Day 1: Thanks to all who attended our kickoff events and all who prayed at the vigil today!

Enjoy these photos from last night’s kick-off event…it was an amazing evening!

Thanks to Lisa for taking these awesome pictures! I love this one (above) especially! To see young parents bring their children to something like this…which could possibly be dangerous…is such an act of faith and is so encouraging to me!

I wonder if God is allowing us to have these Masses and processions to build faith and grow the family of God. He is doing this, not so much for us old people…but for the young! When I think about the kids who grow up in churches where everyone is old…and bored. They grow up thinking the faith is outdated and something from the past…and sadly, most young people end up leaving the Church. But when I see these little ones with their parents, kneeling in the street…with angry protesters cursing and swearing at them…I think the impression that must be made in their little souls is that this is IMPORTANT! This faith thing…it MATTERS! I think seeds are being planted very deeply in some young hearts and minds. And I hope in some fallen away souls as well.

Thanks to all who took part in our kick off event tonight (I estimate there were about 300 people!)  And thanks for all who prayed from home, and all who will help us to maintain our 40 day prayer vigil on the sidewalk! May God bless us all!


Stories from the Sidewalk

Anthony and Mary B

First day, first shift!  Busy, though many people going in and out were workers. Unfortunately, several couples and individuals did go inside for services.

Peg, Mary L, and I were joined by Mary B and Anthony who led the rosary. There were also three escorts – one at the door, two down at the corner.

Cathy Z

Conrad & I had the 9-11AM shift.  We neglected to take photos, but here is our report: 

Approaching the death mill is always sad and scary, but hearing the Rosary this morning as I arrived gave some comfort.  Anthony (prayer-warrior extraordinaire!!) led in a voice both melodious and easy to hear, with two Marys, Cathy, and Peg from the early shift joining in the beautiful prayers.  

Conrad soon arrived, bearing a replica of the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  What a blessing to have this with us, as the Virgin Mother was pregnant in the apparition, making the image not only that of Our Lady of Guadalupe — but also of Our (hidden and unborn) LORD of Guadalupe.   May the unborn Christ Child hear our prayer and save His littlest brethren, imminently endangered by this death mill. 

Susan arrived and prayed silently while holding a large and lovely photo of a baby just 6 weeks post-conception.  Sadly, we saw many families entering the terrible death gates, with our only hopeful interactions being with passers-by, some of them gladly accepting info about material help for parents with young kids.

Priscilla and Katie arrived (true to form) early for their shift, followed by Ken and Joyce.


Terri and Katie

Ken, Joyce, and Priscilla in prayer

Katie and I were blessed to have Priscilla, Joyce and Ken join us. It was nice to see them in prayer and to hear The Divine Mercy.  It was rather chilly, but it is always cold and dark there on Liberty Avenue. There didn’t seem to be as many people going into PP, but some came out. There were no unpleasant encounters during our shift.


Judy and Elaine

The Fall Campaign started on a beautiful, sunny, day – a stark contrast to the darkness inside PP.  I met my new Shift Buddy, Elaine, and we hit it off immediately.   Elaine is a member of Our Lady of Perpetual Help.  For most of my shift, faithful, persistent, Sidewalk Advocates Katie and Judy offered information on free, local, services to passing women and, also, information about fetal development.  We welcomed the presence of the security guard and thanked him for being there.  Elaine and I prayed the Rosary and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy and welcomed the 3:00pm Shift Manager and Shift Buddy when they arrived.


Steve, Eileen, and Larry with Our Lady of Guadelupe

Yesterday, Steve, Eileen, and I started our shift pretty quietly, praying as usual, but were interrupted multiple times by passersby.

I probably won’t get the timeline of our visitors correctly, but the conversations are correct.

A young man came up behind Eileen and remarked that he didn’t agree with the chemical abortion pills and that he was in favor of NFP, and that was the way to go.

Another young man walked behind me, as he made the turn across Liberty to Smithfield.  He stopped in the middle of Liberty and turned around and shouted that he hates abortion, it’s murder. 

Another lady turned off Smithfield and stopped in front of our vigil asking how she could donate to our group.  She went on to tell me of a new street ministry on Second Avenue in Downtown, and they were starting their week long revival at midnight last night, because that’s when Paul and Cyrus started to pray in prison, and the chains fell off them.  She said the revival would run for a full seven days, and that we were more than welcome to drop by and see what was happening there.  It was a little hard to hear everything she was saying, but I believe she said her name was Tonisha.  She did make it a point to say the ministry was targeting the homeless, people with mental health issues, and the LGBTQ+ community.  She didn’t give an address, but I didn’t think it would be hard to find.  I wished her well and asked God to bless her and her ministry, and she continued on her way.

Another man walked by and pointed to the Planned Parenthood sign in their window soliciting donations, and said, “Every time I see you guys here, I donate.”  He said this as he was walking past, and didn’t give us a chance to speak with him.  We did pray for him.

Another rather vocal man walked by, holding a pizza, and was yelling at Steve that he was against abortion, and a democrat, but that he was also against what we were doing.  He really wasn’t disposed to conversation, and he turned and walked away, when the security guard came over to monitor the situation.

There were several positive gestures from drivers passing our vigil, including a PRT Bus Driver.

We did manage to get in a Chaplet during the 3:00 hour, as well as individual Rosaries.

Many thanks and God’s blessings!


We had a loud protester who told us we were intimidating women who had bad circumstances in life and needed abortion as a way out.  He described himself as a “Pro-life Democrat” who hates abortion. Told us that we need new tactics. The Security Guard stepped in and he moved on.

A lady pulled up and said that she wanted to donate to us as protesters. She was misled by the sign in PP’s window. We told her to send any donation to the 40 Days for Life website.  She is starting a ministry downtown for homeless and transgender people. Larry spoke to her at length.

Two men separately said they valued life.  One emphasized NFP and the Billings Method. 


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