Day 1…Amazing Kick-off Last night…and we begin our 40 Day Vigil Today!!!


It was an absolutely AMAZING night last night, as we kicked off the 40 Days for Life with Mass and a Eucharistic Procession to Planned Parenthood, with His Excellency, Bishop Waltersheid, many priests and about 300 faithful! Scroll down to the end of this post for the photos and videos! Also, you may click HERE to see the incredible photos and videos taken by one of our team members. (Thanks Larry!)

Lay not up to yourselves treasures on earth: where the rust and moth consume, and where thieves break through and steal. But lay up to yourselves treasures in heaven: where neither the rust nor moth doth consume, and where thieves do not break through, nor steal. For where thy treasure is there is thy heart also.

Matthew 6

It occurred to me last night, as we processed out of Epiphany Church, past the dozen-or-so angry protestors who lined up around the church, screaming and chanting while beating on drums all throughout the Mass…that those of us who have faith…are truly RICH! It was such a peaceful joy that filled our souls as we followed Our Lord out into that dark night, out of the tranquil church, into the chaos...that I felt a rush of pity for those poor souls who were so filled with anger. I prayed that Our Lord would grant them the grace of conversion, so that they may become our brothers and sisters in the faith, and may also receive the same inheritance...the absolute WEALTH...of the faith of Jesus Christ! We are truly blessed beyond measure to be called Christians.

Another thing that occurred to me last night is that our faith is a treasure that can never be taken away from us by anyone! It is completely safe from theft! The only way we can lose our faith is by our own choice! NO ONE has the power to steal it from us! Actually, Bishop Waltersheid’s homily was about this very idea. He spoke about the spread of communism in Slovakia in the 1950’s and about two young brothers who were in the seminary when Communism took over. One of them was Pavol Hnilica. They were both sent to camps, as were all the priests and religious. The purpose of these camps was to “re-educate” the religious…to make them lose their faith.

One day the parents of the brothers went to the fence of the camp, incognito…dressed as local peasants. When they were close enough to speak to Pavol, his mother looked at him and said, “Preserve your vocation, even at the cost of death!” The young man did preserve his faith. He was secretly made a bishop just a few years into his priesthood and ended up playing a pivotal role in ending communism, by entering the “belly of the beast” in the Kremlin in Moscow…where he covertly celebrated Mass and prayed the consecration prayer to Mary inside of all three Orthodox Churches…under the direction of the Pope John Paul II, and as part of the world-wide consecration requested by Mary to the children at Fatima…which led to the fall of communism soon after!

We live in similar times, when Christianity is being suppressed and persecuted by the forces that want to take control of world government. They realize that if we have faith, they cannot control us. So hang on to your faith! It is a treasure worth more than any earthly thing!

Bishop Waltersheid concluded his inspiring message by asking, “Who are we to doubt that anything the Mother of God asks for from her Son won’t be accomplished?” If we put our hope and trust in Jesus, through her motherly intercession, all things are possible! Even the end of abortion! Have no doubt!

First day, first shift. We were blessed to have Anton and Claudia join us in prayer for the moms and babies, as well as the workers. Judy V. stopped by with a vase of roses to give out. Some had a message that “You are loved…..even before you were born.

One couple and several unaccompanied women went inside.  None wanted to talk.


The shift was busy as far as people going in . However there were no incidents.

  Mary, God bless her stayed for the entire shift so there were three of us Susan Mary, and myself.

  Mary did pass out some flowers and for the next shift Katie is decorating the sidewalks.


Mary was a sweetie to stay. It was a bit cold but it’s always weird weather around there due to the evil in that building.


Thank you to Ken and Susan for braving the chill and the wind this Ash Wednesday! We had several couples accept literature, with one man reading it as they walked away and showing it to his girlfriend, but no extended conversations with PP victims. One man did stop to talk about his grief over his mother’s two abortions; he said he feels that we’re the only people who he can talk with who understand his pain. I definitely hope to see him again; I’m no therapist but I know it can help just to talk with someone who cares. Please pray for “D” and for the repose of his mother’s soul.

Also, a kind young couple did stop and ask if they could have (40 Days for Life) wristbands; they seemed very sincere and I believe that they were honestly supportive; who would want a wristband for a cause you didn’t care about?


A cold, windy day on the sidewalk.    Praying multiple Rosaries, Chaplets of Divine Mercy, and the Loreto Litanies were Kevin from Regina Coeli parish, Shift Buddy Elaine from Our Lady of Perpetual Help, and Shari from Our Mother of Sorrows, and Billy.  Sidewalk Advocates Katie and Judy, from St. Joseph the Worker, were persistent in trying to hand out pamphlets and free-help cards to both those entering PP and to passersby.  At one point, Valentine‚Äôs Day flowers and a large card were delivered- how ironic, on a day when Love is celebrated, that there was no love for the pre-born children who entered those doors.

Steve had no prayer partner as of a day ago…thanks to all these wonderful people for answering the call!

Awesome shift today! Sun was shining, Sharon was there on time. Then, Sharon’s friend Christina arrived. Then Amy joined us and I thought how blessed to have 4 witnesses… Then Anthony appeared! Life long Pittsburgher, knew many of the churches and parishes and clergy- trolley driver. We said a Rosary, and prayed evening prayer of the Office.

We are so grateful for the 10 priests-Generals, who lead us in this spiritual battle!

CLICK HERE for a short video of our procession to PP!

CLICK HERE for another short video of the procession!

It was a cold night, but was absolutely beautiful, processing with our Lord through the darkened city…being the salt and light that Jesus calls us to be!

Jesus Christ at Planned Parenthood…

CLICK HERE for a video of us singing “Oh Sacrament Most Holy” in front of PP!

For more photos and videos of last night’s event, CLICK HERE!

2 thoughts on “Day 1…Amazing Kick-off Last night…and we begin our 40 Day Vigil Today!!!”

  1. Even now, says the LORD,
    return to me with your whole heart,
    with fasting, and weeping, and mourning;
    Rend your hearts, not your garments,
    and return to the LORD, your God.
    For gracious and merciful is he,
    slow to anger, rich in kindness,
    and relenting in punishment.
    Perhaps he will again relent
    and leave behind him a blessing,
    Offerings and libations
    for the LORD, your God.
    For he says:

    In an acceptable time I heard you,
    and on the day of salvation I helped you.

    Behold, now is a very acceptable time;
    behold, now is the day of salvation.

  2. Such a beautiful and blessed event! God bless all who participated and may He bless us with a closing of this horrible place.

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