Day 14: Thank you St. Matthew Parish, Ancient Order of Hibernians and Individual Volunteers.

Before everything else, let us have recourse to …prayer. We know the power of humble, trustful, perservering prayer.

Through prayer, man unites himself with God and, therefore, keeps alive on earth the “Idea of God”.

I don’t know about you, but the “Idea of God” seems foreign in our world right now. Thank you for your witness on the sidewalk, and bringing the Presence of God to a place that really needs the “Idea of God”!


7-9: Tracy

Jackie and I were there to greet Tom and Diane this morning as they set up shop. Supposedly, the wind was quite fierce yesterday and Diane was determined to make sure everything was secure.

Greg and Karen soon came along and we began our morning at PP with our friendly greetings to all the workers going in. (I refer to us as the Happy Gauntlet!) Bill made a brief appearance to bless the building’s facade with holy water before going to get breakfast, and when Mary arrived, we prayed a rosary together before clients started heading in. Most workers and clients ignored our sidewalk counselors’ offers for help, but there were a few who did accept the small cards and pamphlets. Those cards are truly helpful! They are small and can easily be tucked away for future reference. One small seed planted. Now, allow God to water it and there will be growth. We just have to continue being His instruments!

9-11: Beth

Welcome back winter. Few clients going into PP and fewer people on the street outside. Mostly peaceful, but sad considering what was happening inside. Helen, Claudia and I prayed the rosary, offering help, and getting some encouragement from people as they hurried on their way.

11-1: Fran

The sidewalk traffic was extremely slow but the same cannot be said for PP.  Our prayers are very needed. A young man walking down the street caught my attention because his gaze was fixed on our set-up.  He said that he is pro-life and he wants to help in some way and someone told him to start with 40 Days.  So I explained our mission and offered him a brochure and encouraged him to go to our website to learn more.  He thanked me and went back the way he came.  A short time later a young woman paused on her way by.  She was looking in awe at the fetal models and she commented on how many people today are just ignorant about what they are doing.  It was good to see young adults standing on the side of good……. of God.
Grace & Peace, Fran 

1-3: Michael

Today was another chilly, sunny beautiful day. It was rather quiet today with not many people walking around in town. Women coming and going into PP. A couple very young girls who looked barely 16 entering and exiting PP quickly carrying a small brown paper bag. Despite the beautiful sunshine, there is always gloom and doom inside of PP. It is impossible to fathom how the abortion workers cannot shed a tear or exhibit any emotion at the sight of these beautiful, innocent angels from God suffering a barbaric and horrifying death. As is the case with all babies in their mothers’ wombs, each one experiences being nurtured, nourished, cared for with the natural instinct to continue living. Sadly and unjustly, the babies, their dads and family members have no say in prolonging their lives, only their moms do. The womb should be the safest place on earth, but as we all know too well sometimes it can be the deadliest place. Have we done everything humanly possible to stop the genocide? Perhaps there is a way to stop it, but we just haven’t found it yet. The Lord knows how to stop it, but He has not done so for reasons beyond our comprehension.  The three biggest ways to stop abortion are PRAYER, MORE PRAYER AND UNCEASING PRAYER!!!  If anyone has a better way, I am all ears.

Kim, Michael, and Mike

Father Sweeney praying during The Hour of Mercy

3-5: Nikki

St. Matthew Parishioners

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon, thankfully it had warmed up much from the early morning bitter cold. May God bless those who had shifts early this morning! It was peaceful and quiet during my shift and I was blessed once again to be with the faithful parishioners from Saint Matthew Parish, and also Fr. John Sweeney who prayed a rosary and Divine Mercy chaplet with us for the hour of mercy. It was sad as always at this time of day to see the poor girls leaving after their abortions, and most of the staff had already left by 4 o’clock or so. I think I may have engaged in a little too much chitchat towards the end of my shift, it was so pleasant to talk with like-minded people, I need to remember more the reason that I am there, which is to pray. But thank you to everybody for being there!

5-7: Lisa

Mary Ann, Johanna, Lisa, and Larry

Not one person, client or worker left the building during the last two hours of this evening.  Early close today?  Our prayers filled the street.  Five of us prayed to close down that business of death permanently.  Prayers for those precious children of God who arrived with their mother’s today but did not leave with them today.  Angels returned to Heaven.Thank you team Johanna, Mary Anne, Lisa and Larry

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