Day 25 – Saturday: Holy Wisdom/John XXlll all day

Tomorrow’s 9-11 shift (Sunday March 6th) has no one signed up to stand on the sidewalk.  Please consider joining shift manager Sue McGrath and spend some time witnessing to the Babies Sacrificed on Liberty.

God’s angel came to Joseph, and he came to understand that his life

would be defined not by his fears but by God’s dreams. And in the end,

everything that Joseph feared was changed by God’s plan.

Bishop David Zubik – Pittsburgh Catholic , 1/15/16

What is God’s plan for you? No, not your dream – God’s Dream for You!


  1. Don’t know God’s Dream for You ?          Express in prayer a desire to know.
  2. Indifferent to God’s Dream for You?       Express in prayer a desire to care.
  3. Disappointed in God’s Dream for You?   See #1.
  4. Afraid of God’s Dream for You?                  Pray for Courage
  5. Afraid of failing God’s Dream for You?    Pray for the humility to try & fail for Him.

                            (sin of pride, by the way)

  1. Glad you pursued God’s Dream?                Pray praise and thanksgiving.

In the midst of all that praying, may I humbly ask that you consider the pro-life movement as part of God’s plan for you. A respect for life doesn’t have to mean standing on a sidewalk ( well, not right away) but could include volunteering with People Concerned for the Unborn child ( or at one of the many pregnancy resource centers in our area.

Maybe God’s plan is that your witness will inspire someone you love to be discerning, caring, courageous, and humble enough to bear witness themselves. Someone who is struggling with an unplanned pregnancy, addiction, hunger, or illness, can witness everything they fear changed by God’s plan.


Virginia covered the first shift of the day for regular shift manager Tim and had this to report:

The 7-9 AM shift on Saturday March 5 was very active and well attended. Members of the Trafford Catholic Church (not sure of the name), Fr Tim and his group and some of the wonderful students from Steubenville were present. Unfortunately, there were customers for Planned Parenthood that were offered literature and services, a few pieces of literature were accepted. The mobile unit came around 8 AM.

Marian reports in from her 9-11 shift:
 When I arrived today, the sidewalk was full of people.  The PP escorts were there in full force as well as so many Sidewalk Advocates and prayer warriors.  Sidewalk Advocates try to stand near the doors (if not standing at the corners) so that the women and men entering the clinic can hear them.

The PP escorts led people to shield them from the truth.  It is so sad to see young people escorting the women into the death grips of PP.  But even more sad is seeing the older men and women escorting the women into PP.  It makes one wonder if they would protect their own families from danger.  Now on a more joyful note:

There are many ages standing vigil for life. I asked a few of the younger people why they witness for life- especially early on a Saturday morning. They each wrote down a few words for me:

 Theresa, 20, wrote: “My parents were part of Operation Rescue and went to jail standing up for life.  So, it’sbeen a huge part of my life since- even before I was born.”
Madeline, 21, states: “I was inspired by my parents and all the others involved in Operation Rescue so this is how I can follow in their footsteps and make a difference.”
Molly, 19, wrote: “As a young person in our country I want to do Our Lord’s will and protect His little ones, the tiniest citizens of the USA.”
Ben, 16,  and Eli, 15, come to the vigil with the Guardians of Life.  No one forced these young men to come.  As friends, Eli encouraged Ben to witness.  They wrote: ” We are here because we  believe in protecting the innocent.”
Nick, a Sidewalk Advocate, was also standing with two young men who have the courage to witness for life.  One said to me that is an emotional experience being on the sidewalk.  That is so true… when one’s heart is open!
Margaret, 19, came with her dad.  She was a student on one of the buses that was stranded on the Pa Turnpike coming back from the March for Life.  She writes: “After spending 32 hours on the Pa Turnpike, I have realized one of the greatest witnesses to life is being a witness of joy. Those of us on the bus stayed very positive through it all. That optimism is really what strikes people.  It is not only important for young people to be involved in this fight for life, it is also important to be a joyful witness to life.”
dominic marion

Dominic, young in face and in heart, but having 7 decades under his belt has these words of wisdom.  I asked him to write what he said to me.  “Our job is not to judge.  But to point out that  they are on the wrong path (those heading into the abortion clinic).  If I see a person going in a direction where a bridge is out, it is my duty and right to point out to them that the bridge is out.  If they still choose to follow that path then so be it.”



It was a pleasure to stand with Judy, Beth, Sue, Nick, Jeff, Rose, Terry, Cecily, Meredith, Bill, Marilyn, Barbara and so many wonderful people who care enough to want something better for the stranger.

Kathy K sends us this report from the 3-5 shift:

God’s presence was evident when I arrived to see the joyful faces of Julie, Kathy, and Barbara. Francesca arrived and said ,”She feels called to be here.” Holy Spirit calling A woman smiled, gave a thumbs up and said,”I am with you in this.” I recognized a pro bono lawyer of prc and introduced Rebekah and said she really is with us in this! I received a hug. A man stopped, his story was too familiar: when he was in his 20s , a girlfriend told him she aborted his baby. He was unsure if she was lying but it haunts him. He has asked Gods forgiveness but he keeps wondering about his child. We talked about forgiveness and gave him Rachels Vineyard number for more help. He also wanted the Steps to Peace with God pamphlet. Never know what God will do on the sidewalk.

barbara from kathy k
Barbara from Holy Wisdom

This rose was given to Barbara by a lovely passerby. I know it was from God in honor of 12 hours she gave Him today. Just as beautiful was to watch her give it to a small girl passing by.

Editors Note:  Barbara and her husband Richard stand on Wednesdays 3-5 as shift managers, but spent the whole day today on the sidewalk with their church.


Barbara’s husband Richard on left w David from K of C








Hear about the day from Barbara herself:

I felt reluctance about covering the 12 hours for our parishes, Holy Wisdom and Saint John XXIII. Shame on me. “Where two or more are gathered in my name, there am I in their midst. Whoa! The entire 12 hours felt orchestrated by the Holy Spirit. All day, every minute except for about ten minutes where I was alone and had a chance to catch my breath, the sidewalk resounded. Each person reflects the gifts of the Holy Spirit uniquely. Possibly 50 people came to pray over the 12 hours. Imagine the beauty of that! Yes, we gathered to pray for people vulnerable to abortion, and to try to intervene at any possible moment today. Nonetheless, love ruled the sidewalk. At the closing 45 minutes this Saturday, Richard and I were were joined in prayer by Claire, Lisa, David, Marshall, Joe. A resounding “Alleluia.”

Jeff ss Liz Rose Marilyn
Jeff, daughter & father, Liz, Rose, and Marilyn
rose and judy
Rose and Judy
richard clair
Richard and Claire


Virginia, Susie, David Anna Pat
Virginia, Susie, David, Anna, Pat
suzie anna David Bob Chris of xx111
Susie, Anna, David, Bob, Chris
francesca kathy
Francesca and Kathy
Cathy julie Kathy
Cathy, Julie, Kathy K.
FR Jack St Pat's Canonsburg
Fr Jack from St Pat’s Canonsburg
al sally
Al and Sally, Iconic pro-life couple