Day 40 – Vigil participants from the Church of the Assumption in Bellevue, SS Peter & Paul in Ambridge and other churches provide a strong finish to our campaign

“I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race.” 2 Timothy 4:7

On the last day of our campaign we did, indeed finish strongly.

Thanks to Brandon and Bill for standing with early morning shift manager Sue during the empty morning shift from 7-9am! 

William and Brandon got up early to make sure the shift manager wasn’t alone at the vigil!
Shift Manager Sue (sporting her new blanket given to her by Nikki), with William

Thanks also to Jeff for standing with her at 9am!

Libby, Jeff and Pat came to stand with shift manager Sue

Sue wrote:

Sunday’s 7:00a-11:00a shift was quiet.  Brandon from Ambassador Baptist was with me from 7:00-9:00, and Bill stopped by for a few minutes before his church service.  Then Jeff (another shift manager) and Libby from St. Sebastian came at 9:00, followed by Pat from St. Bernadette’s.  A HUGE thanks to all of these prayer warriors for keeping me company on a cold Sunday morning!!

Around  7:20 or so, one Planned Parenthood employee walked into the building. This was the only person we saw enter the building this morning.  However, her exit from the building (around 10:30) was the event that most took us aback.  Libby, Pat, and I, while praying together, all noticed a piece of palm sticking out of the top of her purse!  Obviously she had been to a Palm Sunday service or mass very early in the morning, before coming to work at Planned Parenthood.  We were so shocked to see this.  It was clear to us that the evil one certainly has his hooks around this lady, blinding her to the point where she attends church and even brings home palm on a Palm Sunday and still does not, cannot, or will not see that her career with Planned Parenthood is in direct opposition to the Lord.  I know that the three of us will be praying for this woman.

I wish a happy and blessed Easter to all of you – JESUS IS RISEN and He Is The LIFE!!!!

For Life,  Sue

Read about the second shift in Julie’s testimony below.

I am happy to report that it was a peaceful prayerful morning! The holy people of Assumption Parish in Bellview and a visitor from New Hampshire dove right into prayer without any hesitation! The first hour with one group and the second hour with another was a continuous stream of focused, hopeful, prayers of intercession for mothers, fathers, politicians, planned parented hood workers and the aborted babies we so dearly live.  Thanks to these steadfast prayer warriors the sidewalk was full of the presence of the Holy Trinity.
Peace, Julie

Rick from Church of the Assumption, and shift manager Marie

SS Peter & Paul Ukrainian Catholic Church in Ambridge adopted the third shift today.  Shift managers Jim and Cathy wrote:

Great day on Sunday with lots of good prayers and drop bys.  Many on way to the closing rally and Jericho march stopped and joined in on our prayers.  Closing rally at 933 was very moving with Reverend Bryan leading us in praying the Litany and singing; a great way to close out on the street.

Thanks for the fine program and foodstuffs for the pot luck; I thought Tom Vendetti’s  talk was right on, it’s the devil stupid!  Thanks to Nikki for the great gifts to all the vigil managers and supporters that is very thoughtful.  I especially liked hearing of all the people who fasted during 40 days for life; thanks Megan for the work and enthusiasm you put into this effort.  Lisa, great work on the schedule and rounding up support for those who could not make the vigil events; 40 days of juggling.  Tim thank you for stepping up to lead this years event when it appeared that we may have lost our leader.  You kept us all going in the right direction and a lot of people stepped it up a notch behind you for the success of the campaign.  God bless you and your mate in the new life facing you both.

Thank You all for including us in God’s work, Jim and Cathy Shantz

Here is a photo of their wonderful group of prayer volunteers:

SS. Peter & Paul in Ambridge, along with third shift managers Jim and Cathy


Mimi was a faithful witness during these 40 days!
We were blessed by the presence of these five seminary students from Franciscan University…at the vigil and the closing rally at Catholic Charities. One of them even sang the closing song (with Andy from Intent’s guitar!)

At 6pm about 25 people joined us for our Jericho March around Planned Parenthood.  Tom Venditti led us in constant prayers and litanies as we walked seven times around:

During the final 15 minutes of our 40-day vigil, we all gathered for the the closing prayer ceremony at the vigil location:


Many of us brought our palms from this morning to the vigil. Lisa put her cross-shaped palm on the door handles of Planned Parenthood. May the power of the cross of Jesus bring an end to the evil that takes place here.

After praying the name of Jesus, “Shut this place down” litany and closing with “How Great Thou Art”, we officially ended our 40 day vigil and walked to Catholic Charities.  Approximately 60 brothers and sisters in Christ enjoyed a wonderful meal and fellowship.  Intent blessed us with their music.

Intent blesses us with their music
Our Campaign Director, Timothy, thanked everyone for helping to make this 40 days a success!

Nikki wrote:

It has been a privilege and an honor to work with all of you…vigil shift managers, team members, vigil participants, church coordinators and pastors who have participated!  Your individual “yes’s” have all combined to make for a powerful 40 day witness at Planned Parenthood!  You have helped us to unite into a stronger force for God in our city and I KNOW that we have caused the Kingdom of God to advance and the kingdom of darkness to retreat!  Thank you to Catholic Charities for being so supportive of our efforts and thank you to INTENT for making our events something special!

Our next 40 Days for Life will begin on September 25th!  May the Lord bless you till we meet again!

Your sister in Christ,



More stories and pictures will be posted soon.


Day 39 – Vigil Participants from Madonna Del Costello, Word of God, St. Elizabeth of Hungary, and other churches display a strong prayerful presence

” Ascribe the Lord the glory due His name; worship the Lord in the splendor of holiness.” Psalms 29:2

The Lord has been glorified each day in this campaign, and today was no exception to that. Read about how in Sally’s testimony below:

 It was a very quiet morning. Weather much better than yesterday.  PP was slow again today.  Not a lot of women going in, at least during this shift.  Our pray-ers came from Word of God parish, Pennsylvanians for Human Life, St. Vincent College, St. Joseph, Assembly of God, and a few other churches:

We thank God for good people like Bill and Brandon who come by often, even daily, to pray and witness for life.  May God bless them for their perseverance.  Sally

The second shift was also successful. Read about it below:

The second shift today went very well. Vigil participants from St. Elizabeth of Hungary, St. Mary Orthodox, St. Paul’s Seminary, and St. Fidelis, Bulter came to pray for the cause of life.

