A new record crowd…and Photos from this morning!

In the early morning a huge amount of men came to pray at PP from a Christian Men’s Conference. Most chose to not sign in, but there were so many that PP called the police. They were not “blocking the sidewalk” but were “too far in from the curb and building”. Police simply asked them to move a little and went away. They left after about an hour of prayer, to be replaced by Father Tim’s large group, many from St. Killian, Living Hope, St. Vincent students, St. Joseph, Cabot, and many others.
A very nice lady came by to show us a prized Bible that she had just discovered in her grandfather’s possessions. He had written on the flyleaf in 1941. As we talked, I found out that she lives within easy traveling distance of two of the Women’s Choice Network sites, and she is a retired medical technician. I gave her their card and she seemed interested in possibly volunteering with them, and coming by to pray with us another day.

Here are some photos from this morning, taken by Pamela and Tim:

Day 38, Lot’s of Prayer Presence Today!

Bob is still sick, but Al had two ladies from St. Coleman in Turtle Creek who stayed for almost 3 hours. About a dozen other people came out to pray, including regular Friday people, Jessica, who has now been at PP at least 6 times, and some from North American Martyrs in Monroeville.
PP was moderately busy. One girl took literature and seemed interested in a free sonogram, but went in with her friend and did not come out. My shift lasted until 11:30 because Jim’s bus was stuck on the closed east busway while VP Biden’s motorcade went by.

The following photos were taken by Shift Manager Sheila, during the third shift today.  I am assuming that most of these wonderful folks are from Ascension Holy Name Society, which is the organization that adopted the last shift today.  Earlier North American Martyrs and St. John Neuman parish were there…although I don’t think we have any photos of them.  She also had the opportunity to talk with a young girl, “M” and her boyfriend, who are considering abortion.  They took the information directing them to the crisis pregnancy centers and told Sheila they would go.  Please pray for them.

You will notice all the trailers parked along Liberty Avenue.  They are for the filming of the Tom Cruise film.  We are witnesses even to the Hollywood folks that are visiting our town!

Thanks everyone!


God took care of the morning.

Bob was sick today, and Al was prepared to stand all alone from 7 to 9. So God sent Mary Jo, all the way from Canonsburg, to pray with him. Then He sent Mary Fashian to pray with me from 9 to 9:30, and had sent 6 others up till the time I left.

The abortionist and 2 students went into PP a little after 9. Although PP’s morning business was slow, one determined customer came alone in a cab all the way from Fayette County. Many people passing by “God blessed us”, including a young Hispanic man who was thrilled to see “activists” at PP.

For those who have prayed at 40 Days once, and then said, “OK, been there, done that” please know that this battle is ongoing.

This is from Fr. Frank Pavone on Day 2 of the current campaign: “We repent of every instance in which fear has made us silent, when we should have spoken. We repent of the ongoing bloodshed in our land, and for thinking that we can deprive the unborn of protection, but keep it for ourselves”.
Isn’t that powerful? How can any of us be “safe” when our unborn are in constant danger? We will never renew our country until we have beaten back the demon of child killing, and again made the womb a safe place to live and grow. And that means, speaking out for life, and our constant prayer and action at the crime scenes of our nation.

Miserable rainy/snowy morning

About 30 people braved the miserable weather conditions to pray at Planned Parenthood this morning. At least 10 churches were represented, with more than a dozen people being from St. Elizabeth.
Planned Parenthood was not as busy as yesterday, but even one destroyed child and one mother’s ruined life is too many. We were especially praying for “A”, who did not want to kill her third child but “had no choice”. She listened, and took literature, but said, “I’m know I’m going to hell, but I have to do it”. She came out to smoke, and spent much time time on the phone (probably talking with the person who wanted her to do it). When I caught my bus she was still inside. About a dozen of us prayed for her the entire time. Please keep her in your prayers.

Photos from Today:

Amy with her group from Oakland Catholic took the third shift today
Ann and Paul from St. Ursula's in Allison Park, and Eileen, Krista and Luke from Redeemer Orthodox Presbyterian
Brian from St. Margaret Mary's in Moon, and Kellie from Catholic Mom's
Rick from Church of the Assumption in Bellvue
Shift Manager Maggie, with her children

It is so inspiring to see how many folks are willing to sacrifice their time and comfort to come out on a cold rainy, snowy day to be a witness for life!

Thank you!

