Day 32: Thanks to Sidewalk Advocates, St. James Parish (West End), Christ our Savior Parish, kind individual Volunteers, and wonderful Team Members!



7-9 AM +++ Joe and Sidewalk Advocates 

“Holy cow”  whatta morning…
Faithful Tom & Diane setup the display with great precision once again! I was joined by Shift Manager Emeritus Bill and the Mobile unit rolled in shortly thereafter.
This morning’s picture is worth a thousand words, eh?  The “innocent” leaves fallen and discarded resulting in a barren home… much like the lives discarded from their mother’s wombs at 933.  Though the leaves will return, these babies will not – at least to this earth.
But beyond this blue / gray / “spritzy” October morn, where it seems like Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse parade around 933, our faith gives us hope, the promise actually, of brighter days, of being reunited with all our brothers and sisters in the heavenly abode…
Sorrowfully, it was an extremely busy and emotional shift…  Lots of anger and /or indifference to the loving alternatives and help available to all – True Choices!!!
The sidewalk eventually became full of prayer warriors and advocates as the shift came to a close, bringing the buds of love, hope and help into full bloom…


9-11 AM +++ Sue M. and Sue D.

Praying folks from St. James
Parent prayer group from the former Quigley Catholic High School
Great message on a sign made by Mrs. C.!

The clinic was rather busy this morning.  The Choices van was there, but unfortunately we could not convince anyone entering PP to use its excellent ultrasound services.  A large group of very prayerful folks from St. James was there, and they eventually joined Chuck and Carol in their already-in-progress Jericho walk.  A couple representing North Catholic brought some t-shirts from the school’s spring Pro-Life T-Shirt Day and prayed with us.  Bill S., Bill H., Jim L., Sidewalk Advocate Joan, and a prayer group from the former Quigley High School rounded out our group.  Rays of sunshine Barbara and Richard arrived for the next shift with their ever-present smiles.
Joe, who stayed over a bit from his earlier shift, offered help to a young couple entering PP.  The young man was angry and had some choice words in response.  Another young woman exiting PP with her partner was in tears, but they would not accept our offers to talk or any literature from us.  Dear Lord, please send Your Holy Spirit to these couples and to anyone who entered PP today for services.  Let any lives be saved that still can be saved, and please help them to seek solutions to their problems and any needed healing in You.

Sue M.

11 AM-1 PM +++ Dean and Greg

Sidewalk advocate Greg with Nikki’s new hero Johanna

There were a lot of women at P.P. today. Some women seemed willing to take the pregnancy support business cards. However, the security guard accompanied every exiting woman to her waiting ride which greatly reduced the opportunity for contact.


1-3 PM +++ Kathy and Nikki

Shift Manager Kathy
Nikki and friend in prayer
Thank you for praying today!

We are praying specifically for B, beautiful mother of 3 children. She chose life for her 1 yr old twins. She feels her back is against the wall and she can’t handle a fourth child. Talked about adoption: couldn’t do. Her mom will support her decision. Talked about regret. Talked about the Holy Spirit. Please pray if she took the abortion pill that she will call the number on the back of the card.


It was a privilege to be a witness for the sanctity of life on the sidewalk today, and a joy to see shift manager Kathy use her talent for sidewalk advocating! She has such a warm and welcoming and non-judgemental demeanor, people just seem to want to talk to her. It was also a blessing to pray with my new hero, Johanna, who is 84 years old and comes to the sidewalk and kneels in prayer! She told me she has eight children living with two in heaven. You meet such wonderful people in this work! We had a large group of families come to pray from Saint James and the children were kneeling on the sidewalk to pray. What a heart-touching witness that made! We were praying specifically for a young woman who had left Planned Parenthood and had engaged Kathy in a long conversation before leaving. She told Kathy that she was just tired of waiting but that she would be coming back for her abortion. She said that she already had three children and could not handle a fourth. We were praying hard that she would not return, but sadly, she did. The exterior of Planned Parenthood seemed very quiet and calm, you would never know of the atrocities that were happening just inside those doors.  But, we persevere and we do not give up and we were there for those babies as they lost their lives, they did not die without someone praying for them.


3-5 PM +++ Jeff and Billy

St. James (West End) parishioners
Beautiful family from St. James praying

Jeff and I were accompanied by Steve and St. James Church from the West End.  I wanted to say I counted 19 people total praying with us. We had prayed multiple prayers. We had a couple people who passed us across the street shouting pro choice and to put our facemasks on. Then a guy in a red jacket was sitting by us and he recorded us praying.  Steve led the group in a prayer walk. You never know what you’ll get on the sidewalk


2 thoughts on “Day 32: Thanks to Sidewalk Advocates, St. James Parish (West End), Christ our Savior Parish, kind individual Volunteers, and wonderful Team Members!

  • October 24, 2020 at 8:51 pm

    Praying for these women. Thank you all for being there today. ♡♡

  • October 25, 2020 at 2:19 pm

    I’ll pray all day for the moms who can’t imagine a loving couple embracing her child. We need to try and relate the benefits of open adoption to the biological mom, the adoptive parents, and especially the baby. Many don’t understand the way open adoption lets the mom call all the shots: visitations, frequent communications, joint parenting, etc.


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