DAY 26: THANK YOU, Saint Regis Parish, Trafford; Assumption Parish, Bellevue; Shift Buddies Vince P., Andy L., Marie P., Jim and Cathy S.; Fuel, Carmelite Nuns of Fairfield, The Passionist Nuns, The Carmelites of Erie, The Carmelites of Latrobe; Volunteer Mary P.; and all the wonderful witnesses for life who joined us today!

Saint Joseph with the Christ Child (c. 1650)
Sebastian Martinez (1615-1667)
Prada Museum, Madrid, Spain
© akg-images / Album

… that look on their little child’s face that, through a smile and a glance, manages to convey both the depth of their love and the strength of their own will.  “I love you with all my heart,” this charming toddler seems to say to his foster father, “but I am me!” Pierre-Marie Dumont. MAGNIFICAT, May 2019.

To remain chaste is a struggle to greater or lesser degree for most men their entire lives.  But chalking up this behavior to “boys will be boys” ignores the deep and varied wounds that are the inevitable consequences of this deceptively easy path. Shawn D. Carney. TO THE HEART OF THE MATTER: The 40-Day Companion to Live a Culture of Lif

Pray unceasingly for the rest of men …. Give them an opportunity therefore, at least by your conduct…. Meet their angry outbursts with your own gentleness, their boastfulness with your humility, their revilings with your prayers, their error with your constancy in the faith, their harshness with your meekness; and beware of trying to match their example. Saint Ignatius of Antioch (+ c. 107) bishop and martyr. Bishop of Antioch for forty years, Ignatius was arrested and escorted to Rome, where he died for sport in the amphitheater. MAGNIFICAT, October 2020, Saturday 10/17

Abortion bound people expect love from the $2 billion PP enterprise.  Abortion smiles warmly and mimics an aura of sympathy about a crisis pregnancy.  Actually, a “crisis pregnancy” is a child.  An abortion is a scheduled killing and removal of the body of the unborn son or daughter from the mother’s body.  Mother gets up and walks out of the building.  Abortion tosses the child’s little body into the trash – or sells its little body parts to the highest bidder. 

Where is the Father?  A father’s first reactions about a baby being on the way depends on his moral convictions and his relationship with the mother.  Did he oppose the killing, actively encourage it, demand it, stand helplessly by or not even know about it until after it happened?  Some fathers go with what the mother decides. Some fight for the life of their child. Many feel they have no say. They are right! The “head of the family” has no rights.  American laws and culture “canceled” fathers.

In a HUFFINGTON POST article, Hugo Schwyzer wrote about his response to the abortion of his child. The title – The Child Who Wasn’t: Pro-Choice Men and Abortion Grief – is the first indication of the challenges the author faces in trying to understand his abortion loss. We learn that Hugo wanted to parent their baby. Society and friends and family can collude to complicate post abortion grief. They can dismiss and even shame those who share any painful feelings or regret after abortion. Note below how the friend coldly dismisses Hugo’s grief.  The mother of his child ridicules and shames Hugo for his grief.

 “A few years ago, I had a dream that I was hiking in the hills near my family’s ranch in the Bay Area. I was alone; it was a warm spring day, golden poppies and lupine carpeted the hillsides. I came to a summit, and my late father and a young woman in her late 20s were sitting on two rocks, talking quietly. They looked up as I approached, and I knew at once that the young woman was she who was never born.”

Kevin Burke noted,

I was struck by this scene because it is very similar to one of the more moving and spiritually powerful exercises on the Rachel’s Vineyard Weekend, entitled Meeting Our Children with Christ. As participants travel in this meditation through a dark forest, they come upon rolling hills of flowers …. They then discover a great meadow where they meet their children who appear gathered in joy with the Risen Lord Jesus. I hope and pray that one day Hugo, and all men and women wounded by abortion, will make the journey to this healing meadow.

Kevin Burke, Co-Founder of Rachel’s Vineyard Ministries. Through A Mirror Dimly: Pro-Choice Men and Abortion Grief, January 2017

 A man looks around for help when abortion begins to break his heart. Good News!!! Plenty of help is available.




RACHEL’S VINEYARD, PITTSBURGH PA – 2021 RETREATS Toni Jester 412-352-5348 May 14, 2021 Friday – May 16, 2021 Sunday : November 12, 2021 Friday – November 14, 2021 Sunday

A FATHER GRIEVES THE DEATH OF HIS ABORTED SON   The parents name their child and write a letter.  Joe asked me to share his letter so parents can know there is healing after abortion. Fr. Hugo L. Blotsky, O.S.B.

