Day 4: Thanks to North Park Church, Christ our Savior Parish, Steubenville and Latrobe Prayer Warriors, and Volunteers who all TUNED IN…


I like to listen to a particular national Christian radio station that doesn’t come in clearly in my home or car. (No, I don’t pay for radio!) It seems it is in the same airspace as a throwback Rock n Roll station. I really love the religious station and there are some amazing faith conversations that go on nearly all day. What inevitably happens, however — depending on my location — is that things can get interesting & sometimes even funny: in the middle of an enlightening Bible teaching, I hear the thump thump thump of a 70’s rock favorite, or a quote from a rock legend. Or, as I strain to hear the end of the prayer/lesson/discussion, a DJ blasts through with some fun fact about a first hit record or violent demise of an artist. I actually have to work and really concentrate. In my car and in my life I’ve learned that I need to do a few simple things to ensure I am listening to the RIGHT voices:


When messages are mixed on the radio, I often find myself LEANING IN close to my car speaker to hear the Good News. Welcome to the world of Social Media, Cultural Noise, and 21st century Busy-ness. And, like in my car when I am trying to listen to God’s voice, I need to LEAN INTO my faith — to really focus on what I hear from Him and focus on listening to those who carry the Lord in their hearts. There are great daily readings from the National 40 Days for Life office and so many Biblical podcasts to LEAN into!


There are times when I am listening intently, engrossed in a teaching or discussion, and the signal starts to fade. My reaction to the scrambled message from the receiver is very much like my response to our culture. Sometimes, if I start to “lose” the station I am trying to listen to, I pull the car over so that I can finish the teaching. It is sort of like getting out of our toxic situations to hear the Lord . Often in life, I find myself in an environment that doesn’t encourage living my faith. I feel torn between the popular/current vibe and what I know is the path inspired by the Word. I have to pull over and sometimes leave the environment to hear and listen! Having been involved for a dozen years, I can honestly say the the environment created by the 40 Days for Life folks is a GOOD PLACE — not only Christ-Centered but also Peaceful, Loving, Generous, and Selfless — a place to stay where things are GOOD!


Regardless of my leaning, focusing, and adjusting, sometimes I still cannot get a consistent signal on the station I want to listen to. I want to be listening to the Word, but the garbled rock and roll just keeps interfering. At these moments I just need to STOP and turn off the noise. Sometimes in today’s busy, message-saturated, loud, angry world, I just need to turn off the noise and be alone with the Lord. I do this each and every time I stand in front of Planned Parenthood. I repent for who we’ve become in our land, dwell on the power of the Lord, and ask that His will be reflected in the work we are humbled to do. I pray for everyone I see — not just the potential clients at PP, but the PP staff and supporters, the homeless, the bus drivers, the school kids, security guards, Door Dash deliverers and more. That 2 hours is a GREAT opportunity to turn off the noise!



7-9 Shift Manager Tim Reports:

We were blessed to have Kathleen, Joseph, Mary and Dennis join us from the start of the vigil. They drove up from Steubenville before dawn.  Their youthful, prayerful presence was a strong witness. The streets were very quiet early and there was very little activity at abortion center.  Maybe our strong presence created some no-shows? We also had Saturday morning regulars Joe, Randy and Bill, and then were joined by Sidewalk Advocate Barb who came to fill an empty slot. Thanks to all for coming out on this chilly morning. 

Saturday Morning Warriors Joe, Randy, Barb and Bill

9-11 Shift Managers Sue & Sue report:

We were joined by the North Park Church this morning. They had a nice representation and witness on the sidewalk. There were many escorts out and many people went into PP today. Many prayers were said and outreach done! Thank you for your sacrifice for the moms and babies, workers and passersby. God bless you!

11-1 Shift Manager Dean reports:

Our two faithful prayer warriors, Barb & Judy, were there with me today as we prayed against abortion. We were joined later by Jeff & Nancy from Latrobe. We only saw a few couples entering, who refused our offers for pregnancy support.

When I arrived, I was talking with Sue D. when an SUV turning from Smithfield onto Liberty accelerated towards us in an attempt to scare us. The moment passed quickly and the driver didn’t return.

Thank you, Barbara and Judy!
Latrobe produces much more than great beer! Welcome Jeff & Nancy.

1-3 Shift Manager Kathy reports:

Busy sidewalk: dance competition at the convention center. Cristina, Joe, Jason and I prayed and handed out info. Cristina talked to one dad whose partner was getting an ultrasound: we are praying they will choose life.

Jason and Joe Walk the Talk

3-5 Shift Manager Billy reports:

Today the first hour with Jeff was very quiet, despite how heavy the walking traffic had been. Two girls went into Planned Parenthood, one of them came out.  Another group had also come out who we did not see go in. A young man walked by and asked what we were standing for. After the second or third he asked. I stated we are standing in support of the right to be born. He then proceeded to say, “No abortions.” It was nice to hear. In the second hour the second woman came out. The second hour we had a supporter and just a loud crowd passing us by. A guy looked at my sign and donated 5 dollars to us. It was a great start to the Saturday shift. God bless.

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