Saturdays Shift 3

I was blessed to spend the hours of 3 pm until 7 pm with people from many different Catholic Parishes. Most were from the North Hills area. We prayed the rosary together, several different litanies and many different pro-life prayers. The comraderie was wonderful and the time went by so quickly.

Unfortunately we saw several young women coming out of the clinic who we assume had just received an abortion. They were very distraught upon seeing us and hurried away. What troubled me is that they were accompanied by their boyfriends, I assume, who were assuring them it would be okay. We know it will not be okay and that things will never be the same between the couple either. There were a few girls accompanied by mothers. I have never seen such coldness in someone’s eyes than the mothers who were leading their daughters out of the darkness of the clinic into the darkness of a home that doesn’t value the life of the unborn child.

I was blessed to be with some great teachers and one student (yeah!) from Oakland Catholic High School who was accompanied by her Mother. We had a short visit by Fr. Michael Roche right before he had to run to give the blessing at a wedding he officiated at. He brought a light to an otherwise dark and cold evening.

I want to thank everyone who came to pray on October 8, 22, 29. You inspire me and make me happy to be among you as we pray in front of our own “house of horror.” Christ’s blessings be with you all and I hope to see you again in the Spring campaign.

Saturday 4-1 Shift 3

What a wonderful shift we had on Saturday. It was a little chilly but the warmth of love for God and his children was stronger. There were people there from St. Elizabeth Church and St. Joan of Arc Church. We had 2 people just stop by, one was a woman from Monroeville who read about it in the Pittsburgh Catholic and decided to come pray with us, the other was a mother of 5 from Steubenville who I called a “rebel”. She brought pamphlets with her and approached people to talk to them.  I told her I was not comfortable with doing that and she said that my praying gives her the grace she needs to do it. Before she left, she placed a pro-life sticker on a box in front of planned parenthood. We had a young family come down and pray the rosary with us. It was amazing the witness they gave to me. Four young children and a dad in a wheelchair who exuded faith and grace. We had Fr. Nick Argenterri from St. Elizabeth of Hungary. He prayed the chaplet of divine mercy and the rosary with us. He also gave us a blessing before he left. We didn’t see any young woman leaving. The workers were all gone by 3:30 pm. I guess that is a blessing, it means they had fewer abortions scheduled.  I am truly blessed to be able to “hang out” with these faithful people. It was a non-stop prayer-fest.

Saturday March 26

What a wonderful turnout we had yesterday. When I arrived at 3 pm the group was praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet. I was never alone. The St. Thomas Moore Group was very organized. We had a young girl come out of the clinic and come up to us. She said she is against abortion and wanted to know if she could have so stuff to take back to her high school for her friends. It was odd but good that someone coming out of planned parenthood was actually pro-life. There was a lot of girls who came out from the clinic between 3-7. One young woman, she looked about 21 went outside with another girl and then went back inside the clinic. A few minutes later the Paramedics arrived with lights and sirens. They started to roll the stretcher into planned parenthood but the patient met them at the front door and walked into the ambulance. There was holy water being sprinkled and the rosary being said the whole time we watched this happening. I had a really wonderful time with so many prayerful people. Thank you to all from St. Thomas Moore who came!

Shift 3 Saturday March 19

Yesterday was a wonderful day! At the start of the shift there were 6 people there silently protesting. We prayed the rosary and divine mercy chaplet. Then we were down to one other person besides my three children. At that time a woman came to pray with us. Just a few minutes afterwards two young girls approached her and asked if she worked for planned parenthood. She told them no and asked what they needed. The one girl was 7 months pregnant and was looking for parenting classes. I did not have any information on me so I took down her address and phone number and told her I would get back to her. When Nikki and her husband came that night she was able to provide me with business cards for women’s choice netwook. Nikki said they have classes there and that girls that attend receive points that they can use to purchase baby supplies. It was a great shift!