Conflicted and Confused



How do we resolve conflict?

The woman carrying a child,who is not part of her plans, is in conflict in this world.    We live in a society that does not value human life in the womb. Therefore, a pregnant woman can be in conflict.  She may want very much to have the baby which is growing inside of her but other factors can influence her decision.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines conflict as 1. A fight, battle or war; 2. Competitive or opposing action of incompatibles; mental struggle resulting from incompatible or opposing needs, drives, wishes or external or internal demand 3. The opposition of person or forces that gives rise to the dramatic action in drama or fiction.

We want to resolve conflicts.  How would you choose to resolve a conflict?


Abortion is the most aggressive and violent choice of conflict resolution.  The choice to abort kills the child.   As a result, abortion is the least effective way to resolve the conflict of an unplanned pregnancy. If one is looking for a win-win solution, abortion is not the answer.

Woman who choose to end their pregnancies may do so for varying reasons.  However, research (pro-life groups and pro-abortion groups)  shows that the choice to abort a baby is based on financial concerns more than any other reason.



Why do women choose abortions?  (This is a pro-abortion article but it shows how women choose abortion out of financial concerns more so than any other reason.)


“If we believe the survey, most of the women seeking to abort here did so, not because they were triumphantly exercising their ‘power to choose’, but because they felt like, given the circumstances, they had no other realistic choice.  Abortion forces on them a cruel, violent, destructive option that does little to solve their basic social or economic problems, which may, in part, themselves be a consequence of Roe’s forced cultural transformation.”

Lifenews- why do women have abortions

Johnstons Archive: reasons for abortions  “About 98.3% of abortions in the United States are elective, including socio-economic reasons or for birth control. This includes perhaps 30% for primarily economic reasons and possibly 0.1% each for sex selection and selective reduction of multifetal pregnancies.”  The AGI institute, cited in this review of data, is pro-abortion.



The laws in America are in a state of conflict since the decision of Roe v Wade (based on lies) was handed down by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1973.  The decision is in direct opposition to the declared reason for America’s fight for freedom as stated in The Declaration of Independence.

When we can not turn to the law of the land for guidance in making positive decisions for life, we turn to our faith in God.  For example, in the  Catholic faith practice, the Cathechism of the Catholic Church is a guiding document.  For references please see: Good Acts and Evil Acts:  page 435 (1755-1756)  Safeguarding Peace:  pages 554- 559  2304: “…Peace cannot be obtained on earth without safeguarding the goods of people, free communication among men, respect for the dignity of persons and peoples, and the assiduous quality of fraternity.…” Common Good: pages 464- 466 (1901-1912).

The Ten Commandments written on stone tablets as directed by God to Moses are another set of guiding documents.  Every Christian denomination and the Jewish faith practice acknowledge The Big Ten.  Another Scripture passage that states it very clearly in terms of God’s guidance is Deuteronomy 30:19.

Students who take the equality part seriously speak out through Created Equal- FB page and  (Thanks Sally for the information!)

In our American educational system, children are taught to resolve conflicts peacefully.  If a child chose a violent means to an end, that child would be expelled and/or put in jail.  Pregnant women who are considering abortion need help and truthful, honest guidance to resolve the conflicted feelings they have.  Just as children need help, so do adults.  Young girls, the same ones learning about positive conflict resolution in the classroom, need to be guided to life saving conflict resolution when pregnant.

Conflict resolution lesson plans: “These lessons also support the responsibilities mentioned in the FCPS SR&R regulation. “Students are responsible for resolving disputes in an appropriate and nonviolent manner.”  (From the introduction for Fairfax County Schools).  The lessons also state:

*******Hints for dealing with conflicts on a one-to-one basis • TAKE TIME TO COOL OFF and  THINK ABOUT THE PERSON AS A PERSON. This helps to break down role stereotypes.********** (Think about the baby as a human- if  your take is that life doesn’t begin at conception then  think of the baby as a human being at 18 days when the heart begins to beat- or try living without a heart beat.  No heartbeat- CPR can bring someone back to life.  Is a born human not human when the heart stops beating?)

I can’t said the ant  a child’s story for adults about conflict resolution.    I can’t said the ant (with children)


Pregnancy-  it is not just a woman’s issue. There is the mother, the father and the child.  Once a women resolves the conflict with a pro-life mindset, miracles begin to happen!

Consider options other than abortion or contraceptiion:  It really is for all.   This website addresses health issues related to abortion and contraception. (Dr. Anne Nolte actually responded to my private message.)

Center for Bio-ethical reform:   Caution: the opening video is graphic.  There is other information on the website which is very helpful should the graphic images be too disturbing to watch. ( Thanks Sally!)

End the conflict that the choice of abortion brings into our lives.      Choose life, it is good for the soul!

Marian R. Carlino