40 Days for Life Kicks-off on Tuesday Night!

Join us this Tuesday to kick-off our fall 40 Days for Life campaign in the most spiritually powerful way possible! Come to Epiphany Church at 6:30pm for a special Mass to thank God for the over-turning of Roe vs. Wade (Fr. Chris Donley presiding & Fr. William Wuenschel giving the homily). After the Mass join us for a candlelit Eucharistic Procession to Planned Parenthood (Fr. Joe Freedy carrying Our Lord), where we will bring the Church to the gates of Hell…and the gates of Hell will NOT prevail!

NOTE: Be aware that there is a Penguins game at the same time as the Mass, so parking will be difficult near the church. Consider parking in a garage near Planned Parenthood and walking to the church for the Mass. The sidewalk procession will end with a time of prayer on the sidewalk in front of PP and then everyone will disperse from there, so you will be near your car if you park there.

Our 40-day prayer vigil on the sidewalk in front of Planned Parenthood begins at 7am this Wednesday! It is so important to keep the prayer coverage unbroken every day during the campaign! The coverage is looking sparse for our first day, so if you can help, please go to www.40daysforlife.com/pittsburgh to sign up or contact Donna at gdgoss620@gmail.com to get signed up. We especially need a third person from 9-11am and from 5-7 pm.

I cannot wait to see what God is going to do through our sacrifice of time and comfort, as we take time from our busy lives to go and pray in front of Planned Parenthood during these 40 days. I encourage you to carve out an hour or two every week for the next six weeks, to make this a priority. Abortion workers who have converted say that their abortion business suffers dramatically during 40 Days for Life campaigns! Whether we ever find out or not, lives are saved and seeds are planted within hearts and souls.

May God bless us during these 40 days!

Your sister in Jesus and Mary,


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