Day 27 : Thanks To Shift Managers and Individual, WONDERFUL Volunteers!

When is a human life worthless? unsaveable? useless?

I recently watched a podcast and it really hit home for me.

The presenter showed everyone in his audience a crisp, new $20. bill.

He asked for a show of hands of who would want the bill and virtually EVERY HAND WAS RAISED.

Then, he crunched up the bill and CHEWED it for a few minutes (ick) . Again he asked who would want the bill now – — And guess what? … Two Thirds of the hands again went up !

Finally , he dropped the $20 bill and squished it under his shoe, rubbing it against the dirty floor. A third time, he asked who wanted the bill.

And even then, MORE THAN HALF of the audience was willing to take the dirty, slimy, wet $20 bill. Why? Because, even though the bill was dirty and wet, it DID NOT LOSE ITS Value!

THE SAME GOES FOR EACH AND EVERY ONE ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH! Our value is not determined by our circumstances, our wealth, our looks, or even our cleanliness. In God’s eyes we are fearfully and wonderfully made — because we are HIS. Our value cannot be diminished by our environment, our history or our situations.

Every Mom under stress about being pregnant is as valuable as a Mom who gleefully celebrates her long-anticipated pregnancy. Every baby put to bed in a beautiful crib in a lovely nursery is exactly as loved and cherished by God as the one sleeping with her sibling beside the drafty window of a public housing unit.

Our value as human beings defies circumstance.

I have a job as a receptionist and greet hundreds of people each day. Sometimes, dirty, wrinkled, mean and angry “dollar bills” come in. I have this reminder taped in front of me:

GOD knows the Value of EACH and EVERY human Being!

9-11 Shift Manager Report:

WOOHOO It is a GOOD DAY for LIFE when Planned Parenthood is CLOSED. And, closed it appeared to be today. No tiny lives lost, no women deceived and misled, no pain and suffering behind those walls today! I was lucky to be joined by our faithful companions, Ken and Kathy, as well as Bill (Track guy) and Don( Sign Guy). Check out Don’s sign: He said last week a woman yelled out “Abortions Save Lives”— Can you imagine??? Don’s Sign says “Abortion Saves Lives like NASCAR saves GAS!” We saw one worker/volunteer enter and another young man hung out for a few minutes until he decided the abortuary was in fact, CLOSED.

PLEASE REMEMBER IT IS 15 DEGREES COLDER in front of PP than in your neighborhood. The devil seems to suck all the warmth, beauty, and light from in front so DRESS IN MANY LAYERS!! We were COLD!!!!

11-1 Shift Managers and SISTERS Marie and Ginny report:

It was quiet today. A few people stopped to talk and said they would pray for the babies. No negative comments, which was nice.

1-3 Shift Manager Virginia Reports:

1-3 shift prayer warriors from Holy Family (Oakmont) and St Aidan’s (Wexford).  PP was closed, doors stayed shut. Fair amount of foot traffic, some yellow cards were taken. Toward the end of the shift, a young man walked by, started talking, stated he was coming from the DA’s office reporting an incident from this past weekend. He was carrying a holstered gun strapped to his waist-belt. He talked for the next 30+ minutes, mostly with the gentleman from Wexford. He was still there when I left, talking.  Bill Harrison stopped by and said hello to everyone.  Regarding the firearm, he is a licensed security guard. Take care & God Bless You!

3-5 Shift Manager Marie Reports:

A somewhat quiet afternoon on the sidewalk since it was not an abortion day. Faithful shift buddy, Dan joined by his wife, Joanne and Mary made for a ‘fearsome foursome’. We prayed the Divine Mercy Chaplet to start off since it was the 3:00 o’clock hour – always a good way to begin. We also prayed the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary – it felt like we needed to bring a little joy today. While we were in the midst of the Rosary, a young woman approached Mary and began asking about our position in certain health circumstances. Mary engaged “N” while we continued to pray. It was a very amicable conversation. “N” is a high school teacher and it was hard to figure out her actual position – pro-life or pro-choice? She was most interested because she has an autoimmune disease that she claims would prevent her from carrying a baby. Mary listened intently. “N” was very respectful and thanked Mary (and us after we finished praying) for the conversation. She said she had noticed people on the sidewalk and had wanted to ask about the “what if” of her health situation. We also thanked her for stopping and being polite before she went on her way. We prayed for “N” that she will find the right answers to her questions, for her doctors and that one day she will be a happy, healthy mom as it seemed like that is her desire. Please pray for all young women, like “N” who are struggling with uncertain health issues – that they may find good medical help to give them hope for their future as mothers – if that is God’s will in their lives. We also had a young man walk by and ask if were are on Facebook. We told him yes and gave him the 40 DFL brochure and resource card. He thanked us and said he’d pass the word along. God is good! These two interactions really made the difference today despite a few nasty, negative comments – and yelling at us from across the street!

5 -7 NOW HEALING Shift Manager George Reports:

Yes, Bill and I are here. This is the time of the year when the 5 PM to 6:30 PM sunbeams come directly down Liberty Avenue so it is pleasantly “warm” here. Well sort of, Ha Ha! Thank you again for all of your prayers. Every day I am getting stronger and stronger!

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