Day 28: Thanks Divine Mercy Parish, Ancient Order of Hibernians and Individual Volunteers

Have you ever lost anything and asked St. Anthony for his prayers to help you find it?

St. Anthony, St. Anthony come around…I’ve lost my keys and they can’t be found.

I just finished reading a lovely book that a lady at my church wrote titled:

Discovering St. Anthony: If you ask for Miracles

It has 60 colloquial stories about how St. Anthony found lost objects. It reminded me of the time in high school when I worked at the David Weiss jewelry counter and bought myself a claddaugh ring. I used to wear it every day and it went missing after band practice in the parking lot…a parking lot the size of a football field. It was a gray, rainy day and we had been marching all over. I realized the ring was not on my finger when I got home. My friend and I went back to the empty lot, I got out of the car and said a prayer to ask for St. Anthony’s help. I may have taken a step or two…then looked down, and the ring was literally on the ground at the tip of my shoe!!

I’m guessing many people reading this have similar stories. And it’s true, St. Anthony has a special gift for lost objects. But I was struck by the reflection our Deacon mentioned in this book. He said, “Did we ever think of praying to Saint Anthony for lost souls, for somebody that’s gone astray, somebody that needs found, that needs to be brought back to God? Maybe a meaningful use of his intercession would be to pray for lost souls. There are plenty of them around. And it would be good to put him to work doing that.”

7-9: Tracy

Today we had a few more folks onboard along with our sidewalk counselors, Greg and Steve. Karen and Charles came with me from Steubenville, Jorge accompanied Steve, and MaryJo joined us, as well.
We began our morning with the recitation of the Rosary, using the Rachel’s Vineyard meditations. Midway through, a shirtless, mentally unstable man unsteadily passed by. Thank God the weather was a bit balmy and not as cool as predicted! (That was a first for me! Usually it’s bare feet we see.)
A few couples went in. One set, a mother and her daughter, gave us a surprise. The daughter looked the part wearing sweat pants, and yet it was the MOM there for the procedure!
Another woman walked by and stopped to tell us she’d been raped by a relative when she was younger and was brought to PP for an abortion. She was in the middle of her story when, all of a sudden, she looked up at PP’s brick facade, freaked out, and bolted out into the middle of Liberty Ave. Thank God the traffic was stopped at that moment, because she was NOT looking where she was going!
One final GOOD report. Steve handed a yellow card to a passing man. He accepted it, thanking him. He said he has a 2 yr old daughter because we were here awhile back when they were looking to abort. Steve thanked him for the great news and encouraged him to let other sidewalk counselors know! He said he never refuses taking one of the little yellow cards, passing them along to others who might need the help!
Kind of a crazy early morning shift!
– Tracy

9-11: Beth

Who says prolife people don’t go the extra mile! Besides Claudia and Claudia, the regular Tuesday morning prayers, and Bill, when we arrived, we had friends from Steubenville and Scenery Hill. And later, Gretchen and Ralph from Butler arrived to pray on a very busy and sad morning at PP . Your driving and witnessing is appreciated.  -Beth

11-1: Donna

It was a busy day on the sidewalk with many going in and out. Elsie was busy handing out materials to all going in and out and all passing by. One couple that she spoke with, the woman was just so angry and wanted nothing to do with Elsie. Her boyfriend however took the information and read it and talked with Elsie for quite a while. I’m amazed how Elsie gave information to a car that pulled up and dropped someone off. She is very persistent. Patty prayed quietly and played Amazing Grace on her phone. We had a gentleman stop by and pray for a few minutes and left. May God change hearts and minds and change our culture from death to life. May we shine our lights on the sidewalk and everywhere we go.  In Jesus name I pray. Amen


1-3: Johanna Mike & Kim

We were blessed with a warm day and the rain ceased. More importantly we had prayer warriors from Divine Mercy Parish joined us today and I know our prayers were heard!  Praise God for His presence with us and His protection and His Love!  God bless all. -Kim

3-5: Nikki

Thank you to Larry and Murphy from the Ancient Order of Hibernians for being with me on the sidewalk today!  We kept our armor on, prayed pretty much the entire time. It seemed like an emptiness or hollowness surrounded that place today. The killing was done. We saw Beatrice, the abortionist, as she left. Many other workers, whom we have seen for years and whom we pray for, we prayed for them as they left. We do our best to be obedient. The most uplifting thing that happened today was when I first arrived, the shift buddy before me, Kim, told me that she received in prayer, right there on the sidewalk, that our prayers are touching the hearts of those going in and the workers. She said she felt the Blessed Mother tell her that the souls, at the moment of their death, will remember our presence today and will repent and will be saved! Those words brought tears to my eyes. -Nikki

3 to 5 shift, Nikki with Larry and Murph

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  • October 21, 2020 at 9:13 am

    wow Tracy! you certainly had an interesting morning to say the least. One of the most interesting ones I’ve heard about so far.


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