Join Us for the “Peace in the Womb” Christmas Caroling Event on Saturday, December 19th!

“Peace in the Womb” Christmas Caroling
Saturday, December 19th at 9 AM
Planned Parenthood, 933 Liberty Avenue, Pittsburgh

It’s almost time for one of the most cherished pro-life events of the year: the “Peace in the Womb” Christmas Caroling Day. From now through Christmas Eve, pro-lifers all over America will be heading out to their local abortion facilities to share the hope of Christmas in song. Some mothers have even walked out on abortion appointments because they heard pro-lifers caroling outside!

But we’re not just there for the mothers. We’re there for the babies, too, who will never see their first Christmas. We sing for them, offering the only gift they’ll receive this side of eternity.  

Will you come out and sing carols with your fellow pro-lifers? In fact, why not invite a friend to join you? Click below for a downloadable flyer and bulletin announcement to spread the news.  I can promise that you will be blessed by the experience of coming out to illuminate one of the darkest places in our land with the light of Christmas hope!

If you can’t attend the Christmas Caroling and you still want to come and pray, join us at other dates/times. The trained advocates and other prayer warriors who serve year-round could use your prayers and presence.  You can join us on the abortion days when the Sidewalk Advocate teams are scheduled to be outside PP.  No one who comes down to pray and witness will ever be alone.  Here is their current schedule for when we would like to pair up churches or individuals with the sidewalk advocates already there:

Tuesdays 7:30-11am
Wednesdays 8-12 noon
Fridays  8:30am-10am
Saturdays 7am-1pm

For more information on caroling or Prayer Partners for Life, please contact Tim at 412-417-7822 or Come join us and Merry Christmas!

Sponsored by Pro-Life Action League, 
40 Days for Life [Pittsburgh] and Prayer Partners for Life

Day 39: Thanks to our incredible Individual Volunteers and faithful Team Members!

Dear Pro-Lifers:  

I found this small card tucked in a group of donations I was sorting at my local St. Vincent de Paul thrift store.  


Friday, I received a video that fit this theme perfectly!  Fr. Dave Pivonko, TOR and President of Franciscan University recently said he knows little about what will happen in this presidential election, or if we will even have a president on November 4.  This IS what he knows:

“I know that God is sovereign and Lord of all no matter who wins the Election.”

And he refers to St. Julian of Norwich:

“For all those who cling to HIM, all shall be well.”

So, as we finish the race in faith, we end our vigil, but NOT our effort.  We will fight on for OUR KING!  



7-9 AM +++ Tim and Sidewalk Advocates

We were blessed all morning long with unexpected prayer warriors stopping by. It started with Matt from the South Hills who joined year-round regulars Virginia and Joe for predawn prayers. Saturday regulars Linda and Jim came next and gave us a nice presence on the other side of the arc. Then a group of “Catholic Women” from a variety churches came and sang and prayed.  It was beautiful to see and hear.
The two every Saturday Jericho walkers, Chuck and Carol, passed by frequently bringing smiles and joy to all.
And more kept coming starting with Fran and Rebecca and then Kathy and her sign sharing friend.
It was a blessed morning filled with prayers and hope.

Predawn prayer warriors
Linda and Jim
Catholic women
Chuck and Carol
Fran and Rebecca
Kathy and friend with great sign

9-11 AM +++ Sue M. and Sue D.

Fran and I had expected to be somewhat alone this morning — boy, were we pleasantly surprised!  A wonderful group of young people from Immaculate Conception / St. Agnes arrived and prayed their Rosaries silently for over an hour.  Kathy L., Kim, Rebecca, Mary Jane, Jim, Maggie, Bridget, Isaac, Bill S., and Bill H. were not outdone in prayer.  Brian faithfully resumed Chuck & Carol’s Jericho prayer walk after they left. 
It was a chilly morning, and PP was busy today.  Kathy was able to have a discussion with a young man exiting PP whose wife was inside for an abortion.  He said they already have a 4-year-old daughter, and he couldn’t talk her out of the abortion.  We watched for him to come back but unfortunately didn’t see him.  Please pray for “D” and his wife and for all souls who entered PP today.  May those who had abortions seek the Lord’s face and His healing, and may none of those who entered today ever return to PP.

Sue M.
Prayer angels Bridget and Isaac flanking Sidewalk Advocate Judy
Wonderful young people from Immaculate Conception / St. Agnes

11 AM-1 PM +++ Dean and Greg

The last Saturday of this campaign was fairly busy for Planned Parenthood. On a positive note, more people than usual were accepting literature about pregnancy support groups. God willing, I will see you folks again this February.

SAs Judy and Greg along with Isaac from Butler were on hand to pray against abortion today 

1-4 PM +++ Nikki, Kathy, Jim, Jeff, and Billy

It was surprisingly peaceful on the sidewalk from one until four this afternoon! I thought that we would have some negative interactions with Halloween party goers, but there was none! The sky was bright blue and the sun was shining and it was a great time to pray. There were just a few post abortive women leaving, which is always very sad, but the place was closed for business early and we were able to engage in some uplifting and edifying conversation, sprinkled with prayer. A good way to end the final Saturday of our campaign!

