Day 1: St. Louise de Marillac Church- All Day!

Today is just Day 1.  We are engaged in a spiritual battle but there is wonderful news so read the whole blog!  And keep our 40 Days for Life leadership, local, national and international in constant prayer.  The enemy will work overtime in this  fight.  He, she, it- hasn’t learned who the Victor is yet.  But we know!

Tonight’s blog is dedicated to our Sidewalk Advocates.



And to 3198 babies who died at 933 Liberty Avenue in 2015.

We know God is love so we know they are in His Hands.

We are all responding to the call to be Sidewalk Prophets.  So, in honor of that knowledge, a Christian singing group  The Sidewalk Prophets have songs you may like to listen to.  The stories from today tell us these people who come to the sidewalk want to LIVE LIKE THAT!  And God will Help Us Find It.


Thank you to all who came out today to witness for life!


A Save!!!!!

And a new life for the baby and the mommy!

Terri reports:  Terri is a sidewalk advocate!

I was working with Katie and Elsie this morning. A young woman was outside smoking. Katie tried to talk with her and so did Elsie. She didn’t want to listen and seemed to have her mind made up about having the abortion. I walked over to her. She was upset and crying. I spoke to her for a good twenty minutes. She kept telling me why she should have the abortion and why she shouldn’t be a mother.

I just talked about the help that there is available and that people cared. I told her that she needs to look in the mirror and realize that she is special because God chose her to be the mother of this child, and that her child will change her life for the better. She is 15 weeks pregnant. She had paid PP $671.

A PP worker came out to get her for the abortion. I hugged her and told her that she could change her mind and that I would wait for her outside. Those of us who were there prayed. I thought that I would be giving her information about post abortive healing. After about 15 minutes she came out with a male friend who had driven her there. She changed her mind! She told me that the fact that I wouldn’t give up and kept talking to her made a difference. While we were on the street later talking, she pulled out a 5 by 5 inch photocopy of her sonogram that she asked PP for.  Let us keep this young woman and prayer.   From Sidewalk Advocate  Terri


Susan D. has the early shift on Wednesdays and was there to greet and help Diane set up.  Diane delivers  the supplies every day. Susan also writes the blog for Tuesdays during this campaign.

Chris and Jim from St Louise de Marillac with Katie, a Sidewalk Advocate.


Denny from St Louise de Marillac with Sue and Walt


Diane was already setting up the signs and trunk when I arrived! Katie was there as well and brought some new big PINK signs offering help to women passing by or going into Planned Parenthood. Shortly thereafter, Chris and Jim from St Louise de Marillac arrived and started praying on the opposite side of the circle. Katie was passing out pieces of candy that has cards with fetal development and available help attached. You can see her holding the box in the picture above. She was able to give out a lot of information!

Denny from St Louise arrived and we prayed the Divine Mercy while Katie continued to hand out information. There were a lot of people passing by and one man stopped to say how his girlfriend chose LIFE for their daughter because he supported her! His daughter is now 17 years old and an outstanding athlete. He was super proud of his daughter and so happy they chose LIFE! It was such a contrast to the  young couple who looked so very sad going into Planned Parenthood. But they did take a pro-life resource card… (and from Terry’s report we know they left PP).

Walt and Bill arrived to pray and stand vigil as well. The sidewalk was very busy, so thank you to everyone who showed up today and for St Louise de Marillac for covering the entire day!


Cathy reports from the 9:00 to 11:00 shift.  Cecilia took pictures so you can see them below.

When I arrived, Katie was talking to a young woman near the door.  She later told me that the young woman was crying.  She did go inside, but a good while later she and a guy came out (maybe he had gone in before I got there).  Terry went over to talk to them, and they talked for quite awhile, before going back inside.  Terry said they were going to get their money back.  After another while  they came out, without having the abortion!  Terry took them across the street, presumably to talk and get connected with some help.  Thank you God for saving these three children of yours, the baby, the mom and the dad!

Note to Katie:  Without your being there and talking with the woman before she went in the first time, Terry may not have had the chance to do what she did.  We are all in this together!

Thank you also, to the faithful members of St. Louise who were praying while all this was happening.


Cecilia reports from 11:00- 1:00


A nice group from St Louise de Marillac was praying the rosary when we arrived.  Prayers and songs continued my whole shift!


Joyce and Pete joined Fr Tim with the Guardians for Life group who filled the sidewalk with prayers and songs.  What a wonderful turnout!



It is so nice to have the Knights of Columbus join with us each campaign! Their support and presence is so appreciated.



I was thankful that my friends Joyce and Pete could join me today for the ride to the vigil. Here they are with Sidewalk Advocate, Terri.


Sidewalk Advocate,  Katie and Walt, also a Sidewalk Advocate,  with the group from St Louise. It’s so nice to have Seamus back with us! And it’s a blessing  that I had at least one pastor there my whole shift.