St. Paul Seminarians

Over the course of the four hour second shift, nearly thirty people participated, which is excellent for a Saturday afternoon shift. Particularly inspiring was the encouragement shown to us by a passer by, Kenneth, who recently moved to the area and started his own catering business. Also inspiring was the testimony of a post abortive woman who is now pro-life, told us her story of healing, and prayed with us. Another inspiration came from Susan, a consistent vigil participant in our campaign.



The third shift was just as successful. Read about it in Jeannie’s testimony below:

What a delightful, peaceful  uplifting late shift we had Saturday.   Several wonderful factors:  SUN SUN SUN—  Also 3 brand new vigil participants –Toni, Chris, and Don–  who are destined for return appearances if I have anything to do with it.

Fr. Nick takes time to witness during his parish’s time! Thank you!

Absent green beer, we got through and entire
Saturday shift with many, many positive, affirmative remarks to our prayer and only ONE mumbled opposition !

I think Don’s singing may win him a spot on the next American Idol, too.  In all, I was blessed to be among so many witnesses who are preparing for calvary with our Lord.

I spoke to the wife of the PP guard— PLEASE pray that he find another job.  She is not allowed to tell me her name, but the couple has a 3 year old and 1 year old and a rosary hanging from the car mirror.  The wife is also a security guard– she said she prayed about her husband taking this job.  They decided it was up to God to judge the folks at PP— I assured her that we would talk to God about a new job for her husband!

I am humbled with those who have stepped up to witness during these days.  As Beth Svirbel said   in our last hour—“let’s say the Glorious mysteries because we know who wins this struggle in the end.”

In Life -Jeannie


God Bless,


Day 26 The Lord again blesses us with faithful vigil participants from Catholic Homeschoolers and Holy Trinity Ukrainian Catholic in Carnegie!

“I will give thanks to the LORD because of his righteousness and will sing praise to the name of the LORD Most High.” Psalm 7:17

There is, indeed, much to thank the Lord for, including faithful vigil participants dedicated to the cause of life. Read about such people who made such a great witness at our vigil today in the witnesses from Lindsay, Julie and Rose below:

Today was the best day I’ve ever had down at 40 Days for Life, and the 4-hours flew by!  I arrived (a bit late!) to find Vigil Manager Pat Malley from St. Regis– on his “day off” from the vigil, no less – awaiting my arrival so that I would not have to stand alone.  I was so grateful for his presence!  Later, regular participants Rick Thimons from Assumption arrived, as did Pat Shelley. Prior to Shelly’s arrival I snapped this photo of Pat Malley and Rick Thimons. Look at that sun glare!


The precious Barnhart family from St. Anne in Castle Shannon arrived, and brought more sunshine along with them. They are a truly precious family with children ranging from pre-teen to young adult, and “Holy Joy” is what popped into my mind immediately upon thinking of how to describe this beautiful, sweet, deeply devout Catholic family. Their eldest son, Andrew, is in his Junior year at Franciscan University, and shared that he was following what he felt was a call to enter into the priesthood!  What joyous news, especially on the heels of the news that Rick Thimons had shared earlier – that his own son was considering entering into the priesthood, too!  So, please keep these courageous, holy young men in prayer. 


Pictured are Keith, Marjorie, Andrew, Stephen, Kenneth,  Annette Barnhart from St. Anne in Castle Shannon.

Before the Barnhart’s left to head to Mass, another amazingly precious family arrived, Pat & Sue Rocco and their 5 small children armed with Rosary beads and pro-life signs. For the Rocco’s, with all their small, devout, prayerful children, the phrase “Holy Innocence” popped into my mind. The sidewal k was full of Holy Joy and Holy Innocence, and it must have been a profound sight to behold  – and a very strong pro-life message to passersby!


Pictured are the Rocco family from St. Bernard in Mt. Lebanon.


Julie, who managed the 11-1pm shift wrote:

Hello! Today was a peaceful time from 11am to 1pm. Young Silvana led us in song today as part of our prayer. She also led us in prayer by reading all of the 40 days prayer intentions! We responded God of mercy hear us! When Maria and John came we prayed the Jesus litany. The time went by fast in the warm weather!


Rose, who managed the 1-3pm shift wrote:

What a gorgeous day we had today with wonderful prayer warriors to match!

Wonderful witnesses for Life!

The Sabados family came from the Catholic Homeschoolers group at 1 pm and said the Scriptural rosary led by John Mihm.  We also did the chaplet of Divine Mercy. At  2 pm the Maloney family came and we said many prayers against abortion including the powerful names of Jesus and “Shut this place down!”

Life is truly beautiful!

Some of the family members needed to use the restroom at Emil’s and he let them (how nice) even though he was short-handed and couldn’t wait on them. We had four people encourage us as they walked by, including Kelly who had her rolling suitcase.  She stopped on her way to the bus station to tell us she appreciated our dedication to life and said she would be with us but she had to travel. Again, it is always a joy to have enthusiastic, prayerful, dedicated pro-lifers come to pray on Sunday.  I am so blessed!

I  attended a silent retreat this weekend at the Martina Spirituality Center in West View and the theme was the Beatitudes.  I see a good example of those who are poor in spirit, willing to mourn, are meek, merciful, pure of heart, peacemakers and willing to suffer persecution for holines’ sake in those who participate in the 40 Days for Life Campaign. I thank God that I am part of this wonderful group which challenges us by providing many opportunities to both show God’s love and live out the Gospel!