Shift buddy Mike with Beth and Pastor Dan from North Park Church
Mary with shift manager Cathie and her friend Kimberly

Day 38: Thank you to our amazing Individual Volunteers and devoted Team Members!

I admit, I wasn’t always enthusiastic about praying the Rosary.  But over the last decade or so, it’s become a real source of comfort to me.

One of the biggest reasons: when we pray it, we meditate on so many Mysteries that involve someone trusting God even though they didn’t understand what He was doing.  For example…

The third Joyful Mystery:  The Birth of Jesus

Give birth to the Savior in a barn and lay Him in a feeding trough?  Really?

The first Luminous Mystery:  The Baptism of Jesus

You want me to baptize You?  Are you sure about that?

The second Luminous Mystery:  The Miracle at the Wedding Feast in Cana

Fill the jars with water?  Ummm, you heard that we ran out of wine, right?

God wove the story of our salvation with crazy, intricate stitches that we just couldn’t follow until we saw how they fit into the whole beautiful tapestry.  They weren’t accidental knots in the thread that He had to work around, but deliberate and amazing actions to achieve the final result.  

Meditating on the extraordinary results of putting blind faith in God reassures me that He is truly worthy of all my trust.  Especially in these uncertain times, I need that!


7-9 AM +++ Barbara, Richard, and Rose

This chilly dark sidewalk felt strangely joyful.
Our beloved Shift Buddy Rose removed the entire page from her prayer book to bring the Mass reading, Paul’s Letter to the Philippians 1:1-11. She read it out loud. My heart goes out to Paul for his fortitude in not running away from being beheaded. His beauty strengthens me.
Rose has a quote from that reading that she regularly uses in prayer. “I hold you in my heart.”
In order of their appearance on the sidewalk for witness (7-9) in front of Planned Parenthood – witness in prayer for each and every person who went in those terribly opened doors – Rose, Diane, Tom, Richard, Lisa, Denise, Nikki – we pray in Saint Paul’s words, “I hold you in my heart.”
Our beloved Lisa counted 5 women who probably had scheduled abortions. We prayed the Divine Mercy Chaplet.

Tom, Diane, Richard, Lisa, Nikki, Denise, Rose
Early Morning Sidewalk Design Team
Denise and Lisa, Catholic Daughters of America

9-11 AM +++ Kathy and Mark

Several parishes from the North Hills came to pray today along with Anton from St. Regis Church.  Sidewalk Advocates Katie and myself were present and Bill and Tim stopped by.
I experienced some open hostility today: A woman passerby accepted the yellow card from me only to rip it up and throw the pieces my way.  A young couple approaching PP refused literature and the male partner raised his voice and said, “Where’s the abortion building?”
Those instances plus the cold rainy weather dampened my spirit.  I joined in prayer with those near me for God’s mercy for those hurt by abortion.


11 AM-1 PM +++ Sheila and Dee

Georgette, Mary Anne, Mary Anne, and Marlene
Philene, Marilyn, Katie

1-3 PM +++ Jeannie and Elaine

Today was beautiful because of these ladies plus another prayer warrior Mary who joined us during the most UNlovely weather we’ve seen at Planned Parenthood so far. What an absolute joy it has been to spend the weeks of the vigil with shift buddies Elaine & Marilyn.  Today, grad student Sarah from the University of Pittsburgh bio chemistry department joined us. It was only her second time on the sidewalk and she was a real trooper in the inclement weather.
We joined in praying the rosary and the intentions on the back of the baby pictures and we celebrated our new Supreme Court justice. We all vow to continue in this fight for life for as long as God allows us to be here. See you on Sunday!

Elaine, Sara, Marilyn – brrrrrrrrr
Bookstore Sign (yay)
God’s mosaic!!!

3-5 PM +++ Val and Mike

Check back soon!

Day 32: Thanks to Sidewalk Advocates, St. James Parish (West End), Christ our Savior Parish, kind individual Volunteers, and wonderful Team Members!



7-9 AM +++ Joe and Sidewalk Advocates 

“Holy cow”  whatta morning…
Faithful Tom & Diane setup the display with great precision once again! I was joined by Shift Manager Emeritus Bill and the Mobile unit rolled in shortly thereafter.
This morning’s picture is worth a thousand words, eh?  The “innocent” leaves fallen and discarded resulting in a barren home… much like the lives discarded from their mother’s wombs at 933.  Though the leaves will return, these babies will not – at least to this earth.
But beyond this blue / gray / “spritzy” October morn, where it seems like Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse parade around 933, our faith gives us hope, the promise actually, of brighter days, of being reunited with all our brothers and sisters in the heavenly abode…
Sorrowfully, it was an extremely busy and emotional shift…  Lots of anger and /or indifference to the loving alternatives and help available to all – True Choices!!!
The sidewalk eventually became full of prayer warriors and advocates as the shift came to a close, bringing the buds of love, hope and help into full bloom…


9-11 AM +++ Sue M. and Sue D.

Praying folks from St. James
Parent prayer group from the former Quigley Catholic High School
Great message on a sign made by Mrs. C.!

