A Father’s Love and Father’s Day Vigils

Fall campaign September 28- November 6.

The thought of a Father’s Love evokes different emotions and memories for all of us. We think of our own fathers and those of us men with children, of our love for them. A kaleidoscope of virtues, behaviors and feelings fly though my head: kindness, sacrifice, caring, compassion, patience, impatience, joy, sorrow, pride, time, effort, gratitude, ingratitude, love, anger and forgiveness. Underlying it all is love.

Yet my love for my father and my children pales in comparison to the LOVE of God the Father with His limitless love, mercy and forgiveness that HE has for me and each and every one of us. When I think of the Prodigal Son or “For He so loved the world He gave His only son…” I feel blessed and joyful to be a son of God and to be loved by HIM unconditionally. I am filled with true happiness and am reminded that my goal in life is to get to heaven and to help my children and all of those around me to do the same.

On this upcoming Father’s Day weekend I ask that each of you pray for those fathers who are confused, deluded and considering abortion for their unborn children and hope they instead welcome them joyfully into the world.

There will be two prayer vigils Father’s Day weekend: Saturday June 18 at planned parenthood from 7-10 and Sunday starting at 7 until at pp as well. Please join us in praying for those fathers in need.

To all fathers, I wish you a joyful and peaceful father’s day. And to God the Father, THANK YOU for loving me.

Tim B. (as seen with my two children and father)

My Children








My Father
My Father

Here are a few pictures of our 40 Days For Life families:

Nikki’s husband Joe with their daughter:


Katie and her father John:

katie, christopher and john