My Dear John Peter,
This past weekend I did something I should have done a very long time ago. I confessed to your death by abortion. 
John, you would today be a young man of twenty. By allowing your abortion I sinned against you and against God.
Forgive me John. I was afraid.  I thought, we can always have more children later.
From that night onward I always had a “knot” in my stomach.  I could not get you out of my mind completely.
Little one, it is I who am saved by you and the mercy of God through the intercession of Jesus. You see, Little One, it is because of you that I finally sought reconciliation. Yes, I had confessed before, but I had done so to “be on the safe side” just in case what I learned was true. On Saturday as I confessed, I was crying.
Your Mother may not ever have confessed to this sin. I would ask that you through Jesus work the same miracle on Sandy that you have worked on me.  To her you represented this awesome threat to her chosen career. Please forgive her as well, John Peter. Please, my Little One, intercede for both of us through Jesus. I find it searingly ironic, Little One, that it is I who ask such favors of one whom I killed or rather, allowed to be killed. And yet I ask, Little One, for I have grown to love you in a way that is at once both deep and pure.
I see you as you might have been, a little boy running and playing, scraping your knees from a fall. I shall miss, John, all that I might have gained from your life. My Little One, John Peter, I can only now ask you to forgive me as Jesus and God have done. May you rest in the arms of God.


People hope for the company of holy men. Enjoy the lyrical beauty NEW YORK POLYPHONY so elegantly shares. Thank you, gentlemen! SICUT CERVUS. Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina, an Italian Renaissance composer of sacred music


Sicut cervus desiderat ad fontes aquarum,

ita desiderat anima mea ad te, Deus.

As the deer longs for running water,

so longs my soul for you, O God.

Psalm 42:2


Male classical vocal quartet based in New York City

Christopher Herbert, Steven Caldicott Wilson

Scott Dispensa, Geoffrey Silver

Saint Mary the Virgin Church, Times Square

June 2012




On a rather cold morning, my brother Knights from Saint Regis in Trafford (my parish) came out in force – and it really felt so good to have them there with me.  They are:  Grand Knight, Lud S., Mike C., Albert D. (along with his wife, Yolanda), and first-time participant, Mike B.  

After introductions were made, we were led in the recitation of all four sets of mysteries of the Rosary by SB Vince (thank you, Vince!), followed by the praying of the Divine Mercy Chaplet which was led by off-duty SM, Jen M.  This took us right up to the end of our shift.  During our praying we were joined by the always faithful Bill H., two friends and brother Knights of Vince from Saint Sebastian’s (sorry, I didn’t get their names), Pat from Saint Patrick/Saint Stanislaus in the Strip, off-duty SMs Andy and Ken (who took over at 9), and Bud and Sharron from Saint Michael the Archangel.  

In all I think we had a baker’s dozen of prayers there by the time I left.  I think word is getting around that Sunday morning is by far the most peaceful, hassle-free, time of the week to come down to pray at PP.

Saint Regis Parish Knights of Columbus, plus one wife!

Bill H. and two Knights of Columbus from Saint Sebastian’s in the North Hills

Mike C., Saint Regis Knight of Columbus, off duty Shift Manager Andy, Bud and Sharon from Saint Michael the Archangel


I have to confess that at times I believe we have one of the easier shifts in our 40 Days campaign. Sunday mornings from 9 – 11:00 AM are always peaceful on Liberty Avenue. PP is closed and there are few who pass by in these ‘Covid Times’ when few events are scheduled and fear of interacting, even in public, is the order of the day. One comment of a positive nature by someone passing: ‘Amy Barrett will help fix this’. I try to hope in the Almighty and not in mankind but it sure seems that once again God may humble the rich and powerful using the meek. A Catholic Mother of seven, with two adopted children of color. You couldn’t invent a better script.

We started the shift praying The Divine Mercy Chaplet with Pat, Vince, Jen, and members of Saint Regis Parish from the previous shift. Staying with us for our first hour were Jen, Rich and George, from The Knights of Columbus, joined in this picture with Pat and shift buddy Andy. We continued with the USCCB Rosary for Life Joyful mysteries. A beautiful meditation that encompasses all those in society touched by abortion. The Holy Rosary procession passed with several dozen participants pausing to pray for God’s Mercy on our church, our city, our nation and our world, and for an end to the destruction of innocent human life in the womb. Frequent participant for 40 days, Joe stopped to pray also.  Andy and I spent the last half hour in prayer on opposite ends of the circle until Rich and Rosanne and members of Assumption Parish arrived a little before eleven to continue the vigil.

Andy, Frequent Participant Joe and Assumption Parishioners


Thanks to all who came to pray and witness. It was nice to have Father Joe to stand with us. It was calm and mostly peaceful today. We just had a couple remarks from people driving by.
Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle.

Joyful Pro-Life Witness! Thank you, Assumption Parish, Bellevue


Father Joe and Faithful Sunday Witnesses


It was a prayer filled shift with Christians alive in the faith offering themselves up to the Lord for the life of the innocents.

What a wondrous afternoon. 

Thanks to all and the peace of the Lord be with you.

Philene and Shift Buddies Jim and Cathy

Sunday Witnesses for Life Bill and John!


And God saw that it was good.


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