Day 36…Thanks to Guardians for Life, Divine Mercy Parish, McKeesport K of C #955 and many individual volunteers!

We are praising God for this little girl, born just this morning…saved from abortion during our Lenten Campaign!

Victories on the way to the finish line!

Finishing Well…

It is much easier to begin something well than to finish well.  Don’t we all start out each new year with good resolutions…only to give up a few weeks later? 

That is why I am SO encouraged to see that the pro-life family here in Pittsburgh and all around the world is NOT giving up!  The road has been long and difficult, full of discouraging moments…but we have persevered!  Along the way, God has given us footholds of grace, when we have seen lives saved and progress made on the political and legislative area.  These victories keep us going.  And just within the last 24 hours, we have been given two more victories!  Amy Coney Barrett has been appointed to the Supreme Court, making the overturning of Roe v. Wade a very real possibility!  This is something that seemed impossible when I began this pro life work back in 2010…and now here we are!

Also, just this morning, a little blessing was born here in Pittsburgh!   Her overwhelmed parents arrived at Planned Parenthood during the last Lenten campaign (right before the lockdown)…and because of the loving presence of Sidewalk Advocate Katie, and the continual help of Regina at Birthright of Pittsburgh…they changed their minds and chose life for this little girl! Congratulations to “R” and “S” on the birth of their beautiful new daughter, and thanks to many in the 40 Days for Life family who came to the aid of this family! They are very appreciative to all who helped them!

It’s true that we do not get these encouragements often.  I believe that lives are saved much more often than we know.  We do this out of love and obedience, not for rewards…but when we are given these encouragements, we keep them in our hearts and look to them when times are dark.  They keep us going.

These little victories are like footholds along the way to our ultimate goal of ending abortion.

So…no matter what happens at the polls next week…we know that God is with us and will strengthen us to endure anything that may come.  I believe that as pro-life activists, we hold a special place in His Heart and He will look out for us…because we love Him and Trust Him…He will not abandon us.  This said, of course we must do our part by voting pro-life!!!  So get out and VOTE on Tuesday!!!

I invite you to join us this Sunday to help us to FINISH WELL at 4:45 pm in front of Planned Parenthood! 

Bishop Waltersheid will bring the Blessed Sacrament to the sidewalk in front of PP at 4:45 pm, so we can finish out the final moments of our 40 Days for Life vigil in the same way that we began…with Jesus HIMSELF on the sidewalk!  At 5pm we will begin a candlelit Eucharistic Procession with the bishop and other priests (all are welcome) to Epiphany Church for a thanksgiving Mass with Bishop Waltersheid presiding. For anyone not able to join the procession, just come to Epiphany Church at 5:15pm for the Mass. All others, meet at PP at 4:45.


I hope to see you there!

Now, for today’s reports…

Peggy, Charlene and Beth report a possible life saved during the 7-9am shift!

A young couple refused our material but were very polite.  They checked in at the front desk inside PP and sat down where you can see them under the blinds. Charlene observed them sitting on opposite sides,  then they moved to sit together and finally he went to the check-in window ( and we are assuming he just told them they were leaving) and OUT THEM CAME!  They walked hand in hand down liberty Ave. Charlene thanked them as they walked by. So we are celebrating!


Katie & Priscilla were Christ’s Hands and Feet from 9-11:

Terri and I were joined by Kathy, Linda, Bill and John for a very dreary shift. It was pretty quiet, there seemed to be less foot traffic than usual and I would say probably fewer people going in than a typical Wednesday. A couple people going in did take literature, as well as one man who was leaving. We had a few positive comments, and the only negative one was from the girl who used to eat the literature and knocked over the sign (Terri and I couldn’t understand what she said, but considering who it was it’s safe to assume it was something negative.) It’s so sad to see people so enthusiastic about violence. Terri talked to a young woman whose friend is pregnant and needs assistance. She gave her the yellow card and a Birthright pamphlet as well as her phone number. Terri said it seemed like she would reach out based on what her friend said!


