Day #6: Small Numbers, Big Presence

We didn’t have too much of a showing at the vigil this morning, but that was okay. It led me to an important realization. We don’t have to have huge numbers of people with signs to bring about an end to abortion. We have a big God, and if just one Christian is at the abortion clinic, HE is there too…and that’s all we need!

When I first heard about 40 Days for Life, about a year and a half ago…I thought it was such a great idea! We can put it in God’s hands! Forget about politicians…who needs ‘em? But, I had never taken any kind of active role in the pro-life battle, and I was naïve. Once I began to learn the history of the pro-life movement of the past 20 years, I started to understand why some veterans are, understandably discouraged…and may be a little cynical as well. I got the feeling from many that they thought 40 Days for Life was really just a way to put a new label on an old movement…or maybe a watered down version of an old movement. Some may think it is just a way to draw people into the movement, and to bring as much media attention to the movement as possible. Maybe it is just my naivety speaking, but I don’t think so. If 40 Days for Life was all about drawing attention to our cause, why would we be holding vigil while the clinics are closed? Why would we be standing there on an early Sunday morning, when everything in town is closed? Why do we try to maintain a constant, 40 day vigil…instead of just having periodic rallies…where we could get hundreds of attendees?

During the time that I was alone…the sole witness to the injustice of abortion…I realized that the heart and soul of 40 Days for Life really is a spiritual one. It is not political at all. If there is just ONE person there, that is all we need! Most of the morning, I had at least one other person to stand with, and that was good too. We were able to pray aloud and read scripture together. Churches, don’t feel discouraged if you cannot get 20 or 30 people to sign up on your day at the vigil. If you even have one or two people per hour, that is perfect! I think we are a better witness to the public when there are fewer of us, actually. Hearts are softened when they see one or two people humbly praying. In contrast, when there is a large crowd proudly displaying their pro-life views, it is more likely to cause division or a “them against us” attitude. Check out the photo of Elena (below), sitting in my chair while I took a walk to the parking garage. When I came back, and saw her in the chair…I realized what an impact a lone person can make, and snapped this photo.

Day 6: Lone Presence Make a Big Impact

Just a quick update:
We have churches covering the vigil every day until next Monday, March 21. There is no church coverage from 7am – 1pm on that day. Then, we have a big gap in our vigil on Monday March 28, Tuesday March 29 and Wednesday March 30. We have no church coverage on the morning shift for any of these days. If your church can help out, or if you have a group that you would like to coordinate on one of these days, please contact me.

Keep up the prayers and fasting! Don’t get discouraged! Remember 2 Chronicles 7:14:

“If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray, and seek my Holy face, and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear them from heaven, forgive their sin and heal their land”.

We have a promise, and our God is faithful!

Your sister in Christ,

P.S. I hope that I have not offended any veteran pro-life soldiers. That was not my intention. I have tons of respect for everyone that participated in the Rescue movement of the 90’s. Many lives were saved because of that movement!