Day 31: Thanks to Lower Allegheny Valley Parishes, selfless individual Volunteers, and dedicated Team Members!

Prayer and sacrifice can touch souls better than words.

St. Therese of Lisieux

When our words of warning are ignored, when our offers of help are rejected, when we see the doors of PP swallow its victims, it’s time to fight discouragement by remembering that we are called to put it all into God’s hands. The 40 Days for Life movement is based on prayer, not because it’s the only thing we can do, but because it’s the most effective thing we can do.

Souls ARE being touched by our prayer and sacrifice. We may or may not see the results, but God undoubtedly does. We thank Him for generously allowing us to play a role in His plan for salvation. We ask for increased faith in Him and strength to continue our efforts.



7-9 AM +++ Barbara, Richard, and Rose

What a fruitful early morn this felt like.  Rose arrived first, then Richard and me and Diane and Tom and Marie (new). 
The sidewalk was warming up.  Lisa and Denise (new) and Al and Amy (St. Pat’s Canonsburg). I looked around for a plate of donuts, but none. These guys came to witness and pray for life.
To witness for each little baby whose life abortion takes today.  To pray for each abortion bound person.
It seemed like a chorus of “God bless you!” from passers by. One young man stopped for awhile to talk about who we are.  What a joy to share that story! Sidewalk witness for life just keeps on giving. Peace.


9-11 AM +++ Kathy and Mark

The 9-11 team.  Mark arrived later.

Thanks to all who came to pray, hold signs, and pass out literature.  Katie had the opportunity to talk with “K” who accepted resources and a meeting with Regina from Birthright pregnancy center.   Please pray for “K.”
Toni, from Canonsburg and Marlene’s cousin, stopped by.  Toni did sidewalk counseling while living in MD and stepped into that role today. 
We prayed Psalm 136, the thanksgiving psalm, together and prayers to end abortion.


11 AM-1 PM +++ Sheila and Dee

Toni from St. Oscar Romero in Canonsburg

It was slow today, but at 12:30, a woman came by looking for the clinic, said she had an abortion scheduled.  As I tried to counsel her,  the guard came out and swept her inside. She said that this is what her husband wants.  ☹️ 


1-3 PM +++ Elaine and Marilyn

Elaine and Bernie

It was Marilyn, Bernie, and myself who were present today during the shift.  We offered up some prayers during the vigil.  We received some thank yous from people who were passing by.  One woman stopped and eagerly received some literature from Bernie.  Also, there was a girl toddler who was with her guardian that passed by that even the security guard at PP smiled at.  Miracles do happen!


3-5 PM +++ Pat, Val, and Mike

Paula from St Joseph’s on the left and Mary from St Juan Diego on the right
Aquinas Academy in the North Hills

This evening’s weather was perfectly pleasant, but the mood of several passersby did not match it.  We had one older woman who got very nasty with Amy who was praying on her knees at the time.  She and her husband Vince, however, handled the matter beautifully.  I’m so grateful that they’ve made the 4-5 PM hour a regular part of their week.

Also praying with us were for the first hour were Mary and Paula, both from the same yet-to-be named parish grouping in the Sharpsburg/Aspinwall area.  In addition to them we had a large contingent of students, parents, and teachers from Aquinas Academy in the North Hills come for the final half-hour.  They truly made a great witness.

I’ll close by asking for two things.  First, for pray-ers to consider coming down to PP next Friday (the last Friday of the campaign), during the 3-4 hour so that my faithful shift buddies – Mike and Val – won’t be along during that time.  Second, prayer for my two oldest daughters – Bridget and Colleen – who will be moving together to Chicago next week.  I specifically ask that you pray that they may grow closer (and not further away) from Christ during this experience.


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