Everyone reports on the young woman and baby!  Immediately after our arrival a girl came out of Planned Parenthood with her friend and were greeted by Terri , Elsie and Katie. They had spoken with her earlier. She changed her mind about the abortion. And really seem to bond with Terri. . Praise God for this save on our first vigil day

Chris K.  stood  watch during the 1:00 to 3:00 shift:

Chris is also a board member of a local pregnancy center.

Sue, Seamus, Sister Faith, Mary, Guy, and Dana

What a beautiful day God gave us to start our Fall Campaign!  The shift went well, with nary a harsh word directed at us.  One man even gave us $20!  The traffic in and out of Planned Parenthood was intermittent, with only several couples going in.  One couple parked their car where we were for an hour or so and walked across the street to the DMV office.  When they got back into their car, she seemed upset and her husband gave her a kiss.  I was standing near her car window and mouthed “Do you need help?”.  She rolled down her window and said that they had two children and were pro-life, but that she had two friends who needed help.  We gave her three of the yellow “Help” cards and she thanked us.  Those cards are such a great idea, especially with the attached candies.

We had children stop by and look at the fetal models, with one mother explaining to the young boy with her that his aunt was four months pregnant and that’s what the child looked like inside his mom’s tummy.  I was joined by faithful prayer warriors from St. Louise de Marillac church.  Such a blessing!

Angela and me.

Barb L. 3:00- 5:00  not feeling any love coming from PP:

Out of the car and onto the sidewalk.  The giant whirring sound blasts of the buses and trucks.  Sunshine and blue skies.  Planned Parenthood doors and windows darkly reflecting daylight, refusing an easy glance into its first floor.

“Do I find pleasure in the death of the wicked – oracle of the Lord GOD?  Do I not rejoice when they turn from their evil way and live?

Ezekial is not concerned about appearing politically incorrect.  He calls some things evil.

The passers by who stopped to talk were not politically correct either.  So many adults, teens, preteens and one little 2 year old who could not stop waving and smiling as his dad chose a piece of candy for him from our box.  The fetal models were the stars of the show.   “How could someone kill such a little baby?” Yep. That is a baby. Yep. That is killing.

Witnesses  came to pray with us; Mary Ann, Brad and Hank.  How wonderful to have such beautiful opportunity to bring Jesus to the sidewalk on this sunny September afternoon.

Brad, Mary Ann; St. Louise de Marilac Richard Lewis, shift manager 3-5

Shift manager Barbara


Joe Krol, 5-7 Shift Manager


Joe with Hank and and St. Louise de Marilac

What a joyous evening to kick-off 40 DFL to pray, share, and witness for the end of the evil that permeates 933 Liberty Ave. The sunshine and gentle breeze sure makes one appreciate the day even more when you think of being down here in February…

Started the evening greeting / talking Brad from St. Louise and Henry from St. Valentine’s and was shortly joined by Dave from St. Thomas and Andy who is also from St. Louise.  There was some strong praying and opinionated sharing going on…

Foot traffic was a bit slow / quieter than nornal this evening…  Though most of the comments were positive, I did have to chuckle at the one individual who expressed a deep, deep concern about my employment status (Get a job!) – this comment seems to be an oldie but goodie for me, but know what, we are working for God – so I guess I do have a job and an important one at that!.

We were joined later in the evening by Andy’s mother, Clair.  A young woman and her beautiful  baby Miujiza (Swahili for miracle), who I had the pleasure of seeing her make smiley faces at her mom, stopped by on their way home.  The mother thinks she may be pregnant (child #5).  I was able to talk to her and give her resource info for her and her family and witnessed Clair also offer help beyond and above…  Please pray for this mom, her situation, and her children.

Towards the end of the evening a young man passed by and expressed regret that he was born.
It was a joy to witness both Andy and Clair talk to this young man the rest of the evening and ultimately
he left us in a much frame of mind – Andy & Clair – what beautiful souls!!!
The evening closed by packing up things with that dynamic duo – Diane & Tom.  Thank you so much for your untiring dedication to making sure that the supplies are always there for us!!!
Henry, Dave, and Tom.


Thank you to all who helped and prayed today on the sidewalk for life!


Day #5: “Pay to End Abortion” and St. Patty’s Day Revelry

How is the prayer and fasting going? Are you doing the daily devotionals, asking God to bring an end to abortion? It is wonderful to think of the united prayers all across our nation. Our prayers must be a wonderful music to our Lord’s ears. Our sacrifices must be sweet smelling incense to His nose. He is so merciful…so eager to forgive us. He doesn’t ask much really…not compared to what He gives us.

