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Neighbors North Pro-Life Committee Newsletter by Dianne Machesney




40 Days for Life Facebook page– like us on FB

Website: Sidewalk Advocates for Life– Pittsburgh has a Sidewalk Advocates for Life chapter.

Call People Concerned for the Unborn Child- Pittsburgh for contact information.


The Magee Project  is  prayerful, peaceful and outreach to change the hearts of admininstrators and physicians at Magee Womens Hospital.  Like it The Magee Project

Meredith speaks about the Magee Project. To learn more, please contact her at
Meredith speaks about the Magee Project. To learn more, please contact her at

 Words of inspiration from Jeannie of the Magee Project:  Jeannie’s word from the Lord 5.5.17

In Susan B. Anthony’s Footsteps: Pro-Woman, Pro-Life!

Click HERE to visit the brand new website of the Pre-Born Jesus ministry!

Click HERE to find out about healing the wounds of abortion through Jesus-the Divine Mercy Ministry!

Help for rape victims:

Used as an argument to keep abortion legal by pro-abortion advocates, listen to the women whose children were conceived in rape and how choosing life was a more excellent choice.

Visit the Website to support victims impregnated by rape and for children conceived in rape!  Go to  Great promotional video at

women’s testimony of effects of abortion after a rape (and the babies  born as a result of rape)

Pro life help for women who are survivors of rape

Abortion does not help survivors of rape

Podcast #44- what about the cases of rape and race

Help for abortion workers who want to leave the abortion industry:

And Then There were None  resource website for those who want to leave the abortion industry work force….abortion-worker-flyer-bw

d family

Help for post-abortive women and men:

Silent No More Campaign- FB page– resource website for women and men who regret their abortions;

Project Rachel-Hope after