NOTE: Katie reported that the couple who left PP during Peggy’s shift never came back!!! Praise God!!!

Barbara & Richard were in charge from 11-1 and wrote:

It is such a lovely day when you share the sidewalk with the Knights of Columbus, Father Tim and his team and volunteers as lovely as Hope and Holly. Richard and I had many blessings downtown today!

Thanks to Fr. Tim and his faithful group Guardians for Life!

A vigil participant and her daughter were praying at the vigil during Barbara’s shift today and she had an interesting encounter that she wanted to share. She wrote:

My daughter and I go to 40 Days on Wednesdays. Today our time was 11-1pm. A strange thing happened that I just thought I would like to share. We were praying, and my prayer was, “Lord Jesus, please send your angels as a shield to protect these innocent babies from going into this death mill!” Less than 5 minutes later, a man walked up to me on the sidewalk and said to me, “I’m Billy the angel! I thought I should introduce myself! I’ve just been assigned to this area.” Well, I was shocked. Is he crazy? Maybe he really is an angel. Who knows?  I said “ Well, thank you! We really need angels here!”  He turned and walked away, and then we didn’t see him anymore!  I know this is strange and weird and  I’m not some crazy nut!  But just the way the whole thing happened was so strange. I just wanted to share it!  Who knows? Scripture tells us we may never know when we may entertain Angels.


God is SO GOOD to give us this encouragement! He really DOES have our backs when we are on the sidewalk! He really DOES hear our prayers!!! Thanks Holly for sharing this amazing encounter!

From the 11-1 shift with Barbara and Richard….

Chris & Elsie write from the 1-3 shift:

My last shift of the fall campaign was filled with more praying than any of my other shifts.  A cold, dank, afternoon was warmed by the heart-felt prayers and love for the unborn shown by the pray-ers on the sidewalk.  The last of my Holy Water was sprinkled on the yellow semi-circle.  My shift was graced by the prayerful presences of Joyce from Our Lady of Victory in Harwick, Tom and Dolores from Divine Mercy parish, Pat from St. Ferdinand’s, and Marcia and her children, Patrick, Mark, and Mary from Sts. John & Paul.  We prayed the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary twice each hour and the Divine Chaplet of Mercy several times during the second hour.  Sister Rose from Sts. John & Paul led one of the Divine Chaplets.  What a contingent from the North Hills!  Elsie, as always, was lovingly insistent on handing literature to all passersby and to women entering PP.   Several men stopped by to pray with us for a while.  Thank you for coming!  A young man stopped and asked if it was OK to take a picture of the fetal models.  After taking the picture, he was handed one of the fetal development brochures and continued on down the street, hearing “God Bless You” as he left.


Joe K. and Virginia report from the final Wednesday of this campaign:

A parishioner from St. Sebastian and a downtown resident, Jim ( a somewhat regular warrior) were present for most of the 3-5 shift.  We handed out several yellow cards and some brochures to foot travelers and offered many to the mostly female persons exiting PP on this shift. One lady leaving PP accepted a card, but didn’t engage in any conversation as she crossed the street. Another lady who had exited PP was on her phone, stated “I am not pregnant, I didn’t have an abortion”, but seemed slightly unsteady on her feet. She did take some information as she passed by to get to her ride. A slightly older woman walking by stated she had 3 miscarriages and was against abortion. A young man walked by, refused any literature, but then turned around and told us he didn’t “necessarily agree” with us, but had been raised Catholic and his mother would definitely be in agreement with our proclaiming the right to life. It was an interesting experience, as I am writing this, I can see his face and it serves as a reminder that we never really know how many people we may influence or actually touch their hearts with God’s message. God Bless,


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  • October 28, 2020 at 7:27 pm

    Holly, what a crazy story! And yes, we never know when an angel may reveal himself/herself to us! Thanks for sharing that! 🙂


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