God Bless,


Day 25 – Praise the Lord! Another save today! Vigil participants from Washington Alliance, Corpus Christi, Grove City College, and other churches/organizations rise to the occasion

“Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good. His love endures forever.” Psalm 136:1

Today was indeed another day to give thanks to the Lord. Read about how He blessed our morning shift in Sally’s witness below:

What a lovely day! Almost warm enough for bare hands, sunny, very little wind. We had many pray-ers from the Washington Alliance Church, Grove City College, Johnstown Area, AOH members, and many others from a variety of churches and areas.

Amy and Jamie from Washington Alliance


Amy from Washington Alliance


Arlene and Mary from St. Maurice


Cindy Georgetta and Gale from Johnstown




Mona and granddaughter Nicole


Tim with sign


Tom and Pat from Washington Alliance




PP had quite a few customers and were busier in the early hours than they were later in the morning.  That has been the pattern all week. They seem to have a blond woman as the new permanent guard.  We have seen her before when she worked as a relief.

Three ladies from Johnstown stood across the street all morning with their “Defund Planned Parenthood”, and “Abortion Kills a Person” signs.  They could be seen from the waiting room, which was crowded. I asked about their priest, who I remembered being at PP a few times. He had been a missionary in Japan for more than 20 years, and had come
back to Johnstown to be with his aging parents.  They have since died, and he has now gone back to Japan to work with “his people”.  He intends to die there in service to the Japanese people he loves. Isn’t that beautiful?

George, who is a cantor at his church, and the students sang some beautiful hymns.

Late in my shift a young woman came by and talked first with the Grove City students and later with me and others.  She said she is 30, divorced, 11 weeks pregnant, has no job & stays in a house owned by her ex-husband.  She had come to PP to ask about getting an abortion, but she could not do it.  She said she might consider adoption. I gave her the resource sheet and the flyer from Catholic Charities.  The Grove City students took her to lunch. I forgot to ask for her name to add her to our prayer list.



The second shift also went well. Read about it below.

The second shift went very well, as vigil participants from Washington Alliance, St. Maria Goretti, Corpus Christi, and other churches came.

Day 25 Champions for Life
Day 25 True prayer warriors

They displayed a strong, peaceful, prayerful presence, and a couple of people who walked by gave positive support for what we were doing. Additionally, one woman in a black car drove by us and gave us encouraging words as well.

Jeannie managed the third shift and wrote:

 What a beautiful day to witness the kingdom of God in Pittsburgh.   Shift 3 started with an all-guy group which I quickly disrupted 🙂 .    I was joined 3-7 by Mike and Joe from Corpus Christi in McKeesport.  Tony  from St. Joan and Brandon and Dan from STL all joined us for parts of this 4 hour shift, too.  I was blessed among MEN!

Today was very busy in  Pittsburgh with the HOME show, sun and great weather.   How lucky are we  to have the beautiful signs out where folks could read them.   I could see more than a handful of conversations start among family members.   I think we all know that the truth about abortion waits for anyone who is open to the conversation.   We started many many paths to the truth today!

I think the biggest revelation today was the HUMANITY of us all.  WIthout the layers and bundles, hats and scarves we could really see everyone was SOMEBODY— arms, legs , head, hair….. Every one of us unique… everyone created by God with gifts He alone knows.

We had the usual combination of “thumbs up” support and misguided criticism.   Still, we “soldiered on” .

We greeted all with the happiness of a warm Spring day!  Even the security guard at PP, who returned our greeting.  Even the woman many of us have encountered who “wished she had been aborted” had a softer tone today.   As night fell, we prayed for each and every worker who exited the building— hoping that one day they will see the HUMANITY of each little life they cast aside.

To my band of prayerful bodyguards, THANK YOU for being men of God.  Our world truly needs more of you!

– With a happy heart,  Jeannie


Day 21 – The Lord is with us

” Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9

The Lord has, indeed, been with us throughout this campaign. He has given us the courage to persist despite circumstances that have been challenging. Read about this display of courage and persistence in Sally’s description of the morning shift below.

It was a slightly different morning, and I am sorry that I totally
forgot to take a picture.  I hope Charlotte takes a couple.  It was cold, but no rain or snow, and sun at least part of the time was so welcome.  PP had only a 3 or 4 clients until 10:15, and then there was a rush of about 7 or 8 in 5 minutes.  Slow again after that, with another rush a little before 11 a.m.  About 80% were single girls.

There were 16 of us over the course of the morning, including Darryl Smith from Uniontown area & a lady from Weirton, who knows Sheila. We were also blessed by having a Byzantine Deacon & his wife with us for over 2 hours.  They came all the way from DuBois.  He brought booklets and we participated in a half hour prayer against abortion.

I spoke to the boyfriend/husband of a woman who went in for the morning after pill.  They have 3 children & do not want any more.  I told him how dangerous the pill is for her, as well as for a baby who might be killed by it if she happens to be newly pregnant, and gave him a flyer and the resource sheet, which gives natural family planning alternatives.

We were busy waving to two large groups of day care children, out for their morning walk in the sunshine.  First they wave & say “hi” and then some turn around and wave again and say “bye”.  Every one so beautiful and so precious!


Charlotte managed the 11am-3pm shift and wrote of a woman who left with her boyfriend after only being inside for half an hour!  She accepted the pregnancy resource information from Charlotte as she was leaving, and she was in tears!  Sounds like a POSSIBLE save to me!  Here is Charlotte’s story from today:

This afternoon was seemingly planned to fall in order.  There were 3 individuals with me when I started my shift and then when they left my good friend John came when he heard that there may not be anyone with me…he didn’t even know that it was me.  He stayed and was relieved by a mother and daughter who also heard someone was needed.  Then Fr. Terry showed up just in time to talk to a man who had some awkward questions- .  So we were well manned with what God’s plan was for us today.