The clinic was rather busy this morning.  The Choices van was there, but unfortunately we could not convince anyone entering PP to use its excellent ultrasound services.  A large group of very prayerful folks from St. James was there, and they eventually joined Chuck and Carol in their already-in-progress Jericho walk.  A couple representing North Catholic brought some t-shirts from the school’s spring Pro-Life T-Shirt Day and prayed with us.  Bill S., Bill H., Jim L., Sidewalk Advocate Joan, and a prayer group from the former Quigley High School rounded out our group.  Rays of sunshine Barbara and Richard arrived for the next shift with their ever-present smiles.
Joe, who stayed over a bit from his earlier shift, offered help to a young couple entering PP.  The young man was angry and had some choice words in response.  Another young woman exiting PP with her partner was in tears, but they would not accept our offers to talk or any literature from us.  Dear Lord, please send Your Holy Spirit to these couples and to anyone who entered PP today for services.  Let any lives be saved that still can be saved, and please help them to seek solutions to their problems and any needed healing in You.

Sue M.

11 AM-1 PM +++ Dean and Greg

Sidewalk advocate Greg with Nikki’s new hero Johanna

There were a lot of women at P.P. today. Some women seemed willing to take the pregnancy support business cards. However, the security guard accompanied every exiting woman to her waiting ride which greatly reduced the opportunity for contact.


1-3 PM +++ Kathy and Nikki

Shift Manager Kathy
Nikki and friend in prayer
Thank you for praying today!

We are praying specifically for B, beautiful mother of 3 children. She chose life for her 1 yr old twins. She feels her back is against the wall and she can’t handle a fourth child. Talked about adoption: couldn’t do. Her mom will support her decision. Talked about regret. Talked about the Holy Spirit. Please pray if she took the abortion pill that she will call the number on the back of the card.


It was a privilege to be a witness for the sanctity of life on the sidewalk today, and a joy to see shift manager Kathy use her talent for sidewalk advocating! She has such a warm and welcoming and non-judgemental demeanor, people just seem to want to talk to her. It was also a blessing to pray with my new hero, Johanna, who is 84 years old and comes to the sidewalk and kneels in prayer! She told me she has eight children living with two in heaven. You meet such wonderful people in this work! We had a large group of families come to pray from Saint James and the children were kneeling on the sidewalk to pray. What a heart-touching witness that made! We were praying specifically for a young woman who had left Planned Parenthood and had engaged Kathy in a long conversation before leaving. She told Kathy that she was just tired of waiting but that she would be coming back for her abortion. She said that she already had three children and could not handle a fourth. We were praying hard that she would not return, but sadly, she did. The exterior of Planned Parenthood seemed very quiet and calm, you would never know of the atrocities that were happening just inside those doors.  But, we persevere and we do not give up and we were there for those babies as they lost their lives, they did not die without someone praying for them.


3-5 PM +++ Jeff and Billy

St. James (West End) parishioners
Beautiful family from St. James praying

Jeff and I were accompanied by Steve and St. James Church from the West End.  I wanted to say I counted 19 people total praying with us. We had prayed multiple prayers. We had a couple people who passed us across the street shouting pro choice and to put our facemasks on. Then a guy in a red jacket was sitting by us and he recorded us praying.  Steve led the group in a prayer walk. You never know what you’ll get on the sidewalk


Day 31: Thanks to Lower Allegheny Valley Parishes, selfless individual Volunteers, and dedicated Team Members!

Prayer and sacrifice can touch souls better than words.

St. Therese of Lisieux

When our words of warning are ignored, when our offers of help are rejected, when we see the doors of PP swallow its victims, it’s time to fight discouragement by remembering that we are called to put it all into God’s hands. The 40 Days for Life movement is based on prayer, not because it’s the only thing we can do, but because it’s the most effective thing we can do.

Souls ARE being touched by our prayer and sacrifice. We may or may not see the results, but God undoubtedly does. We thank Him for generously allowing us to play a role in His plan for salvation. We ask for increased faith in Him and strength to continue our efforts.



7-9 AM +++ Barbara, Richard, and Rose

What a fruitful early morn this felt like.  Rose arrived first, then Richard and me and Diane and Tom and Marie (new). 
The sidewalk was warming up.  Lisa and Denise (new) and Al and Amy (St. Pat’s Canonsburg). I looked around for a plate of donuts, but none. These guys came to witness and pray for life.
To witness for each little baby whose life abortion takes today.  To pray for each abortion bound person.
It seemed like a chorus of “God bless you!” from passers by. One young man stopped for awhile to talk about who we are.  What a joy to share that story! Sidewalk witness for life just keeps on giving. Peace.


9-11 AM +++ Kathy and Mark

The 9-11 team.  Mark arrived later.

Thanks to all who came to pray, hold signs, and pass out literature.  Katie had the opportunity to talk with “K” who accepted resources and a meeting with Regina from Birthright pregnancy center.   Please pray for “K.”
Toni, from Canonsburg and Marlene’s cousin, stopped by.  Toni did sidewalk counseling while living in MD and stepped into that role today. 
We prayed Psalm 136, the thanksgiving psalm, together and prayers to end abortion.


