heart and arms were full of options for life, some spoken, some written in carefully prepared pamphlets. As far as we know, no one accepted. So many passersby were glad to join us in prayer.  Almost no one refuses us this. Chris and Elsie arrived. I really never noticed being cold.

Barbara and Richard


Chris & Elsie (1-3)

It was a cold day in the neighborhood… Just ten minutes into my shift, I was serenaded with multiple vulgarities from a woman across the street.  In response, I silently said a prayer for her and her companions.  I was joined by my Shift Buddy, ever-faithful Elsie, and Dan, a regular, from Steubenville.  Elsie lovingly approached women passersby, offering potentially life-saving brochures. Toward the end of the shift, Eileen brought her sign and joined us on the sidewalk.  Praying the Rosary was a challenge, amidst the constant noise from the Netflix work crew moving equipment up and down the sidewalk, in and out of the bookstore.  But we persevered despite the distractions and look forward, perhaps, to a quieter time praying and witnessing on the sidewalk.


Virginia & Claudia (3-5)

The 3-5 shift was relatively quiet.   Pedestrian traffic is light at this time of day.  Around 4 PM. A few of the workers, including the security guard leave for the day. However one or two young ladies (very possible clients or patients) left a little later, one carrying a town paper bag. Only one girl took some information.  Steve, our relief came early, Mary (and her daughter?) right after. A pedestrian passes the clinic, refused any information but said as she continued down the street, “abortion ruined my life”, She repeated the phrase, but kept on walking. I wish she would have stopped and talked but would not.


I think toward the end of the shift the tootsies in our feet lost some sensitivity, but it was worth the Lenten sacrifice. There was a nice gentleman there from St. Monica out by Beaver Falls, who accompanied us from 3-4 pm, carrying a big crucifix as he prayed in front of pp. It was moving to see. 


Steve & Mary (5-7)

Tonight we were blessed to have two volunteers fill in for our regular shift manager, Joe, who is in quarantine (please pray that he is negative). Steve is the son in law of the pro-life legend, Bob Newman. Thank you Steve and Mary for answering the call for help so we could finish our first day strong!

Steve, Mary and Mary Theresa NOT  observing social distancing! Mary gave me a kneeling pad to stand on…genius! Sooo good for frozen toes and old bad knees…

Steve (filling in for Joe K)

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