Day 34: Thanks to Blessed Trinity Parish and St. Bonaventure/All Saints/Holy Spirit/St. Aloysius Parishes

We must convince ourselves that the worst enemy of a rock is not a pickaxe or any other such implement, no matter how sharp it is. No, its worst enemy is the constant flow of water which drop by drop enters the crevices until it ruins the rock’s structure. The greatest danger for a Christian is to underestimate the importance of fighting the skirmishes.” St. John Chrysostom

Every prayer, kind word, smile or sign viewed at the vigil is a drop that will demolish the rock of abortion. Our perseverance will enable us to end abortion.  

If after the 40 DFL vigil ends you still want to come and pray, come join us. The trained advocates and other prayer warriors who serve year-round could use your prayers and presence. We are now inviting anyone who hears the inspiration and wants to join us to come back during non- 40 DFL Campaigns and keep coming back all year long to Planned Parenthood. 

The year-round times of prayer vigils are to coincide with the dates and times when the Sidewalk Advocate teams are scheduled to be outside PP so no one who comes down to pray and witness will ever be alone.  Here is their current schedule for when we would like to pair up churches or individuals with those already there: Tuesdays 7:30-11am, Wednesdays 8-12 noon, Fridays  8:30am-10am and Saturdays 7am-1pm. Come join us. -Tim

Here are the reports from the vigil starting with Sue 7-9 am:
This last Monday shift  was a very quiet one. Downtown seemed quite empty. I only noticed one worker, the security guard, and the McKesson delivery man enter Planned Parenthood. It was a good shift for prayer. Bill, our regular Monday shift buddy who does ministry work, stayed with Amy and I the whole time, giving out Christian leaflets. He believes once people accept Jesus in their lives, hearts and minds will change to be against the culture of death. Bill and I wore signs as our witness and Amy engaged as many people passing by as she could. Thank you, Sue

From Ginny 9-11 am:

My friend Carol from St Mary’s Glenshaw came to pray with me today
A group from Guardian Angels came early to set up and pray
Don was there all morning witnessing.

From Nikki 11 am-1 pm:

Blessed Trinity Parish
Beverly and Ken

There was a cloud of witnesses all around us on the sidewalk today! I have been amazed at what good participation we have had during this campaign, and it has continued through today! There was a large group of faithful prayer warriors from Blessed Trinity Parish, formerly Holy Angels. They prayed on the other side while I prayed with Ken, Beverly and later joined by Annamarie and Karolina. One young man stopped and wanted to talk. He was not a Christian but was reading the Bible. He said he had not given his life to the Lord because he has some mental issues and he did not feel that he could give 100% of himself. We eventually did pray with him and he did ask the Lord to come into his heart and to be the Lord of his life. Please pray for this young man that he will continue on this path! -Nikki

From Beth 1-3 pm:

Thanks to Anna Marie and Angela from Blessed Trinity who were with Rose and me for the beginning of the shift and Father Jeremy, Nat and Sylvia who prayed with us later. We had great conversations answering many questions No rain just the usual gloom that comes from an abortion clinic where babies die.  -Beth

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