Resisting Despair…

I realize that the 40 Days for Life fall campaign is over, and now is the time we should be taking a break from our blog…but I just thought I would write a quick post to encourage anyone who has been tempted to despair, as I have been during the past 24 hours.

Yesterday, I am sure many of us were sleep deprived and confused…not knowing what the results of the election would be. Hoping against hope that the states that had stopped counting votes would quickly complete the process and we would be assured of a pro-life victory. But as the day dragged on, and we went about our necessary chores…the sadness began to set in. Last night, in the shower, I was surprised at the sudden torrent of tears that came out of nowhere. I found myself crying to God like a disappointed child. “Lord, we came SO CLOSE!!!How cruel it seemed to me, that He allowed us to climb to the very top, almost within reach of overturning Roe…and as we stretched out our hands to grasp that apple at the very top of the tree, the branch beneath us crashed the the ground…and us along with it.

After my bout with tears, the bitterness began to creep into my heart. As I lay in bed, I began to think about giving up the fight. I remembered that there was a bottle of brandy hidden away in a drawer that I could break my fast from alcohol with. I almost got up to have a drink to drown my sorrows. I am glad that I didn’t. In my mind, I knew that it was too early to give up…that we need to continue to pray and fast…but I just needed a voice to encourage me. I received that encouragement this morning on my way to Mass as I listened to two podcasts, which I want to share with you. The first is from Arch Bishop Vigano, who is pleading with us not to give up the prayers and fasting for the election. Instead of trying to paraphrase his words, I will link the letter, read by John Henry Weston at Lifesite News:

The other encouragement I received was a video by Michael Matt encouraging us to not lose hope:

We are the family of God. He is our Father. Our sorrow pierces His Heart, because our sorrow is not selfish. We are not sad because of a loss of any worldly concerns…personal or financial. Our sorrow is from a concern for the weak and defenseless babies in the womb. It is a completely selfless sorrow…so I don’t think our sorrow offends Him. As long as we don’t despair, we do not sin. So go ahead and cry on His shoulder. He will comfort us. He doesn’t want us to give up though! Think of how despondent Jesus’ disciples must have been after Jesus was crucified. Now, think of how overjoyed they were when He appeared to them after the resurrection! Let’s keep that in mind, and keep our hope in Him! Keep the prayers and fasting going!

It’s not over!

Your grateful sister in Christ,


P.S. Sue McGrath, who is in charge of our year-round Sidewalk Advocates here in Pittsburgh is looking for some new recruits to attend this Saturday’s training session. If you are feeling called to take the training, please contact her at: Sue McGrath No matter what happens, those little ones being led to the slaughter at Planned Parenthood still need loving people to advocate on their behalf, and for their mothers! Thank you for considering this!

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