Very Busy Day

A very large percentage of those going in on this extremely busy morning were African-American. Many were coming out after an hour or less, which usually means an appointment for chemical contraception or RU-486. One girl went in to get information for a friend, came out with it, and then also took information from us. Another girl took literature from me and allowed me to talk with her for a few minutes before going in with her boyfriend and an older man. We had many more pray-ers than usual from St. Mary’s in Glenshaw, St. Elizabeth in South Hills & St. Alphonsus in Wexford. Before I left quite a few had arrived from St. Bernadette in Monroeville to cover the 11-3 time.
We stand in amazement as so many couples rush in to kill their children. I recently read a sentence that explains it all. “Satan twists sin into “freedom”, and people do not use God’s laws to discern the truth!” How true!

When will people realize that children are a blessing?

A cold start to a beautiful day. The faithful few, Bob, Al, Lillian, Mary, were at PP in the early hours, surprisingly joined by Bob and Maureen Lingg. Bob, walking well with a cane, is doing a super job recovering from hip replacement surgery just 6 weeks ago. We were later joined by seven wonderful people from the South Hills Pregnancy Resource Center, praying up a storm between 10 and noon.
This Tuesday, was surprisingly, and happily un-busy, at least in the morning hours. One family tore at my heart as mother and father took their young teen in to kill their grandchild. They do not seem to understand that they are not “getting rid of a problem” they are destroying the grandchild who would have brought so much future joy into their lives. If only people would realize that children are a huge blessing!!

Here are some photos of the warriors for life that came to the vigil today:

Pro-Life veterans Sally, Maureen, Lillian and Mary
Bob and Mary Kay
Great group during the second shift of day 28, including veterans of the battle, John and Judy, Meredith and Mary Katherine with her friends

Another prayerful Saturday 10-22-11

Over 40 people from more than a dozen churches, and St. Vincent College, were praying and singing this peaceful morning. We were also very pleased to welcome Fr. Dennis Wilde of Priests for Life. He was with us for about an hour. “Choices” was parked across the street, but I did not hear of any moms and babies being saved. Here are some photos sent by Pamela and Tim:

Choices Mobile Ultrasound Unit stands by
Fr. Dennis Wilde visits from New York
Prayer volunteers on day 25
Nice group from St. Vincent's, St. Killian's and St. Fidelis

Young witnesses from St. Vincent's

Possible save this morning.

Many pray-ers this morning, from many different churches, including Fr. Tim and a large group from Indiana.

A baby was possibly saved. A girl was waiting for her friend who was going to have an abortion. She was hostile to Al and Bob, but Mary Kay was able to engage her in conversation. As a nurse, Mary Kay was able to tell her all the problems that women have because of abortion, and as a single mom she was able to tell her how she had chosen life for her now grown daughter. The girl “M” listened intently. Her friend, who had scheduled the abortion never arrived. Mary Kay was able to give “M” referrals and literature for her friend. “M” eventually left, thanking Mary Kay for all the new information. Please pray for “M” to be able to help her friend “V” to choose life.

As usual, PP was very busy. One couple that entered was especially troubling because the woman, who got out of the car at the door, was very bent over and walked with difficulty.

Peaceful Morning

On this extremely windy and cold morning, for the first 4 hours, over 70 people from well over a dozen churches were praying at PP. They were very busy as usual, but thank God things were quiet. There were no confrontations, no police, no problems. A very peaceful, prayerful morning! Many people bring their own signs. Even so, this was the first Saturday that we did not have enough signs for those who wanted to use them.

Susan from St. Joseph's in Coraopolis, Al and Frank
Lots of prayer today
David, Joan and Mary Alice
Lynette & Dan from Holy Family in Steubenville
Guardians for Life of Indiana & Westmoreland Counties
Jeffrey, Sister Donna and Amy from Holy Family and St. Sylvester's Parish
Alex from Living Hope Church
Natalie, Melanie, Katherine and Julie from St. Alexis in Wexford

Standing in the rain can be a prayer

Friday, Oct. 14 – Rain poured on us until about 9:45. When we are cold and wet we can offer it to God as our prayer of the moment for the couples entering PP and an end to abortion.

Clients poured in to PP from 7 a.m. until about 8:45. Then after about an hour they started streaming in again. Al said a couple went in early and left about 15 minutes later. They could have changed their mind. We are not sure.

Michael, whose wife Kellie and young children have been with us at least twice, made it a family affair and joined Al and Bob for well over an hour during the lonely early morning.

We are at PP, not only to pray and ask girls to choose life, we are there to educate the public. Bernie spoke for a long time with a Vietnam veteran who had no knowledge of Roe vs. Wade let alone abortion. He thanked her and said he was going home to research the subject.

Many favorable comments from people passing by. Some accepted literature.