Day 32 : Thanks to Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish, St. Isidore RL Group, Ascension Holy Name Society, Christ our Savior Parish, Archangel Gabriel Parish, Cranberry Community Church, Vowed Religious, Amazing Team members, and Volunteers

Why we do it? Because THIS TIME – She Didn’t !

when I was down there, a young girl left PP crying and she was talking to someone on her cell phone … I overheard her say “I couldn’t do it” . . .  

ACTUAL REPORT from Today March 20 : 40 Days Shift Manager Jim

PRAISE BE TO GOD and Please keep our “First Day of Spring Mom” in your Prayers.

Another 40 Days for Life Miracle Reported here TODAY!!

THREE MORE URGENT PRAYER REQUESTS: In addition to praying for the courageous young mother mentioned above, let’s cry out to our Lord with these petitions…

+++ Please pray for “M,” 20 weeks pregnant with twins and determined to abort because of pressure from her parents.  May God grant her the courage to choose life for her children and soften the hearts of her parents to welcome their grandchildren.

+++ Please pray for “S,” two months pregnant with her fourth child and seeking an abortion but willing to talk about her options. May God bless her with the strength to bring her child into the world to raise or to place with a loving family through adoption.

+++ Please pray for “Baby A,” who went into cardiac arrest yesterday and underwent surgery.  Since then, she has been unable to breathe on her own and no brain activity has been detected.  May God heal this precious child if it be His holy will, and may He provide courage and comfort to her devoted mother, “E.”

7-9 Shift Manager Tim Reports:

What a powerful witness we are making!” said one of the early morning prayer warriors who was among almost two dozen people who showed up before dawn.  We were blessed to have 2 priests, Fr. Zachary and Fr. Tim, a group from St. Isidore and a nun, Sr. Jolenta who brought along a blessing from the Bishop. And all the year round regulars were there including Virginia, Joe, Linda, Issac, Bill and Bill, John, Jimmy and Randy, We were also blessed by very few women going into the clinic and a beautiful sunrise over the building across the street. A blessed morning it was.  – Tim

Sue, Fr. Tim, Sr. Jolenta, Diane — LET THE SON SHINE

9-11 Shift Manager Sue Reports:

It was a beautiful day and lots of people from many churches on the sidewalk diligently offering prayers for an end to this madness. Our Lady of Mount Carmel and Cranberry Community Church. We reached out to everyone we could. There was a cheerleading competition at the convention center and we engaged many of them. Moms and dads with their daughters, everyone I talked to from this group was pro-life and supportive! (Greg added the prayer request for “S” above…he was able to speak with her at length on the sidewalk during this shift.)

Seeing Double! Two Bills !

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel parishioners Vince, Libby, Mary, Guy, Pete, Steve, & Marcie
Libby and Amy (and Steve!)

11-1 Shift Manager Dean Reports:

Thanks to all of the prayer warriors from Our Lady of Mt. Carmel for being a witness against abortion today.
Thank you Lord for the affirmations of Spring, such as bountiful sunshine and freshly planted flowers. We received many more words of gratitude for what 40 Days of Life is doing. I was blessed with an opportunity to hand out a 12 week baby model to a young boy. He was curious as to the appearance of baby development. Ain’t it great when kids ask questions? –

Day Breaks on the City and the Sun is Bright!

1-3 Shift Managers Kathy and Jim Report:

From Kathy: Barbara,  Johanna, and Greg prayed on the sidewalk with us. Young cheerleaders had a competition at the convention center. Their sparkly uniforms sure brightened the sidewalk. Prayer request: abortion determined Maria, pregnant with 20 week gestation twins.

From Jim: Johanna and Barb were also there, and Greg and Jim stopped by.   A nice Parish group (Archangel Gabriel) arrived for the 3:00 shift. Near end of the shift: …when I was down there, a young girl left PP crying and she was talking to someone on her cell phone … I overheard her say “I couldn’t do it” . Please Pray for Her !!!

Kathy and Jim


Thank you to Fr. Joe Codori who kept vigil at the hour of mercy today, and to the other wonderful members of the clergy and religious who came to pray with us today!

3-5 Shift Manager Billy Reports:

I just wanted to thank the Archangel Gabriel church for accompanying me in prayer today, and filling in when I was running a little late. When I got down to the vigil, it was one of those vigils that I truly enjoy and love, it was non stop prayer, singing was involved, really nice folks, getting to pray on both sides of the vigil with everyone there. Every now and then this afternoon we had a couple people who were upset with our presence down there, a couple angry looks, and not friendly gestures, but we had a couple people who greeted us, and a couple of them who gave us the thumbs up. Thanks again to the Archangel Gabriel church for accompanying me again, and thank you all for your hard work, we make a difference.  -Billy

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