DAY 19: Thank you, Our Lady of the Lakes Parish (Bairdford/ Russellton), People of God Community, Saint Joseph the Worker Parish; Fuel, Sisters of the Holy Spirit, Sisters of Saint Joseph (Baden); Volunteers Margie B., Rich D., George S.; Beloved companions who accompany us for life on the sidewalk downtown; Beloved cohorts praying and fasting with us this fall; Nikki and the managing team who shepherd us so generously.

Christ as Judge of the World (c.1449/51)
Rogier van der Weyden (c. 1440-1464)
Middle panel of the Beaune Altarpiece
with the Last Judgement
Hotel-Dieu, Beaune, France.
Copyright akg—images / Francois Guenet

Keep me as the apple of your eye; hide me in the shadow of your wings from the wicked who despoil me. Psalm 17:8-9

Father’s sperm contributes half the DNA. Mother’s egg contributes the other half of the DNA. 

HELP me understand.

HOW do the half DNA items come about?

Father’s sperm penetrates the egg.  The penetration fertilizes the egg.  The fertilized egg is a single cell.  This single cell, the embryo, owns a never before existing DNA. This single cell multiplies and initiates a process that knows how to grow the single cell to an entire baby in 9 months. 

HELP me understand. 

HOW does this single cell come to own 2 eyes, 2 knees, 2 elbows, a mouth ready to be full of teeth, a voice that will learn to talk and maybe sing, and a heart that will break … AND SO MUCH MORE!

HELP me understand.

HOW does a single cell become a baby in 9 months?

In the fullness of time, in health, the baby’s maturity signals and initiates the process that delivers the baby from the mother’s womb into the arms of the little child’s family. 

HELP me understand. 

HOW does society best secure the well-being of a little child? Why is monogamy, as opposed to promiscuity or polyamory, the best option? Ben Shapiro: Because all societies are built on the healthy bearing and rearing of children. And the most valuable form of the bearing and rearing of a child is the mother and father in the home with the biological child that they have sired.

WE HIT THE GROUND RUNNING TO END ABORTION IN A POST-ROE AMERICA.  Despite the Media saying that the pro-life movement would go away at the local level, the first post-Roe 40 Days for Life campaign is the LARGEST EVER, IN A RECORD OF 622 CITIES!  Out of the 120 abortion facilities 40 Days for Life has closed, 45% of them were in blue, abortion friendly states.  Former Planned Parenthood workers tell us that the “no-show” rate for abortion appointments goes as high as 75% when we are out there praying. I am honored to labor alongside you to end the injustice of abortion in a post-Roe America. May God bless your family.

Shawn D. Carney: Co-founder, CEO, and president of 40 Days for Life. September 28, 2022 Shawn began as a volunteer in the pro-life movement while still in college.

What Child is This?  Robert Shaw, America’s foremost choral conductor of the 20th century with the Robert Shaw Chorale.



We are praying for you throughout these 40 days. 

Sister Jolenta


We send you our prayers during these 40 days of life.


Sister Sharon


JEN McD 7-9

Peaceful and prayerful morning.  One man passing by said, “Appreciate you!” and then, pointing to PP, “They really do the devil’s work in there.”  Thanks be to God that he knows the truth.  May all hearts and minds open up to realize the evil of abortion.  

9-11 AM Early morning Pittsburgh prayerful presence for life!

Pat S., Shift Manager, with Volunteers Margie B., George S. and Rich D., and members of People of God Community pause a moment to share happy faces.


We had witnesses from Our Lady of the Lakes Parish and St. Joseph the Worker Parish.  It was a quiet Sunday with a lot of passersby due to the Steeler game. We had a few negative remarks but nothing out of the ordinary.  Thanks to all who came to stand with us.

Prayer witnesses Amy, Cole, Pat, Bob and Nadine representing Our Lady of the Lakes and Saint Joseph the Worker parishes.


Shift managers Jim and Audrey were supported by parishioners from Our Lady of the Lakes.  An interesting discussion ensued with a young man who talked but wouldn’t listen.  Our prayers went out for him.  Other passersby were friendly and our interactions were positive.  A bus driver at the light shared her Prolife views and gave a thumbs up!

Shift Managers Audrey and Jim with parishioners from Our Lady of the Lakes.

Shift Manager Jim with stouthearted pro-life praying parishioners.

Sidewalk art with a pro-life heart felt message.


Faithful Shift Workers, including Jim and Cathy.


Blood of Christ, victor over demons, save us.

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