I have to say it was tough to get anyone to accept literature.  I was reading my prayers for my Liturgy of the Hours about the rejection of the Israelites when Moses went up the Mountain to receive the 10 commandants.  It is a sad story of how they were not faithful to God.  So too is it sad if how these individuals are not knowing or not faithful to God’s commands.  But Moses continued to pray for God’s forgiveness for them.   This is where I was at today.  I think about three groups took my literature.

One girl with her partner stopped in Planned Parenthood for about a half hour or so.  When they both came out she was crying.  She took my literature and I will keep her face in my memory to remember to pray for her.  Hoping that what ever her tears came from that she will choose the decision that God wants for her.  That she will be faithful to His commands.  And all the others will do the same.   If we just don’t relent and do as Moses did–  pray for forgiveness!!!

Courageous champions for life also showed up for Sheila’s shift later on in the day:

Sheila wrote about her 3pm-5pm shift:

My shift, from 3 to 530pm, was a great one.  Not so much as a negative look or comment.  And the sunshine was a welcome guest!

Right after I arrived, a young black woman named Annette stopped by to get some information.  She said that she passed by our vigil numerous times and had been meaning to stop and learn more about what we were doing and what resources were available.

A man from India (Alex) who is here on a visit, stopped and looked at our signs.  He told me that he runs an orphanage in India.  And every day he goes out and checks garbage cans for discarded baby girls.  He now has ten children, eight of them adopted.

A man named Michael, who was in town to check out the home and garden show at the convention center, stood with me until almost 5pm!

Another man, Tim, approached me and told me that his girlfriend had three abortions over the span of about 10 years.  He said he begged her to keep each of the children and felt helpless.  He admitted that he is an alcoholic and that he has not been able to get over the loss of his children.  I gave him the resource sheet and directed him to the post-abortion healing websites for men.

Finally, Terence, a 24 year old man, approached me and gave some eloquent arguments FOR life.  After a few minutes, he slowly recited a pro-life poem, which is actually a rap song that he wrote.  A lady who was in line for the bus heard him and said, “You need to get that on YouTube.”  I asked if he would send me the lyrics and then was hoping that maybe we could invite him to perform his tune at our closing event.  If he gets back to me, as he said he would, I would like to get him on tape.  Will keep you posted.



For the later shift, Rich and Roseann reported that two champions for life joined them:

Jeff Burgman came and stood with us for awhile and Brandon Hill stopped by.  


God Bless,


Day 19 – Vigil participants from Covenant Community Church, St. Joan of Arc, St. Regis & Kiski Valley Presbyterian Church rise to the occasion

“Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.” Romans 12:12

Nearly halfway through the campaign, vigil participants did, indeed, display a consistent, prayerful presence at the vigil location. Read about how courageous individuals from Covenant Community Church, St. Regis in Trafford, St. Joan of Arc and Kiski Valley Presbyterian Church did so in the following testimonies and photos:

First-time vigil shift manager, Sue, took these awesome photos of the wonderful group of folks from Covenant Community Church in Wexford..and a group of teens who came un-expectedly all the way from Ridgeway PA!  I am glad that Sue had the company of such wonderful prayer warriors to warm the freezing sidewalk with her this morning:

Many young witnesses for Life came all the way from St. Leo’s in Ridgeway PA…more than two hour away to braved the cold to pray and witness for life!!!
Covenant Community Church comes out in force!
Early Sunday morning prayer warriors from Covenant Community Church, St. Sebastian and Madonna del Castello

Sue wrote of an amazing story told by Pastor Jon, pastor of Covenant community church:

The shift, although cold with occasional snowflakes, went really well!  We were blessed all four hours of the morning by twelve members of Covenant Community Church in Wexford.  Boy, can those folks pray from the heart!  The next blessing was a group, including four teens, from St. Leo’s Church in beautiful rural Ridgway, PA — a two-and-a-half-hour drive from Pittsburgh!!  Rounding out the group were Lorraine from Madonna del Castillo, Vince from St. Sebastian, and Pat from St. Bernadette.  As we prayed we could hear the spring birds singing.  At one point we noticed one person (likely a worker) enter the Planned Parenthood doors, but other than that there was no evidence of anything at all going on in the building.  Although we encountered a few passers-by during the morning, not one of them was negative toward our group.  One gentleman in particular told us he would be with us in prayer for the closing of the clinic.

Pastor Jon from Covenant could not stay as long as he had wanted to, as he had to go prepare for his service, but right before he left he shared a beautiful and amazing story of why this cause is so near & dear to his heart.  Years ago, his mother-in-law had been ready to abort his now-wife.  She was on the table awaiting the abortionist’s entry into the room — she was all alone in the room — and she heard an audible voice say, “Don’t do this.”  She looked all around the room to confirm no one else was in the room.  Indeed, no one else was.  She listened to the voice and did not have the abortion.  Pastor Jon said she was not even a Christian at the time, and did not become a Christian until 8 years later!  But she followed that voice — and now Pastor Jon has a wife and three dear children because his mother-in-law listened. 

Julie managed the vigil from 11am-1pm and sent in the following photos and stories:

Members of St. Regis pray for abortion to end!
Teens from Ridgeway, PA


Prayer warriors from St. Joan of Arc

I arrived a bit before 11am to find smiling faces of folks from St. Sebastian parish in the North Hills and Grace from a parish in Ridgeway, Pa.  they were probably cold, but they were not gloomy!  What a great witness of hope and joy!

At 11am Bill from the Presbyterian Parish downtown and the two ladies  from St. Joan of Arc Parish in Bethel Park arrived, they bundled up…and were full of joy!  Grace and the two ladies (Joanne and Robine) and I prayed for the 6 intentions listed on the prayer sheet and Bill prayed dutifully out in in full view closer to the street holding the 40 Days for Life sign for those in cars passing by to see the witness to life.