Anyway, I just thought I would keep you all updated on the happenings at the vigil. Yesterday was a very “active” day in Pittsburgh, since it was the St. Patty’s day parade, and there was much beer-induced revelry going on in town. Although not formally scheduled for a “shift”, I went down with my husband to check on our vigil manager, Maggie Stuart, to make sure she wasn’t alone. She was. Although, there was a nice, but inebriated young man who thought he needed to keep her company. So, I was glad that my husband and I had gone. We stayed until the group from St. John Fisher got there. They had been stuck in traffic for two hours!

At one point, a young woman, clearly homosexual, stopped to yell at us for our signs, saying that she had been raped when she was 15, and had an abortion…and that it was mean to say that abortion is wrong. I asked if she would like some post-abortion healing information. She said no, and walked away. (After my husband and I left, Maggie emailed me to say that she came back and asked for that information! Praise God! I pray she will be open to the Lord’s healing of her heart.)

A few minutes later, I noticed a very large, very drunk man staggering towards us. I backed up…afraid that he might fall on us. I thought he was going to criticize us, but then he dropped to his knees, right there on the sidewalk. He put his hands together and began to pray. At first, I thought he was simply mocking us. But, he was really praying…praying for God to end abortion! He had tears in his eyes, and prayed for about 5 minutes on his knees…until his friend came back and took him by the hand, leading him away.

Barbara Lewis, the shift manager from 11 to 3, emailed me the following, similar account of the activity during her shift:

“Our Saturday 11 to 3 shift was remarkable for its pro life witness. Many of the people who stopped to talk were tipsy. So was I by the time the shift ended, tipsy with happiness. It seemed that hearts were more open in downtown Pittsburgh the day of the St. Patrick Day Parade. And why not? St. Patrick was a powerful Catholic saint, preacher. He reached the hearts of the pagan Irish. The happy Irish celebrants seemed to be asking us to reach their hearts. So many people asked us who we are. So many high signs and some thumbs down for the posters. So many people spilled out of the “gay bar” to talk about their being gay, their disappointment that “people on the right” looked down on them and didn’t understand them. One of those very openhearted young men gave me $10 for you… see enclosed. Later another man passing by on the sidewalk gave me his business card and made recommendations for my home made bill board along with his rationale for the changes. He is a filmmaker and specializes in communications. He is pro life but feels that the pictures of aborted babies hurt our cause. Good conversation came from that. A newly married couple, 3 months, from Steubenville Franciscan College came and prayed with us. They hadn’t signed up. They knelt, sang, prayed the Rosary. A street evangelist gave the husband plenty of opportunity for love, generosity and patience. Saturday was a blessed vigil.”

I also want to pass along this remarkable story emailed to me from Katie Beresik, who participated in our vigil last Wednesday:

“The rain didn’t bother me at all – God’s very presence was so thick all around. I believe it was a sort of redemption for all the times that I walked past the Planned Parenthood during my workday and looked away instead of praying. But I wanted to share a story of God’s amazing blessing. I was standing in a little alcove to the building next door to Planned Parenthood. A minivan pulled up with a handicapped sign and I could see a little girl about the age of 5 with her mother in the front of the car. The little girl kept looking at us and I could tell that she was talking with her mom. After 5 minutes or so the mom got out of the car with the little girl. The mom needed to get into the building behind us. As she passed, the little girl held out a dollar bill to me. I asked her what it was for and her mom said, “Oh I think she thought the sign said, ‘Pay for an end to abortion'”. We chuckled and I said to the little girl, “Thank you but you don’t have to pay us. In fact there is something far more important and special that you can give instead of money. You can pray to God that He will put an end to abortion.” The little girl nodded vigorously and said she would. The mother then told us that she had to explain just now in the car to her daughter what abortion was. Her daughter could not understand why a mother would throw away her own daughter. The mother said that the little girl looked back to her doll sitting strapped into a car seat in the back of the minivan. The mother thanked me for what we were doing and she and her daughter got back into the car. But they didn’t leave right away. Instead the daughter again got out of the car and asked if she could take one of the 40 Days for Life signs with her. I asked Marci and we thought it would be good so we gave her a sign and then said to the mother as she again got out of the car, “Your daughter is just precious!” The mother said to me, “Why, that is her name! Precious!” God is sooo amazing how He uses the little children to teach us so much about child-like faith.”

Also, I just watched the video of our candlelit vigil last Saturday (embedded below), where we were singing Holy, Holy, Holy. It was so cool to see so many Christians of all faiths, standing in the rain, with their candles, singing and praying together for an end to abortion. You will be blessed by watching it.


See you at the vigil!

With Love in Christ,

P.S. If you can, stop by the vigil anytime tomorrow. Our attendance from the churches may be light. Although we do have vigil managers scheduled for the entire day…so someone will be there! We could use more people!