Marci’s Thoughts on the Use of Graphic Abortion Photos

Marci sent me her thoughts about graphic abortion signs and gave me permission to post this here:

I know we all have our own opinions as to what advertisements are effective but I agree with those who feel the pictures of the aborted babies hurt us more than help us. As one who has been through it, even with all of the healing and the Amazing Grace God has poured out over me when I see those, I see Gracie & what I did to her. I have to continuously remind myself of her face & the beauty for ashes that God has given me.

I feel that those pictures will push away post abortive women rather than draw them in. They already know what they have done. Those pictures are a constant reminder of when I first discovered what I had done in school. If someone doesn’t know, it pains me to think of the agony it could send them into. God’s harvest is as gentle as grapes. If we try to collect it with coldness we will frost what could be ripe for the picking. If we pick it with strong hands we could squash what He wants to do.

I believe that by showing life and the beauty of life (i.e. babies in the womb, infants & small children), we would gently be able to cut them from the vine & place them in our basket. The aborted baby pictures do have their place but they portray us as judgmental & uncaring.  The light & love of Jesus is all that they need to see. It’s his gentle & nurturing way that will attract them in.

Now I don’t want anybody else to be offended by my opinion or think that they hurt me; I’m fine. I knew what I was getting into & that it wouldn’t always be easy.  I pray that I have not been offensive but this is just the view of one who’s been there.