Day 39: Thanks to our incredible Individual Volunteers and faithful Team Members!

Dear Pro-Lifers:  

I found this small card tucked in a group of donations I was sorting at my local St. Vincent de Paul thrift store.  


Friday, I received a video that fit this theme perfectly!  Fr. Dave Pivonko, TOR and President of Franciscan University recently said he knows little about what will happen in this presidential election, or if we will even have a president on November 4.  This IS what he knows:

“I know that God is sovereign and Lord of all no matter who wins the Election.”

And he refers to St. Julian of Norwich:

“For all those who cling to HIM, all shall be well.”

So, as we finish the race in faith, we end our vigil, but NOT our effort.  We will fight on for OUR KING!  



7-9 AM +++ Tim and Sidewalk Advocates

We were blessed all morning long with unexpected prayer warriors stopping by. It started with Matt from the South Hills who joined year-round regulars Virginia and Joe for predawn prayers. Saturday regulars Linda and Jim came next and gave us a nice presence on the other side of the arc. Then a group of “Catholic Women” from a variety churches came and sang and prayed.  It was beautiful to see and hear.
The two every Saturday Jericho walkers, Chuck and Carol, passed by frequently bringing smiles and joy to all.
And more kept coming starting with Fran and Rebecca and then Kathy and her sign sharing friend.
It was a blessed morning filled with prayers and hope.

Predawn prayer warriors
Linda and Jim
Catholic women
Chuck and Carol
Fran and Rebecca
Kathy and friend with great sign

9-11 AM +++ Sue M. and Sue D.

Fran and I had expected to be somewhat alone this morning — boy, were we pleasantly surprised!  A wonderful group of young people from Immaculate Conception / St. Agnes arrived and prayed their Rosaries silently for over an hour.  Kathy L., Kim, Rebecca, Mary Jane, Jim, Maggie, Bridget, Isaac, Bill S., and Bill H. were not outdone in prayer.  Brian faithfully resumed Chuck & Carol’s Jericho prayer walk after they left. 
It was a chilly morning, and PP was busy today.  Kathy was able to have a discussion with a young man exiting PP whose wife was inside for an abortion.  He said they already have a 4-year-old daughter, and he couldn’t talk her out of the abortion.  We watched for him to come back but unfortunately didn’t see him.  Please pray for “D” and his wife and for all souls who entered PP today.  May those who had abortions seek the Lord’s face and His healing, and may none of those who entered today ever return to PP.

Sue M.
Prayer angels Bridget and Isaac flanking Sidewalk Advocate Judy
Wonderful young people from Immaculate Conception / St. Agnes

11 AM-1 PM +++ Dean and Greg

The last Saturday of this campaign was fairly busy for Planned Parenthood. On a positive note, more people than usual were accepting literature about pregnancy support groups. God willing, I will see you folks again this February.

SAs Judy and Greg along with Isaac from Butler were on hand to pray against abortion today 

1-4 PM +++ Nikki, Kathy, Jim, Jeff, and Billy

It was surprisingly peaceful on the sidewalk from one until four this afternoon! I thought that we would have some negative interactions with Halloween party goers, but there was none! The sky was bright blue and the sun was shining and it was a great time to pray. There were just a few post abortive women leaving, which is always very sad, but the place was closed for business early and we were able to engage in some uplifting and edifying conversation, sprinkled with prayer. A good way to end the final Saturday of our campaign!

Shift buddy Mike with Beth and Pastor Dan from North Park Church
Mary with shift manager Cathie and her friend Kimberly

One thought on “Day 39: Thanks to our incredible Individual Volunteers and faithful Team Members!

  • November 1, 2020 at 6:18 am

    Thank you all for such a wonderful campaign to speak and defend life. Your reward is great. You were covered daily in prayer by the Sisters of the Holy Spirit! We are edified by your efforts. May they be fruitful. God reward all of you especially the managers and you, Nikki!
    Sister Jolenta


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