4 high school students an Grace’s sister came back at noon after mass and joined us in calling upon the Sacred and Powerful name of Jesus to shut the place (planned Parenthood) down.  We called upon Jesus repeatedly as we read the list of about 200 different titles of Jesus and repeatedly asked him to Shut this Place down in the litany prayer.  We all lined the two sides of the sidewalk and people walked between our lines along the sidewalk. As we prayed one woman stopped in the midst of us an spat at us when she heard what we were praying for.  Another woman walked by and paused to say,” I’ve had two abortions…. you are doing the right thing”  Wow!  what a difference in responses!  I only lament that I didn’t respond quickly enough to further talk to the woman who had two abortions before she continued on.

Those two hours in the cold wind were not comfortable at all.  I was so very humbled because all of those folks I was with today (two more ladies from St. Joan of Arc parish arrived around 12:30pm)  were all there longer than me!  When I left and the next shift manager came, they were all still there!  I believe that Our Father in heaven sees the courageous hearts of these folks who are praying in the cold out of love and crying out for mercy.  He will honor our prayers for Planned Parenthood to be shut down.

The young people that were there today came because they know other young people who have had abortions.  They had told Grace, who is their CCD teacher, what can we do?  How can we help to stop the evil of abortion?  Grace answered the call and lead them 2.5 hours away from home to be at the vigil today.  Praise God for his work in our hearts and the grace to take action so that the   Praise God for the victory over sin and death!

Peace,  Julie

Rose managed the vigil from 1pm – 3pm:

We were blessed today despite the cold during my 1-3 shift.    The confirmation students from St. Regis and their leaders get the award for endurance on this bitter cold Sunday!  They were standing in the cold for four hours (10 – 2)  and were still cheerful and prayerful.  We prayed the Scriptural rosary together lead by John Mihm.  Nina and Terry from St. Joan of Arc  came at 1 as well and stayed till 3.  We also prayed some prolife prayers from Fr. Tim and his Litany Against Abortion  as well as the “Shut this place down”  litany Julie previously emailed with the powerful names of Jesus!  One humorous incident.  My stomach was acting up and I really needed to use the facilities, so Nina and I walked down to the Cafe and she bought some drinks while I used the restroom. There was a young man and woman behind the counter who were very nice and Nina explained  what we were about.  She still had her 40 days sign on.  I needed to used the restroom again. After her turn in the restroom she told the boss she fixed the toilet as it was leaking Imagine my surprise when I came out and saw who the boss was – the man who would often come down and shout unkind words to fellow prolifers in front of PP.   He didn’t seem very hostile, and we thanked him again on our way out.  I told Nina about his previous hostility toward us and we rejoiced that we were able show him some kindness.  Later, Nina wanted more coffee, so she went back down and I told her to thank him again for me.  While he was waiting on her, his back to the door, a young couple went in and were ready to walk back out.  Anyway Nina told them to stay and raved about his coffee to them, so they bought some.  Later on we saw him come out of his cafe and looked  down our way but never came down.  I wonder if God is working in his heart –  it must be all the prayers!

Cathy, Terry, Nina, and Trish

The third shift was managed by our faithful and dedicated shift managers Jim and Cathy.  The church that adopted the 3-7pm shift was Kiski Valley Presbyterian Church.  It was their first time ever participating in 40 Days for Life, and I (Nikki) was worried that the frigid weather would discourage them from doing it again…but when I had the privilege of meeting the three young, enthusiastic witnesses that were left from their group at 6:30pm (as our mid-point rally began), I saw that I needn’t have worried!  They thanked us for allowing them to join our efforts and said they would be back again next time!  Praise God!  Here are some photos:

Kiski Valley Presbyterian Church was a light in the darkness!


Shift Manager husband-and-wife-teams…Rich and Rosean (Monday nights), along with Cathy and Jim (Sunday nights)

Jim and Cathy wrote:

Fellow vigil participants,

Songs are sung, the candles are lit, the stories are told; now lets get this next 20 days on the road (street) covered.  Thanks for the tune up on Sunday night during the mid point.  Sorry we had to leave but the 4 hour vigil took its toll in energy.  Thanks to all who had participated.

Sunday was a cold day on the street but warm in the prayerful messages and great singing brought to us by the Kiski Valley PCA. Sure hope that they see fit to come again and help lift God up on the streets of Pittsburgh in front of Planned Parenthood.

Camera Shy prayers, Jim and Cathy Shantz

Vigil participants (over 40 of them!) also displayed a prayerful presence at the midpoint rally this evening. The presence of so many people praying at the candlelit vigil despite the cold weather was truly uplifting.

Vigil participants at midpoint rally


More uplifting stories and pictures will be posted as they become available.



Day 18 – Praise the Lord! Inspired vigil paticipants from Guardians for Life, Good Samarian & St. Fidelis witness lives being saved!

“Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.” Psalm 150:6

There is much to praise the Lord about, including what happened at the vigil today. From the early morning shift, it appears as though there may have been two lives saved. Read about it in the testimonies from shift manager Sally and from Pamela below:

Sally’s witness:

Hi All,

Another cold, dark morning with lots of snow showers. PP was very busy early on, and less so later in the morning.  There was a turn around. Tom Venditti will email about it since I was not there when it happened. The mobile unit was there, this time parked on Liberty to the right of PP.  As far as we know nobody went in.

Over 45 people came to pray, including Father Tim’s group, at least 6 from Steubenville and nine from Grove City College.  They are such a great asset to the 40 Days witness.  Here are pictures from this morning:

Grove City College Students come to pray!
New sign, compliments of generous donor!
Saturday morning shift manager, Al
Guardians for Life of Indiana and Westmoreland Counties are faithful witnesses
Kneeling in the ice and snow makes a powerful statement of our passion AND our humility!

Regular Saturday witness, Tim Barr, also drives “The Beast” (AKA the Choices Pregnancy Center Mobile Ultrasound)

Brandon, who is a semi-regular, went to Women’s Choice Network, prayed with them, and brought back a bunch of their little cards and a stack of very nice laminated flyers to share with shift managers.  Will bring them to the half-point rally.