11 AM-1 PM +++ Sheila and Dee

Toni from St. Oscar Romero in Canonsburg

It was slow today, but at 12:30, a woman came by looking for the clinic, said she had an abortion scheduled.  As I tried to counsel her,  the guard came out and swept her inside. She said that this is what her husband wants.  ☹️ 


1-3 PM +++ Elaine and Marilyn

Elaine and Bernie

It was Marilyn, Bernie, and myself who were present today during the shift.  We offered up some prayers during the vigil.  We received some thank yous from people who were passing by.  One woman stopped and eagerly received some literature from Bernie.  Also, there was a girl toddler who was with her guardian that passed by that even the security guard at PP smiled at.  Miracles do happen!


3-5 PM +++ Pat, Val, and Mike

Paula from St Joseph’s on the left and Mary from St Juan Diego on the right
Aquinas Academy in the North Hills

This evening’s weather was perfectly pleasant, but the mood of several passersby did not match it.  We had one older woman who got very nasty with Amy who was praying on her knees at the time.  She and her husband Vince, however, handled the matter beautifully.  I’m so grateful that they’ve made the 4-5 PM hour a regular part of their week.

Also praying with us were for the first hour were Mary and Paula, both from the same yet-to-be named parish grouping in the Sharpsburg/Aspinwall area.  In addition to them we had a large contingent of students, parents, and teachers from Aquinas Academy in the North Hills come for the final half-hour.  They truly made a great witness.

I’ll close by asking for two things.  First, for pray-ers to consider coming down to PP next Friday (the last Friday of the campaign), during the 3-4 hour so that my faithful shift buddies – Mike and Val – won’t be along during that time.  Second, prayer for my two oldest daughters – Bridget and Colleen – who will be moving together to Chicago next week.  I specifically ask that you pray that they may grow closer (and not further away) from Christ during this experience.


Day 25: Thank you to Sidewalk Advocates, Guardians for Life, St. Ferdinand RL Group, Christ our Savior Parish, gracious Volunteers, and terrific Team Members!


Probably like many of you, I listened to hours of the hearings to confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the US Supreme Court. It was FASCINATING to see the theatre that resulted from giving politicians 30 uninterrupted minutes to speak during an election year. WOW.

One of the takeaways for me was the on and off discussion by the Senators and Judge Barrett of which Supreme Court Ruling could be described as “Super Precedent” rulings. I learned during the hearings that there are some decisions which once decided by the Supreme Court are sweeping, obvious, and NEVER challenged once decided and enacted. These include Brown V. Education that disallowed segregated schools, Marbury v. Madison that established the Justice system, and a handful of others.

SO what about Roe v. Wade?

Here’s what the INDEPENDENT reported online:

“Roe v. Wade, the landmark case making abortion legal across the country, does not meet the criteria of a “super precedent” and therefore is not settled law,” Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett said, signalling she believes it could be overturned.
The conservative federal judge made the comment under questioning by Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar, a former candidate for president, who pressed the nominee in an attempt to get her to signal or outright say she favours overturning Roe.
“Roe is not a super precedent because calls for its over-ruling have never ceased,” Ms. Barrett told the senator during a debate chock full of legal jargon and focused on several hot-button election-year issues.


7-9 AM +++ Tim, Virginia, and Sidewalk Advocates

Fr. Tim and the Guardians for Life

The crisp beautiful morning started with faithful Diane and Tom bringing all the signs and displays along with year-round Saturday sidewalk advocates Virginia and Joe.  Nikki joined us with her beautiful signs. Two men, Mike and Denis, drove over an hour from St. Michael’s in Wheeling to pray.

We were joined later by Father Tim and his faithful Guardians for Life.  Prayers were plentiful.  It was a beautiful morning. 


9-11 AM +++ Sue M and Sue D

Guardians for Life were on the sidewalk when I arrived this morning. It was wonderful to have constant prayer! St. Ferdinand’s Respect Life group signed up and started the rosary upon arriving. It was great to see our dear friends Benson and Bella along with Bella’s Dad, Michael, stand faithfully and witness with their signs. We reached out to as many women as we could and handed the resource card to many people passing by. A group of 3 waiting for the bus yelled to us for doing a good job. After yelling back, I crossed the street to give each of them yellow cards in case they know anyone needing help. The mom has 6 children and her daughter is a mom to 1. They were grateful for the information and I thanked them for their support! Bridget kneeled in continuous prayer. 

Sue D.

11 AM-1 PM +++Dean and Greg

Another International 40 Days pray-er: Iris from Puerto Rico! 

It was nice to see Barbara this morning. It had been a while since we last had sidewalk duty together. It was an otherwise quiet shift. More people than usual were accepting our yellow pregnancy support group cards.


Our heart was broken this Saturday morning as we watched a young woman in sweatpants hobble out of the PP doors, doubled over in pain, and escorted by the guard.  It was obvious she had just undergone an abortion, and had refused our offers of help, both entering and exiting the facility.  We prayed for her, both her unborn baby and this poor mother who will live with her decision for the rest of her life.  


