DAY 33: THANK YOU, Corpus Christi Parish; Young Adult Ministry of Saint Paul Cathedral; Shift Buddies Vince P., Andy L., Jim and Cathy S.; Fuel Carmelite Nuns of Fairfield, The Passionist Nuns, The Carmelites of Erie, The Carmelites of Latrobe; Volunteers Kraig C., Mary M.; and all the wonderful witnesses for life who joined us in prayer today!

The Adoration of the Shepherds (detail, c. 1645)

Philippe de Champaigne (1602-1674)

Wallace Collection, London, UK

© Dist. RMN-GP / The Trustees of the Wallace Collection

There is no home in the relationships that lead to abortion.  Most abortions involve men taking advantage of women without respect for their bodies and souls, and women in search of attention and affection.  These are not relationships of love but of use. There is nothing more important we can do than create a home that prepares us for our eternal Home. Not having it has sent many in our culture in search of home in all the wrong places. Shawn D. Carney. TO THE HEART OF THE MATTER: The 40-Day Companion to Live a Culture of Life 


Maggie joined us on the sidewalk this Saturday.  She said I could include her picture and story in the Blog today.  She shared bits and pieces of her pro-life history.  Maggie’s heart was always pro-life.  Then her Penn State professor told her class to write a persuasive speech on a topic of their choice.  She chose abortion.  She was amazed at all the terrible details her research uncovered. That did it.  Maggie witnessed with Operation Rescue! She knew a woman who was arrested and kept in solitary confinement. I wish I had requested more stories and recorded them to share here. Maggie inspired me to research OPERATION RESCUE. Just like all the rest, this pro-life story is brilliant with God’s presence.

In 1986, Operation Rescue sprang on the scene and soon became one of the most outspoken groups opposing abortion in the United States. Operation Rescue led the largest movement involving peaceful civil disobedience in American history. During those early years, thousands of men and women willingly sat in front of abortion mill doors to prevent the killing of innocent children and paid the penalty in arrest and prosecution on trespassing charges. In 1993, the Federal Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act (F.A.C.E) was passed placing severe fines and jail time on those blocking access to abortion mills nationwide. Operation Rescue showed its resilience by adapting to the new restrictions.

Troy Newman, born 1966 and adopted at birth, is the President of Operation Rescue and sits on the board of The Center for Medical Progress where David Daleiden is Founder and President.   

There have been numerous news articles accusing Newman of advocating violence against abortion providers, but the record shows that this is a gross mischaracterization of the true position of Newman and Operation Rescue. Newman has taken legal steps to hold accountable those who continue to spread these falsehoods. For example, when Cecile Richards, CEO of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, appeared on the July 26, 2015, edition of “This Week with George Stephanopoulus,” she attacked Newman and wrongly accused him of being “behind” acts of violence, including “the bombing of clinics, the murder of doctors in their homes, and in their churches.”  Newman’s attorneys promptly sent “cease and desist” letters to Richards and ABC News seeking an apology and retraction of false, defaming statements.

LAUDATE DOMINUM by Bel Canto Choir Vilnius at Saint Catherine Roman Catholic Church, featuring soloist Lina Dambrauskaite and Raminta Gocentiene on the piano.

When I watch this video, I think about the comprehensive, personalized, rescue plan we work hard to provide for each abortion bound person.  This video is reliably easy to find. It is available any time night or day. It is beautiful and comforting. I hope the rescue plan we offer looks and feels BEAUTIFUL, RELIABLE, PERSONALIZED AND COMFORTING. Our sisters and brothers need a plan powerful enough to keep them strong as they CHOOSE LIFE for their child.

LAUDATE DOMINUM Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

More tortuous than anything is the human heart,

beyond remedy; who can understand it?

I, the LORD, explore the mind and test the heart,

giving to all according to their ways,

according to the fruit of their deeds.

JEREMIAH 17:9-10



It was such a pleasant surprise to have a large group gather to pray on the sidewalk early this Sunday morning!  Diane, Tom, and Nikki arrived to set up and get us off to a good start.  Shift buddy, Vince, and I were joined by Bill, Kraig, Lisa, and three men from Vince’s wonderful Knights of Columbus council, Jim, Rich, and George.  Before the shift ended, four more people stood praying quietly on the other side of the circle (sorry I didn’t get your names!) while Andy, Pat, and Kathy showed up to cover the next shift.  It was so good to have all of you there, praying for an end to abortion…God bless you all!

Lisa, Kraig (Volunteer), Shift Buddy Vince, Bill, Rich, George, Jim


It is a blessing for our Church and our nation that a Rosary procession has taken place every Sunday for Months now, through the streets of downtown Pittsburgh. This photo was taken as they stopped today to pray at PP. We pray God will bless us with victory as He did when the Rosary was prayed at the Battle of Lepanto. 

Shift buddy Andy and I were not scheduled to have a church to pray with us today but answering the call were Arlene and Bill from Turtle Creek, and Patty and Bill all the way from Carrollton.  Also joining us in prayer were Rich, George,  Kathy,  Deanna  and Jim.

So many were moved by the Spirit to pray this morning when we expected so few. I pray that an abundance of grace will fall on this place today because of all the efforts of these who remain faithful. The grace of healing and conversion. The grace of love and peace. And the grace of fervor in true worship of the living God for all. 


Thanks to all who came to pray with us today. Mary and Eileen arrived and later in the shift the R. Family arrived so we were in good company.  As usual, Sundays for the most part are calm and today was no different. We had about four positive acknowledgements and no negative. We are grateful for that.

Mary praying on the far side

Eileen and Rich


I was joined on the sidewalk this afternoon by wonderful – and plentiful – prayer warriors from Corpus Christi Parish.

Thank you for your prayerful witness today as we prayed the Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary, the prayer intentions on the back of the baby signs and the Divine Mercy Chaplet!

It was wonderful to have so many voices praying in unison for the unborn, their mothers, fathers, abortion workers, pro-life workers and our country!

There were also several individual prayer volunteers – a couple from Saint Mary’s in Export, Bill from Saint Sebastian, Marianne from Saint Aidan and Bob from Saints John & Paul.

God is so good to bring so many of us together today – even the few comments we received from passersby in cars did nothing to deter our prayerfulness! Thank you!!!

Corpus Christi Parish joined us on the sidewalk in prayerful witness

POWERFUL Pittsburgh Downtown Prayer Witness


With the shift changes this campaign, I’ve been blessed to be accompanied by more Christians.

Today the Soldiers for Christ came from all over Pittsburgh, armed with their beads, excited to do battle through fervent prayer for the innocents.

So uplifting, so inspiring, thank you, folks, for your sacrifice, and may the Peace of the Lord be with you.

Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Jesus.

Soldiers for Christ


Young Adult Ministry of Saint Paul Cathedral


And God saw that it was good.


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