One young couple, surrounded by escorts, walked past PP’s door & when told they had gone too far the girl said, “That’s ok. I’m good”, and they continued up Liberty. Rather than being a turn around it looked like the escorts just guessed wrong, which occasionally happens.


Pamela’s testimony:

It appears there were 2 saves this morning!!! Two african americans apparently changed their minds. I was told that one couple walked out of the clinic and said something like “she’s not going to do it” or “she changed her mind”. Another couple never went in but also declined my escort to the CHOICES van. David was successful at getting info in his hand and he also took the black baby model from me as I encouraged them to go directly to the van. Apparently before they even got to me the young man was heard asking her “well what do you want to do?”….and they kept going. So, not sure about the details of this – you’ll need to confirm with Sally, Tom or someone else…but I’d like to think that both accounts are correct!!!! So, praise YOU Lord!!! Blessings–Pamela

Tom wrote:

There was a couple who walked down the aisle , through the prayer warriors, led by father Tim Kruthaupt, who got to the door and refused to go in with the woman telling those around her that she changed her mind, just like that!!!!
Keep the presence and the prayers going, !!!!!
          Tom V
Tom Venditti, with his five Children, were blessed to witness a life saved this morning!
The Lord continued to shine upon us during the later shifts as well. Read about it below:

The mid-day shift was a true blessing, with an excellent turnout of vigil participants from several churches an organizations, such as Good Samaritan and St. John the Baptist, Baden.

Good Samaritan & St. John in Baden are faithful 40 Days for Life participants!

Especially inspiring was the prayerful presence of several college students from Grove City College.

Studens from Grove City are inspiring witnesses!

The presence of Bill was also uplifting, as he told a story about a woman who became pregnant later in life and was encouraged not to continue with the pregnancy. She did anyway, and as a result, Bill proclaimed “I am here!”

Vigil participants from St. Fidelis also displayed a courageous example. Read about it in shift manager Magie’s testimony below:

Last night was cold but very prayerful.  Vigil was kept watch with Saint Fidelis.

Champions for Life from St. Fidelis
More Champions for Life from St. Fidelis, third shift
The right message

I had a husband and wife team with me for the first 2 hours. We saw girls leaving. Most looking very downtrodden.

There was a couple that really stuck with me and when I looked at the young girl I had tears well up. The man pulled up in an expensive looking car to pick up the girl. The young woman was petite. Hiding behind very large sunglasses. I don’t know what struck me so hard. Was it that money didn’t appear to be an issue in keeping the child? Was it the apparent age difference? Whatever it was my heart was very heavy. I always try to follow the girls, and whomever is with them and any workers that leave the building with a loving embrace. I imagine the grace and power of the Holy Spirit wrapping around them. I pray for a conversion of heart. A repentance of soul. A desire to join the us in stopping this great evil.

In the pictures you will see an image of preborn Jesus. It is a copy of a picture commissioned by the couple who was with me for the first two hours after having had a vision. It is so beautiful! The idea behind it is so powerful. The umbilical cord is the rosary. Jesus is still growing inside Mary’s womb and we get to “peek in” and see him growing. If we can teach the young women to lean on Mary and the focus of the message is Luke 1-2. Where Mary found herself in an “unplanned” pregnancy having to say Yes to life and knowing that the road ahead was both uncertain and terrifying if she didn’t face it with the love and grace of the Father.

The second two hours of my shift I had a beautiful family join me. They led us in praying the rosary and divine Mercy chaplet. Interestingly it was with them that I had negative commentators passing by. Satan really does hate an intact, praying family.

I wish to end on a cautionary tale. Please do not take videos of those who do not agree with us. There is a woman who I see every time I am there on Saturday night. This is probably the 10th time. She is in so much pain. She says that she was not wanted. Her father used to beat her. She begins to rant and you can see the agony she is in. She wishes she herself had never been born! A video was taken of her and I had to ask that it be deleted from the phone. We must not use this time to divide ourselves form one another. We must love those who hate us!

 Keep up the great work, everyone! God Bless.



Day 12 Life Runners, St. Bernard Parish, and others demonstrate inspiring persistence

“Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.” Romans 12:12

This morning, Joe and Lisa Gallo and Dan Stover from the Life Runners displayed an inspiring witness. Read about it below.

At about 7:00 a.m., Joe and Lisa Gallo from the Life Runners organization arrived at the vigil location and displayed a strong, prayerful presence despite the cold morning weather.

Day 12 Joe and Lisa from Life Runners

Later on in the shift, at about 9:00 a.m., Dan Stover, also from Life Runners, arrived and joined us in prayer. Bill also stopped by briefly and gave us some encouraging words.  A woman passed by and asked us what we were doing. We told her about our campaign, and she was surprised to find out that abortions were done in the building we were standing next to. She also said that adoption was the better option, to which we agreed. Aside from that, generally speaking, it was a peaceful, prayerful morning.

Nikki wrote:

Thanks be to God…I have been blessed to see the pure of heart this morning at the vigil!  Let me tell you about it.

Standing on an empty, cold and windy city sidewalk in front of a closed abortion clinic is not something that arrogant people do.  It’s ironic that the bookstore owner (next door to Planned Parenthhood) puts up a sign quoting Jesus as saying “Don’t be like the hypocrites, who stand on the street corners and pray.”  He thinks we do this to be seen by men…but nothing could be further from the truth.

During the 11am-3pm shift today, faithful members of St. Bernard in Mt. Lebanon came to stand witness for hour long shifts…we shivered as we prayed…but very few people passed by to notice.

One family had their five children with them, aged infant to 8 years.  The children took turns getting warm in their vehicle in between prayers.  Here is a photo of their precious baby:

A baby makes a powerful witness at a place where so many little ones are disposed of as medical waste. It is clear that these beautiful babies are precious gifts to be loved!
Pasquale and Sue brought their five children to the vigil!

