Day 29…Thanks to Divine Mercy Parish, individual volunteers and committed 40 Days for Life team members!

Living in the aftermath…

When you spend time on the public sidewalk, praying and witnessing to end abortion, you really get a good look at the state of our culture. Just as this photo shows the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, so do we see the devastation that legalized abortion has wreaked on our young people.

We see the differences in generations. The older people (my age and slightly older), who were actually brought up in a culture that knew right from wrong…but who rejected it wholeheartedly by embracing the sexual revolution and abortion…those people are hardened and defiant…and there is really no reaching them (outside of God’s grace, that is!).

But those who are younger, those are the ones that my heart truly goes out to. These are the souls who came of age after Roe vs. Wade, and who never knew of a time where human life was considered sacred. They grew up in an age that taught human life is only important if someone else says that it is important. This sad state leads to a sense of emptiness and hopelessness. After all, if God didn’t create us in His own image, and if He doesn’t love each and every one of us for that reason…then really…what is the point of living? The goal of existence then has to be one of two things, depending on personality type. For someone with a personality like mine, who is more passive and comfort-seeking…life becomes a constant search for happiness through pleasure. Alcohol and drugs, sensuality and entertainment…anything to distract from the meaningless that is this life. For others, who have a more aggressive personality, power and control become the driving force of life, and the search for material success is what motivates them.

It is so sad to see the damage that the loss of the awe and wonder of God, and His creation (especially human beings!) has caused in our culture. These poor young souls don’t even know how important they are to the creator of the universe!

If they only understood that the same God that keeps the planets in orbit, causes the sun to shine, the rain to fall, creates every particle of matter…from the tiniest atom to the largest galaxy…is the same God that has counted each and every hair on their heads!

If only they understood this important truth, their perspective would be completely changed! Life would then no longer be about seeking pleasure or power…it would be about loving and serving their creator. It would not be a burden to obey His laws. Rather, they would see that the moral law is our comfort and protection from all harm!

I write all this as a reminder (to myself), to have compassion on those who do not know right from wrong…those who think evil is good and good is evil. It is not their fault. They have grown up in the aftermath of a hurricane. All that is Good has been washed away. Because, really….there is nothing good except that which comes from God. And how are they to know God if no one teaches them? So, judging them or getting angry at them because of their twisted views on life, would be like walking through the devastated neighborhoods in New Orleans following Katrina, scolding people for all the trash scattered in their yards. It is not their fault.

This is why it is so important for us to be present on the sidewalk. We stand (and kneel), as a visible reminder that all human life is immeasurable precious and valuable. And we pray that God will use us to begin to rebuild a culture of life…even if it means He first needs to clear away some of the debris.

Now, on to today’s shift reports…

Peggy, Charlene & Beth report from the 7-9 shift:

Katie, Priscilla & Terri were there from 9-11:

The traffic in and out of PP was pretty average this morning. Many passersby took information, as well as a few people going in. Therese joined Priscilla, Terri and I for awhile to pray. Terri had several good conversations with people, and we got a thumbs up from a guy on a bike and no negative comments, just an eye-roll and one girl who came out and took post-abortion and abortion pill reversal info only to throw it on the ground. A man who was stopped at the red light asked if we were okay and I told him it happens all the time, which I probably shouldn’t have said because it seemed to make him discouraged. But the important thing is that she heard me mention abortion pill reversal, so if she is in the process of a pill abortion she can always look it up.


Barbara & Richard were Christ’s hands and feet from 11-1:

The sidewalk was crowded with pro-life witnesses gathered in prayer..Terri, Katie, Priscilla, Richard and me and then Bob and Cathy arrived and stayed as others left for their busy day elsewhere..A woman came up and stopped and stood with us.  She handed me a donation, said that was all she could afford, but she wanted to thank us.  She was lovely and quiet and walked quickly away.  Life on the sidewalk is always happening and quick and a mystery.  Peace.

Richard, Bob, Cathy and John

Chris & Elsie were in charge from 1-3:

Another good day praying, in front of the ultimate sad place, for the unborn and their parents.  Again, the shift started with the sprinkling of Holy Water on the yellow semi-circle.  Today, I was joined by two fellow parishioners from  St. John Neumann, Diane and Marie.  Joyce prayed with us again, a parishioner from Our Lady of Victory in Harwick.  Tom and Dolores came from Divine Mercy parish, along with faithful John.  We prayed Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary while Elsie was a dynamo handing out, potentially, life-saving information.   As we were praying together, I looked down at the sidewalk and noticed the leaves covering the sidewalk.  I thought that, like a tree discards its leaves, little lives are discarded within the walls of PP.

Marie and Diane from St. John Neuman Parish joined Chris this afternoon.

Joe K. and Virginia closed us up in prayer from 3-5:

Holly and Hope,  mother and daughter team from Apollo were with us again for this shift.

Both are active in handing out literature, and trying to talk with persons exiting PP and foot traffickers, very helpful and pleasant.

Steve (Bob N.’s son-in-law) was also on this shift.

Several yellow cards and brochures were given out.

A gal leaving  PP, cheerfully announced “ I just had an abortion.” The driver of her ride also made a comment that was inaudible.

Its unlikely this statement was true as she was in no discomfort whatsoever, physically or mentally, and was somewhat nefarious.

Another young lady, who had been in PP for a short time, left the building and when Joe approached her to offer brochures, she stopped, listened to him, took the literature, there was no audible verbal reply and somewhat of a blank stare, but walked away with no difficulty.

Hard to believe we are close to the end,

God Bless,


3 thoughts on “Day 29…Thanks to Divine Mercy Parish, individual volunteers and committed 40 Days for Life team members!

  • October 22, 2020 at 5:54 am

    Excellent word, Nikki! Great encouragement to have compassion on the younger generations.

  • October 22, 2020 at 8:48 am

    Beautiful words of compassion for the younger generation and warning for the older pro-abortion generation, and so true!

  • October 22, 2020 at 8:39 pm

    Great insights, Nikki. Very, very true.


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