Day 38: Thanks to Bishop Zubik, St. Ferdinand RL Group, Elk County RL, St. Catherine Laboure Parish, Dedicated Individual Volunteers and Team Members!

Are you the same person you were back on Ash Wednesday? I hope I’m not…I hope that in these 40 days of Lent and our campaign that I’ve learned a little, grown a little, changed a little. But it won’t mean much if I go back to “business as usual” on Day 41.

I’ve seen so much proof that we are needed on the sidewalk–not just for 40 days, or even 80 days each year–but each time someone approaches PP thinking that abortion is the only way out of their desperate situation.

Many people have come to the same awareness, including the amazing folks behind the 40 Days for Life movement. To help meet the need, they have launched a new year-round effort called 40 Days for Life 365. The 365 program is less intense than a spring or fall campaign.  Instead of 12 hours a day for 40 straight days, we aim to cover only the business hours of the abortion clinic. 

In January, our Pittsburgh team began organizing volunteers to pray on abortion days at Planned Parenthood on Liberty Avenue–Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday from 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM. We’ll be starting back up on April 7th.

If you are different now than you were on Ash Wednesday and you don’t want to go back, please answer God’s call to meet Him on the sidewalk throughout the year.  It could be once a week or even just once a month…any time spent praying there is precious to God and valuable to those in need.  

Contact one of the 365 leaders listed above to let us know when you’re coming.  We’ll make sure no prayer volunteer will be standing alone. 

Thank you for everything you do for God’s children and the cause of LIFE!



7-9 AM +++ Barbara, Richard, and Rose

Rose, Richard, Diane, Tom

9-11 AM +++ Kathy and Mark

SB Mark, Sidewalk Advocates Kathy, Kim, and Katie
Kathy and Jim from Zelienople
Church groups from St. Ferdinand’s and St. Gregory’s with Bill H.
Elk County Respect Life Group
Kathy’s makeshift book table

A very windy morning.  Such power made me think of God’s Holy Spirit blowing through hearts and minds to bring about the end to abortion.  Thank you to all who came today to pray and counsel.    About 6 women entered building and 3-4 exited.  One woman accepted lit before entering saying she was there for birth control.  Several male passersby accepted a yellow card resource and said they would pass it on.  A few vehicles beeped favorably for us, perhaps due to seeing the “LIFE” balloons that the Elk county group brought.


11 AM – 1 PM +++ Sheila and Libby

There was a fair amount of traffic in and out of the clinic.  None of the couples that entered took any information, and one of the young men accused us of harassing them. I responded that we’re simply trying to offer help. It’s hard to get through to them when their emotions are so high.  We were blessed to have a beautiful gathering of prayer warriors. 


1-3 PM +++ Donna and Elaine

Thank you to St. Catherine’s Laboure’ and the many volunteers: Debbie, Diane, Mike, Fran, Janet, Sister M. Faith, Steve, Chris, John, Alice, Mary, Mary & Bill, Rose, Marian, & Mary.  I apologize, I know I did miss a couple of names but your presence was greatly appreciated! Some prayer warriors prayed the rosary while others did the Stations of the Cross for those lost to abortion.  Thank you to my faithful shift buddy Elaine, and faithful Sidewalk Advocates Katie & Fr. Jeremy. We did miss Bernie today.  It’s hard to believe this campaign is almost over and Holy Week is upon us. It was wonderful to have so many join us today! Thank you and God bless you! We had a few positive comments today, one was kind of a rant but he was on the side of life.  We tried to talk and hand out cards and other life resources and Rachel’s Vineyard pamphlets. It was sad to see a woman inside waiting for her ride, every time the door would open I could see her sitting there.  May God bring healing and peace to her life and most of all may she know Him as Lord and Savior. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.



Thank you to Bishop David Zubik for covering the hour of mercy in prayer at today’s vigil…God bless you!

3-5 PM +++ Pat, Val, and Mike

Volunteers from St Catherine Laboure, along with shift buddies Mike and Val

I was so glad that I was able to be on the sidewalk during the hour of mercy to pray with Bishop Zubik today! I was affected more than I thought I would be. I was really struck as we were praying with the sense that we are truly a family in Christ and that we had our dad with us there on the sidewalk. It was so comforting. Thank you so much to Bishop Zubik  for taking time out of his busy schedule to pray with us. And thank you to Fr. Lengwin for coming also!


5-7 PM +++ Bill and David

This was the last shift of the final Friday for this session for FORTY DAYS FOR LIFE.  Liberty Avenue seemed very quiet this evening as was PP, only a few workers exiting during the 5 to 7 shift.  But there was a lot of praying, thanks to folks from St. Catherine Laboure’ Parish.  When I arrived Henry R and Tony N were already there praying with Pat M’s group and they remained with me and my shift buddy David until 7.  Joe G soon joined us along with William A as if that wasn’t enough, Judy from Sidewalk Advocates came to paint the sidewalks.  David and Joe G helped her with the artwork and then Christina, Patrick and Michael joined us.  There usually are not this many people on the sidewalk on Friday from 5 to 7 so it really made this shift special.   Sometimes when I’m on the sidewalk, I find myself smiling, but our matter is not a smiling matter, so being in the midst of prayerful people I suppose God’s grace brings things to our heart in the moment.  If that makes any sense.  Maybe it’s God filling a need because he sees how much battle is still ahead.  Lord hear our prayers. 


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  1. Mary and Gaetano Morello

    Thank you to all who witnessed to Life in these past 40 Days.
    God bless all of you especially shift managers and buddies.

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