1-3 PM +++ Fran

When I arrived, Barbara, Johanna and Marianne from Christ Our Savior Parish had already been praying for two hours.  I would have been tired but these ladies showed no signs of slowing down.  Nikki joined us very early in the shift and she, too, was going to be praying at the vigil for four hours.  Diane came along not long after to pick up the supplies.  After Diane’s car was loaded we continued in prayer starting with the Scriptural Rosary.  When we finished, Johanna had a wonderful idea.  Her car was parked curbside so she got in, opened her car windows, turned up the volume, and we sang along to the most beautiful musical rendition of the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.  So many people walking by smiled and nodded in affirmation ~ so many hearts were touched.  Unfortunately, the hearts who needed our prayers most moved quickly past and into the doors of PP.  The only thing we can do is continue to pray and trust in God.  Also today, there was a very small group of protesters who gathered across the street.  Other than some unpleasant noise, they were of no consequence.  Hopefully our prayerful presence will help to soften their hearts.  And, on a more positive note, a young woman stopped to talk with us and she was saying that she feels called by God to share the Gospel with others.  Her loving gentle nature was so welcoming.  Nikki encouraged her and prayed for her to persevere in her calling.  


3-5 PM +++ Jeff and Billy

We had wonderful participation on the sidewalk today! I expected it to be just me, Billy and Jeff, but we actually had nine people during the 3 to 5 shift! A group of wonderful people, including our sidewalk advocate Joan, came all the way from Canonsburg. We were also blessed to have Karolina join us. A group of folks were holding a little rally for Biden across the street, they were trying to target us, I believe. Even though we have no political signs. We just prayed the entire time. During the first part of my shift, Johanna was there and she played the Divine Mercy song while we sang the Divine Mercy prayer. That really helped create a peaceful atmosphere to counter the protesters from across the street. Our vocalist was also back. He did not sing Lord of the Dance this time, but was singing other songs. He does have a beautiful voice, although it is very clear that he does not like us! I tell you what, pro life work is never boring! God is with us! We just have to stay with Him!


Day 24: Thank you to St. Regis Parish, Amazing Volunteers, and Faithful Team Members!

Are not five sparrows sold for two small coins?

Yet not one of them has escaped the notice of God.

Even the hairs of your head have all been counted.

Do not be afraid.

You are worth more than many sparrows.

Luke 12: 6-7

The little sparrows that hop around on the sidewalk while we’re praying at the vigil remind me of those comforting words of our Lord, shared in today’s Gospel reading.  God knows each of us intimately, down to the number of hairs on our head.  And we are worth something to Him.  Not just any something, but the ultimate Something:  the life of His own beloved Son, whom He sacrificed to save each one of us.  

That goes for each person standing outside praying. 

And each person passing by. 

And each person inside PP…including every small person carried in to be killed.  

We know all too well that our presence does not stop most of those murders from taking place.  But we also know that there is great value in being there in solidarity with those children as they lose their lives.  Each of them is worth infinitely much to our Lord.  Each of them is certainly worth our time spent praying on the sidewalk.

In case you missed it, here is the president & CEO of 40 Days for Life worldwide, Shawn Carney, making that point beautifully in a podcast.  


7-9 AM +++ Barbara, Richard, and Rose

Friday morning’s forecast threatened rain. Rain never came … such a blessing!

PP preys on women. Plenty of young women came and went through its gaping doors.

They all looked like staff.  Staff is abortion’s prey.

Diane, Tom, Rose, Lisa, Bill, Nikki, Richard and I all shared the sidewalk bordering those voracious PP doors, together for at least a moment this early morn.

God willing, we will never surrender any of our sisters to the PP arms.



9-11 AM +++ Kathy and Mark

Thanks to the above folks and also to Dan, Bill H, and St. Joseph the Worker from Swissvale ladies.
A mother and daughter stopped to share their views on abortion to Katie and me.  The mother asserted the separation of church and state as reason to keep abortion legal.  The daughter listed her reasons.  The daughter listened to me read a paragraph from Psalm 139 re God’s creation of us in our mother’s womb. Both women thanked us and politely left.
A young woman walking her dog turned around and challenged the Swissvale ladies by asking if they’ve ever adopted children and do they know their presence is contributing to the emotional pain of women who are making hard decisions?  A gentle response of “Yes, one” came from the group, but the young woman countered “You should adopt all of them!” She said some other hostile things before leaving.
Several women entered PP.  One accepted a yellow card and said she would tell her sister about it.


11 AM-1 PM +++ Sheila and Dee

Check back soon!

1-3 PM +++ Jeannie and Elaine

Another beautiful afternoon on the sidewalks of Pittsburgh. We rejoiced at the prospect of having a pro life mom of faith join the Supreme Court today. Elaine and Marilyn, the core of the 1 to 3 team, anchored our vigil time.

We were joined by Henry who prayerfully knelt outside the circle.

 There were a few negative comments but nearly a dozen affirmations of support from passersby. We even had a couple of young Black girls ask to take a picture of the “Unborn Lives Matter” sign. God is good.

Just a reminder to everyone it is particularly chilly near Planned Parenthood — Overdress! You can always take that extra layer off but the devil will get your nose and your fingers in no time.


3-5 PM +++ Pat, Val, and Mike

Amy from Wexford and Mount Pleasant Presbyterian with her friend Carol from St Kilian’s in Mars

Today things were quiet on the sidewalk.  But what distressed Val and Mike (my SBs) and me was seeing three women during our time there who seemed very likely to have had abortions here today.  We prayed for their conversion of heart.

