Day #7: A life saved from abortion!

Praise God!  A life was saved from abortion at Planned Parenthood in Pittsburgh today!  Our Lord is truly guiding and blessing this 40 Days for Life campaign!  Read the following story about what happened, as described by Sally Brunn, vigil manager on duty when it happened:

A girl and her mother came out a little after 10 a.m. The abortionist, Beatrice Chen, had gone in at 9 a.m. as usual on a Tuesday. The girl told Fr. Codori that she “had other issues,” but had decided not to have the abortion. I gave her information about Women’s Choice Network and one of the newspapers and they walked away. We were elated! I don’t know what her “other issues” are. Fr. Codori might know a little more. We were able to tell the good news to two St. Irenaeus ladies who had just arrived to pray. It got their morning off to a good start.

I also spoke to Fr. Joe, who actually spoke to the mother of the girl, and he said that the both the mother and daughter walked out of the clinic.  The mother came up to Fr. Joe and told him “We decided not to do it, although we are still having some complications.”  Fr. Joe directed them to the free woman’s health clinic at  Mercy (they don’t do abortions).  Let’s pray for this woman, that whatever complications she is having are resolved…and praise God for this baby that was spared!  Keep up the prayers and fasting!  Our Lord is pleased!