Even the busy pastor of this large parish made time to come to the vigil, along with a deacon of the church:

Others came from Yeshua Ben Congregation in Squirrel Hill:

Dick and Lee from Yeshua Ben David Congregation in Squirrel Hill

Such Godly people.  Such humble people.  A Sunday afternoon in the bitter cold, on an empty sidewalk in front of a closed abortion clinic.

Why would they do this?  There is no glory in it for them.  No one even noticed.  So many other things they could have done instead…indoors…where it’s warm.

They did it because they are pure of heart.  They love what God loves, and their hearts break for what breaks God’s heart.  To put it simply…they love God.

Sometimes when I sacrifice, I wonder if my motives are really pure.  When I tithe, I wonder if I am doing it partially because I expect God to bless me financially?  When I pray, I know I will be strengthened spiritually.  When I do charitable deeds, is there a danger in knowing that someone will see me and recognize me for it?  I am the one who benefits in the end…so how can I be sure that my motives are really pure?  That is why I was so humbled and inspired by these individuals today.  There is no glory to praying in front of a closed abortion clinic on an cold Sunday afternoon…no recognition….no financial blessing.  Only a pure offering to God.  HE is the ONE who sees us, and I believe that He is pleased.

Shift Manager Rose arrives for her 1-3pm shift

For the third shift, the Shantz’s gave the following uplifting report about newcomers:

Great four hours of praying today on our 3rd shift!  At one time we had 10 people praying with several first timers.  People are looking at the schedule to see if any one is signed up but some said they had a hard time signing up of some reason.  However, people are checking the schedule and concerned that they don’t want the vigil to breakdown.



We will investigate why some people are having a hard time signing up. It is fantastic that we have so many people committed to keeping the vigil going. Keep up the great work, everyone!

God Bless,


Day 11 – Vigil participants from St. Killian’s, St. Maria Goretti, Holy Family, and St. Ferdinand’s witness for life

“The Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?” Psalm 27:1

Vigil participants in our campaign today were, indeed, fearless. Read about the fearless witness displayed by St. Killian’s as described by Sally below.

Hi All,

This was a warmer day than yesterday, with no snow, rain or wind. Such a relief!  Five St. Killian people and at least 13 students from St. Vincent were with us as well as a few from other churches.

St. Killians

Tim drove the sonogram vehicle to PP.  I don’t know if they had any clients.  PP was very busy early on, but the escorts left before 9:30 and hardly anybody went in after that.  We had 2 sidewalk counselors. I managed to get one couple to take the list of free help, but they
still went in and did not come out on my watch.

Several interesting things happened:  The man who has the restaurant got very abusive to a St. Killian man who was peacefully walking up & down Liberty with his 40 Days sign.  He said he thought he was going to be physically attacked.  Emil also called the police to complain about us (again).  Of course, the police just tell him that we are not doing anything wrong and go on their way. He needs a lot of prayers. Anything concerning abortion seems to set him off.

A man told us that he had what he described as an “out of body”
experience.  He was suicidal because his business was failing and his wife was sick.  While both were sleeping, he was given a long look into his wife’s womb where a new baby was growing.  He said that he was able to memorize every feature of that child.  The next day his wife found out that her sickness was caused by the, up to then, undiagnosed pregnancy. The man’s suicidal thoughts vanished from that time on. When the baby was born the father recognized him completely as the child that he saw in the womb many months before.  The boy is now a college senior, and the only child that God ever sent to them.

An African-American woman stopped to thank us for being there, and told us that 20 years ago she had an abortion and later on, when the Lord convicted her, she went through a terrible period of crying and pain and sadness before realizing that the Lord had forgiven her.  She eagerly accepted a flyer for a pregnant woman, one of the booklets that Bob Newman gets for us, and a flyer about Rachel’s Vineyard.  She
knows people who need each of them.  God bless her!  She is willing to try to keep others from going through the post abortion suffering that she endured.

Bob & Joan Newman came to PP this morning to give Tim a brand new sign.  It is the picture of the boy being operated on while still in his mother’s womb, and reaching out his tiny hand to the hand of the doctor.  That picture convicted the photographer who was taking pictures of the, then new, fetal surgery.  He is now pro life.  A news article pasted on the sign shows the child as he was a few years ago. He is now a 14 years old.
Al felt better this morning. He did less than 1 1/2 hours of his
shift, and I did the rest.  He has pain in the middle of his back,
about 1/2 way between the shoulder blades & waist, but only if he coughs or sneezes and when he changes position (sitting to lying down). Nothing else bothers him, but he is going to take it easy for the weekend and do nothing except go to Mass.



Another uplifting testimony of the morning shift from Ray from St. Killian’s is described below…along with these photos taken by him:

Bob Newman with new sign showing babies hand reaching out to grab the doctor’s finger


Several students from St. Vincent College were an inspiration to all.  When you see that many young people with such passion for this so important cause, we know the future fight is in good hands.  I was humbled.  Some of those students, shivering uncontrollably from the cold, were on their knees praying with an intensity that blew me away.

St. Vincent students show their dedication to their unborn brothers and sisters

Unfortunately, we could not convince any of the 10+ women entering the “doors of death” to choice another option.   Not to be dismayed, we huddled together and prayed for all……we prayed for the mothers who didn’t want their precious gift of life…… we prayed for those assisting the mothers who would have to live with their decision the rest of their lives….. and we prayed for those innocent lives entrusted to God in eternal happiness.

Wanting to do more and accompanied by fellow parishioners, Christine, Fred and John, we tried to strike up a conversation with the “death-scorts.”  Point blank we asked them….”How can you do what you are doing?……How do you sleep @ night???…..Assisting with the termination of the most innocent of life?”…….As for the responses, some had a nervous laugh and one man said,…….”Don’t harass me!”………We replied,  “we are not harassing you.  We are just trying to understand.”………he just kept repeating…..”Don’t harass me.”……….As we turned and walked back to our fellow prayer warriors, we knew we had to pray extra hard for them…………..After all, it is about changing hearts and minds through prayer and doing it with compassion and mercy.   I think Jesus wants it that way…….