I was blessed to have Vince and Amy return (from Wexford and Mt. Pleasant Presbyterian Church), and even more blessed to have had them bring Amy’s friend and coworker, Carol (from St. Kilian’s in Mars), who came to pray at the vigil for the very first time.


Day 18: Thank you to Clarks Mills United Methodist Church, Ascension Church Holy Name Society, St. Maria Goretti Parish, St. Margaret Mary Parish, St. Isidore the Farmer Respect Life Group, generous Individual Volunteers, and wonderful Team Members!

Frustrated? Yep . . . but NEVER DISCOURAGED
–Be Like Jesus

I have enjoyed the humanness of Jesus heard in the daily Gospel readings of the Catholic Church lately – Jesus has been putting his team together, and starting to preach in the marketplace and temple. AND He’s getting pushback! The Pharisees are total skeptics and at one point he says to them what amounts to “Hey guys give us a break — John the Baptist didn’t eat and you thought he was a nut — My followers and I eat and drink and you say we are gluttons – we can’t win!”

I have learned this from an AMAZING PASTOR:
but Believers
Should Never be Discouraged

Frustration is a passing Emotion — COURAGE is a TRAIT
So in the times when we all get frustrated on the sidewalk and in the pro-life movement, perhaps this heavenly response will help:

Saturday Sidewalk Reports

7-9 AM +++ Tim and Sidewalk Advocates

It was a quiet peaceful morning and I was joined by Pastor Adam and his wife Jana, Rosa and Anthony, John and regulars Virginia, Linda and Bill. We were blessed as the clinic appeared to be closed which was great as a young couple arrived and couldn’t enter and we were able to connect them with the Choices Pregnancy Services mobile sonogram. Please pray for T.


9-11 AM +++ Sue M and Sue D

Check back soon!

11 AM – 1 PM +++ Dean and Greg

I was blessed to be at P.P. today. This was one of those rare occasions where they were closed for the whole day. No lives were lost today. Peaceful.


A couple and their little girl were visiting from Mexico.  Phil, Laura, and daughter Lucia stopped to pray on their own and later said a Hail Mary with me, completing the last half in Spanish.  Laura is part of 40 DaysFor Life in Mexico, and was moved to near tears when she first approached and saw who we were.


1-3 PM +++ Mary and Nikki +++ 3-5 PM +++ Jeff and Billy

I arrived on the sidewalk at one, expecting to see only one or two other people, I was very surprised at the large crowd who came to pray from Saint Margaret Mary Parish! There were about 20 of us on the sidewalk from the 1 to 3 shift! Much prayer was going on, and it was very peaceful, a lot of positive comments from passersby. I was told the joyful news upon my arrival that Planned Parenthood was completely closed all day today! On a Saturday! We thank God for this blessing, that no innocent blood was shed today! At 3 o’clock, a wonderful group from Saint Isidore the Farmer showed up to pray, and pray they did! We prayed, among many other Rosaries, the patriotic rosary, which names and places the precious blood of Jesus over all 50 states. Very powerful! Patriotic songs and anthems are also part of it. Thank you to Mary for filling in as a shift manager from 1 to 3, and Jeff and Billee from 3 to 5. The sidewalk was well covered on this Saturday afternoon!


Day 17: Thank you to Holy Sepulcher Parish, Weirton Catholic Churches, grace-filled Individual Volunteers, and faithful Team Members!

Our 40-day spiritual battle on the sidewalk is difficult. That weight, added to anxieties about our own lives and the world around us, can be crushing. God works in mysterious ways, though…He sometimes allows darkness to descend in order to remind us to turn to Him. He alone is the One we can trust. He alone is the One who sustains and saves us.

When my family was going through a difficult time a few years ago, a faithful and faith-filled member of the 40DFL Pittsburgh team sent me a novena of prayers. Pat described it as simple, comforting, and powerful. He was so right. It helped me to give everything over to Jesus in that dark time and in other stressful periods since then.

Here is the Day 1 prayer for the novena:

Why do you confuse yourselves by worrying?
Leave the care of your affairs to me and everything will be peaceful. I say to you in truth that every act of true, blind, complete surrender to me produces the effect that you desire and resolves all difficult situations.

O Jesus, I surrender myself to you, take care of everything! (10 times)

Given by Jesus to Fr. Dolindo Ruotolo

If you would like to see all nine days of prayers, please go to I hope it will bring you closer to Our Lord and allow you to feel His loving arms wrapped around you.



7-9 AM +++ Barbara, Richard, and Rose

7am on the sidewalk downtown feels cozy as Diane and Tom arrive, Rose and Lisa appear and Bill joins Richard and me.  Never a lonely moment.
A chilly morning with crowds of noisy empty commuter buses and the Wednesday roses still fresh and lovely.
One of the pix captured the PP door still open as an employee walked in. 
Our hearts go out to the people still captured by abortion’s promise to solve a crisis pregnancy.
No clients came. It was a blessing for us to pray and witness together. Peace.


