Day 38: Thank you to our amazing Individual Volunteers and devoted Team Members!

I admit, I wasn’t always enthusiastic about praying the Rosary.  But over the last decade or so, it’s become a real source of comfort to me.

One of the biggest reasons: when we pray it, we meditate on so many Mysteries that involve someone trusting God even though they didn’t understand what He was doing.  For example…

The third Joyful Mystery:  The Birth of Jesus

Give birth to the Savior in a barn and lay Him in a feeding trough?  Really?

The first Luminous Mystery:  The Baptism of Jesus

You want me to baptize You?  Are you sure about that?

The second Luminous Mystery:  The Miracle at the Wedding Feast in Cana

Fill the jars with water?  Ummm, you heard that we ran out of wine, right?

God wove the story of our salvation with crazy, intricate stitches that we just couldn’t follow until we saw how they fit into the whole beautiful tapestry.  They weren’t accidental knots in the thread that He had to work around, but deliberate and amazing actions to achieve the final result.  

Meditating on the extraordinary results of putting blind faith in God reassures me that He is truly worthy of all my trust.  Especially in these uncertain times, I need that!


7-9 AM +++ Barbara, Richard, and Rose

This chilly dark sidewalk felt strangely joyful.
Our beloved Shift Buddy Rose removed the entire page from her prayer book to bring the Mass reading, Paul’s Letter to the Philippians 1:1-11. She read it out loud. My heart goes out to Paul for his fortitude in not running away from being beheaded. His beauty strengthens me.
Rose has a quote from that reading that she regularly uses in prayer. “I hold you in my heart.”
In order of their appearance on the sidewalk for witness (7-9) in front of Planned Parenthood – witness in prayer for each and every person who went in those terribly opened doors – Rose, Diane, Tom, Richard, Lisa, Denise, Nikki – we pray in Saint Paul’s words, “I hold you in my heart.”
Our beloved Lisa counted 5 women who probably had scheduled abortions. We prayed the Divine Mercy Chaplet.

Tom, Diane, Richard, Lisa, Nikki, Denise, Rose
Early Morning Sidewalk Design Team
Denise and Lisa, Catholic Daughters of America

9-11 AM +++ Kathy and Mark

Several parishes from the North Hills came to pray today along with Anton from St. Regis Church.  Sidewalk Advocates Katie and myself were present and Bill and Tim stopped by.
I experienced some open hostility today: A woman passerby accepted the yellow card from me only to rip it up and throw the pieces my way.  A young couple approaching PP refused literature and the male partner raised his voice and said, “Where’s the abortion building?”
Those instances plus the cold rainy weather dampened my spirit.  I joined in prayer with those near me for God’s mercy for those hurt by abortion.


11 AM-1 PM +++ Sheila and Dee

Georgette, Mary Anne, Mary Anne, and Marlene
Philene, Marilyn, Katie

1-3 PM +++ Jeannie and Elaine

Today was beautiful because of these ladies plus another prayer warrior Mary who joined us during the most UNlovely weather we’ve seen at Planned Parenthood so far. What an absolute joy it has been to spend the weeks of the vigil with shift buddies Elaine & Marilyn.  Today, grad student Sarah from the University of Pittsburgh bio chemistry department joined us. It was only her second time on the sidewalk and she was a real trooper in the inclement weather.
We joined in praying the rosary and the intentions on the back of the baby pictures and we celebrated our new Supreme Court justice. We all vow to continue in this fight for life for as long as God allows us to be here. See you on Sunday!

Elaine, Sara, Marilyn – brrrrrrrrr
Bookstore Sign (yay)
God’s mosaic!!!

3-5 PM +++ Val and Mike

Check back soon!

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