Saturday morning prayer warriors from St. Killian’s


For the mid-day shift, participants from St. Maria Goretti, Holy Family in Steubenville, and other churches successfully witnessed for life. Read about their successful witness below.

Vigil participants from St. Maria Goretti, Holy Family in Steubenville, Epiphany, and other churches displayed a powerful witness. These participants were steadfast in prayer and remained committed to the peaceful mission despite uncomplimentary statements made by some passers-by, including the guy from the restaurant. Several encouraging comments were made as well.


Prayer Warriors from Holy Family Parish in Steubenville

Third shift manager Maggie wrote about her time at the vigil, which was covered by a great group from St. Ferdinand’s in Cranberry…and took these photos:

Great witness from St. Ferdinand’s in Cranberry!
Prayer Warriors from St. Ferdinand’s
Tony comes almost every day to pray and witness!

Maggie wrote:

Yesterday afternoon into early evening was very quiet.  I had a great group of prayers with me.  A group from  St. Ferdinand spent the entire 4 hours with me.  It was nice to recognize them from the last campaign. It was like seeing old friends.  There must have been something for families going on somewhere close by.  First a beautiful family passed us by. The woman commented, “you can tell we don’t believe in that.” Her children were so beautiful. Thanks be to God she chose life!

I thought of her when I saw the 2 couples coming out and the workers leaving. It must have been an early evening because the security guards were the last to leave around 5 pm. Praise God! I was told that it appeared that today was a “light day” for abortions.  I thought later, wouldn’t it be wonderful if someday soon, there were no abortions done here!!

A funny little story. There was a family that walked by us with their ballons and foam swords. A boy around 5 was walking along, and he went up to the doors of planned parenthood and put the sword in through the door handles. Something you would do if you were to keep people out 0f planned parenthood.

His Dad pulled it out, and told his son not to do that but I thought, “Amen little guy, I wish we could put a real sword of truth in those door handles and prevent people from ever entering there again.”








Day 7 – St. Gregory’s Catholic Church in Zelionopole – Uplifting story about woman who changed her mind and chose life

“Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever.” Psalm 107:1

An inspiring event occured this morning when a pregnant woman chose life. Read about it in Shift Manager Sally’s witness below.

There were 10 of us on this very windy morning.  A little rain, but mostly just dark & chilly. Our friend up the street wished death to the early people, not once, but twice. Yet when I went by his restaurant he said “Good morning”.  Perhaps he did not recognize me.

PP was slow.  Not a lot of customers, but even one is too many.
Abortionist Beatrice Chen and 2 students went in at 9 a.m.  We had 3 regular pray-ers.  The others came from Plum Creek Presbyterian, St. Gregory & St. Matthias.

Robert, Lois, Gary and Victoria, from St. Gregory and St Mattias

We did have a turnaround this morning.  I talked for a while with a very young African-American girl and her boyfriend. They were talking in front of the Gyro shop.  I gave her the list of places to go for help and two other items. Finally she hugged me and told me that she would not have the abortion.  After I went back up to PP they continued to hang out & talk for a long time.  Then they left, but must have been wandering around town. They showed up again & that time they went into the gyro shop to eat.  They came out a long time later  and disappeared down Liberty Avenue.  Each time she saw me she waved to me.  Please pray for her to keep her promise not to abort.  The guy was very quiet, but I could sense that he was not really happy about how things turned out, so he might try to pressure her.  In case anybody sees her at PP again, they are easy to  spot.  She is very short and thin and was wearing a white furry jacket.  He is extremely big built and a lot taller than she is. Thanks.  Sally

In the mid-day shift, several people were open to the message we are communicating. Read about is from Charlotte’s testimony below.

The 11-3 shift was greeted hearing the good news of a woman Choosing Life!!   We had at first many who would not take any literature and some I think workers who gave me looks, but after that many took the baby models and literature.  I believe 5 couples in all did this.  One seemingly happy girl took the fetal model from me but did not see the literature.  Her male friend actually told her to get it from me and then they returned to the car parked just beside the entrance to Planned Parenthood.  Couples seem to go in but not stay for a long period.  This was what we seem to observe.  So who knows exactly how many change of hearts today!   I think we always have more than what the numbers tell.  For every one that we know— there are ? on how many we cannot know for sure.  But what we do know is that God loves us and sees our efforts and hears our prayers!!  We have to be so thankful and trust in Him!!
I want to thank Jim Shantz from St. Gregory for his efforts in getting the word out at our parishes-  St. Gregory and St. Matthias.  We will hopefully little by little add to our numbers for the 40 Days.  Until the day when abortion is No longer…

Another uplifting story came from the late afternoon shift when we got word that another person will be joining us soon. Read about it in Sheila’s witness below.

A young man named Clarence, who is set to be released from a halfway house next week, said he plans to come and join us.  He said he could not bear the thought of babies being killed inside of Planned Parenthood.  He had no idea they did that.

Another woman waiting for the bus said she noticed that PP has a sign in their window in support of the “One Billion Rising to End Violence Against Women and Girls.”  She thought it was quite ironic!

God Bless,


Here is a photo from the third shift:

Jim and Cathy from St. Gregory, along with shift managers Roseann and Rich


Jim and Tony

Evening shift manager Roseann wrote:

Hi All,  Had some friendly responses and some not so friendly as usual.   One man stopped to thank us for being there and that he was adopted and was grateful that his mother chose adoption instead of abortion.  Jim and Cathy Shantz stood with us for most of the evening.  We were grateful for their company.   Sheila took a picture of the group before she left her shift.   Another day done.

Rose & Rich King

Thank you so much for everything that all of you are doing. Keep up the great work!


God Bless,