9-11 AM +++ Kathy and Mark

Crystal, pictured above, is a frequent passerby to our vigil.  Today she stopped to tell me that she appreciates our presence and that she’s 100% PRO-LIFE! Crystal shared that she is the mother of two successful college students and became a mom at age 15.  She bore the responsibility of raising her children alone due to family drug addiction.  She knew what she had to do and with God’s help, did it.  Crystal believes marriage is God’s truth for raising children.  Thanks for stopping, Crystal.  God bless you!


11 AM-1 PM +++ Sheila and Dee

Debbie (Holy Sepulcher), Annika and Cindy (St. Paul’s, Weirton)

There was only one client who entered PP during this time.  Not sure if today was a down day there. There were a lot of hostile remarks and gestures flung at us from passersby, though, and all of them were women.  I never saw so many middle fingers thrown my way in the course of two hours!  Despite that, we smiled and let these ladies know that God loves them.


1-3 PM +++ Jeannie and Elaine

What a beautiful afternoon on the sidewalk today. My usual shift buddies Elaine and Marilyn were with me even though I was delayed by an accident in the Fort Pitt Tunnel. What a joy to know that our vigil continues whether or not each and every one of us is able to participate. I was joined by Bob and Gretchen from Holy Sepulcher and Mary from way up in Chippewa at Saint Monica. Later, Dawn came from Saint Kilian’s. We even had a special visit from Lisa and Victoria. This weather is good for vigil business LOL. Since we were all Catholics on the sidewalk we were happy to pray the sorrowful mysteries of the rosary and the Divine Mercy chaplet — we also prayed all the intentions on the back of the baby picture signs.
There was a unbalanced young woman who came into the PP circle and sat down and leaned against the building. I approached her to see if she needed any help. Her name is Cat “like kitty cat “she told me. A few minutes later the PP security guard came out and told her she was not permitted to sit against the wall.  Cat refused my offer of help. Please keep her in your prayers.
Also to all the participants please remember there is a line of folks waiting to get into the Department of Motor Vehicles most days — pray for them to join us!!! 


3-5 PM +++ Pat, Val, and Mike

We all did a better job of praying this week over last week – much time was spent on our knees.  It was great to see the familiar faces of the Weirton Catholic Church group once again (organized by our own SM Sheila).  They prayed on the far side of the circle while my faithful SBs Val and Mike prayed with me on the other.  Henry came once again (second time) and I think he must have spent a full hour on his knees praying.  It was great to see Amy and Vince again.  They have such a beautiful prayerful spirit about them and it’s so clear by watching them that God must hear their prayers.   

It was very quiet this afternoon, with no one going in and only employees coming out.  The last one out was Director Kim E.  I ask all reading this to say a brief prayer for her conversion.


Day 11: Thank you to Bellevue Knights of Columbus, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish, Sidewalk Advocates, Selfless Volunteers, and our Terrific Team!


I admit it – I am a “lifer” in the pro-life movement.  I have a picture of myself and my cousin 1976 in front of the US Capitol in DC at the March for Life.  I am carrying a homemade sign that had been rolled up under the seat of the  schoolbus we rented to leave from my Church that morning.  

And . . . 40 years later on a sidewalk in Pittsburgh, standing with others outside of an abortion center, I am a part of the same movement! 

And my story is NOT unique.  We pro-lifers have this constant, nagging in our hearts to DO SOMETHING.  We are called to different tasks within the movement: Some are writers, great vote organizers, some are daily prayer warriors, others open homes to moms in need, more counsel women in crisis, others provide material help for new babies, others work to find permanent housing and decent employment for families, others ensure food gets to those in need…..   AND THE LIST GOES ON, day after day, moment by moment.   

Want to hear about a life spent loving?  Get to know the person standing next to you at PP! 


The great part is, we are ENERGIZER BUNNIES FOR LIFE, powered by a source of Energy that is beyond human comprehension.  And this is because each of us knows:

About GOD

If God had a refrigerator, your picture would be on it

If God had an Instagram Account, your photo would appear there

If God used Facebook, you’d see yourself on his Homepage

He sends you Flowers every Spring, Colors in the Fall, Snowflakes in the Chill

When you want to talk – 24/7 – He  will listen.

God will not “Unfriend You” – – EVER

He could live anywhere in the whole Universe but he chooses your Heart

And that Christmas Gift He sent you in Bethlehem?

Face it, God is Crazy About YOU

The Bad news for Planned Parenthood (and abortion advocates) is that PRO-LIFERS will not STOP because GOD NEVER STOPS. LOVE ENDURES and GOD loves each and every beautiful little life he sends to Earth. 

PRO-LIFERS WILL NEVER STOP LOVING BECAUSE WE PLUG INTO GOD.  We pray that all those in the darkness of abortion will find this same sustaining, loving, enduring POWER!

Sidewalk Reports

Tim and Sidewalk Advocates, 7-9 AM

The predawn darkness was erased by the light of Christ as we were blessed with prayers ringing out from Tom and Carol with the Bellevue Knights of Columbus. And then we were joined by Jill and Betsy with the Choices Pregnancy Services mobile sonogram offering a welcome alternative to the clinic.  Year round faithfuls Bill S. and Bill H. added to our visibility with their praying and signs. Later, lots more prayer warriors came to join Sue for the next shift.  It was a blessed beautiful morning and the light of Christ shone brightly.


Sue M. & Judy, 9-11 AM

I arrived Saturday morning to a large group of folks on the sidewalk, and that number only grew as the shift continued.  Libby and Dot represented Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish, and Gloria was there from St. Catherine of Sweden.  Members of the Guardians for Life were praying, as well as a group of students from Grove City College, who had also been there last week.  Isaac came down from Butler. Tina and Brenda, from Ohio and West Virginia respectively, came to pray.  It’s always so inspiring when people drive a good distance to come to the sidewalk!  Bill S. prayed his weekly Rosaries, and Bill H. was there for a short time.  And the wonderful Choices free-ultrasound van was across the street for the majority of my shift.
For the entire shift and beyond, a large group not associated with 40 Days for Life was present with a loudspeaker.  The members took turns quoting Scripture and, unfortunately, using it to loudly intimidate those entering the clinic as well as the clinic escorts who were present.  Others who were not on the speaker system would shout out things like “Don’t kill your baby!”  Other members held signs of dismembered babies.  I offered the individual members of this group 40 Days brochures and other pamphlets regarding direct help for abortion-bound folks.  I found it sad and ironic that I was able to give that information to members of that group, but not one clinic-bound person – those who would benefit from it the most – would accept it from me.
The group’s loud intimidation sent those approaching the clinic running into the clinic for the perceived protection that being inside would offer them.  I stayed a bit past my 9-11 shift for 40 Days to serve as a Sidewalk Advocate.  At one point during that time period (which was Dean’s shift), members of that group shouted down the male partners of two women whom they had dropped off for an abortion.  One of the exchanges became very heated, ending with the male partners walking away and refusing to converse.  A few minutes later I walked down the street toward these men and, thankfully, was able to engage both of them in conversation and to get literature into their hands.  They both were calm at that point, easy to talk to, and really seemed to appreciate a calm, compassionate approach.  Please pray for these men and their women partners, for healing for them.  The events of the shift were testament that the peaceful, prayerful approach of 40 Days for Life is what is most needed and also most effective.
Please continue following the peaceful, prayerful approach – not only of course is it our pledged duty within 40 Days, but today shows that it is the only way we can connect with people who need our and the Lord’s help!

Dean & Sue M., 11 AM – 1 PM

Our kind security guard, Isaac from Butler, and John from Bellevue K of C, who came to pray with us.

A note to those who protest abortion but aren’t identifying with 40 Days for Life: If you’re not conducting yourselves civilly, then you’re doing a disservice to the many people who pray as part of the 40 Days for Life campaign.

At the start of my shift today there were two protesters who were engaged in a shouting match with a man who had dropped off his girlfriend at P.P. It was loud and antagonistic on both sides. I seriously doubt that the protesters changed this man’s opinion. More importantly, I believe anyone who witnessed this thinks that they were part of 40 Days for Life. This is how we get branded as a group that is confrontational and intimidating.

We are conducting a Christ-like prayerful vigil. We don’t shout. We don’t harass. We pray for all who are affected by abortion.


Kathy and Jim, 1-3 PM

Jim, Beth, and Charlie

Beth, Jim, Jim, and Charlie prayed as the sidewalk was busy. Highlight was when 2 young men passed and one called out: I am with you, you are doing the right thing. I  answered, come pray with us sometime. He stopped and prayed:

“God thank you we can all be together in prayer, please unite us, and help us walk in the Light of Your Word, in Jesus precious name. Amen.”

In the turbulence of these times, God gave us a Wow moment.


Jeff and Billy, 3-5 PM

Billy, Jeff, and Charlie

It seemed eerily quiet during the 3 to 5 shift, almost desolate. I did not see anybody leaving the clinic, I guess their grizzly work was done for the day and they had all gone home. I was praying on my knees, I could pray softly and still hear my voice because it was so quiet, when I noticed some comments directed at me from a group of young people across the street. I turned my head and I heard them say, “yes, we are talking about you!“ I got up and left my prayers to walk across the street to have some dialogue. They were all young, probably 18 or so. They immediately had their defenses up, I asked them if they wanted to have a discussion, one of them said, “not if it’s about ending abortion, we don’t want to end abortion.” I started off by telling them that we were not there to condemn or judge anybody, and, suspecting that some of the angry young ladies may have had abortions, I told them right up front that all human life is eternal and from the moment of conception a person has a soul, so if anyone has had an abortion, we do not judge them but we want them to know that their child is in heaven and they can ask their child to pray for them. That seemed to soften some of them up. They had questions about why would we bring children into a world if they were going to suffer. I told them how good and merciful our Lord is and that he loved us and created us to live according to his good and holy laws, and if we do so, we will have happiness in this life and the next, but if we use our free will to go against his commandments, it will bring pain and misery. I told them that as young people, he will have much mercy on them because they live in a storm of immorality, and they have not been taught what is truly good, so he will have much mercy on them. Although the most angry of them seemed pretty hardened, maybe I am naïve, but I think that a few of them were listening and that maybe some seeds were planted. Maybe they have never heard that God is good and that he loves them before.  It is always worthwhile being there, we never know how God will use us.