Day 25: Thank you to Sidewalk Advocates, Guardians for Life, St. Ferdinand RL Group, Christ our Savior Parish, gracious Volunteers, and terrific Team Members!


Probably like many of you, I listened to hours of the hearings to confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the US Supreme Court. It was FASCINATING to see the theatre that resulted from giving politicians 30 uninterrupted minutes to speak during an election year. WOW.

One of the takeaways for me was the on and off discussion by the Senators and Judge Barrett of which Supreme Court Ruling could be described as “Super Precedent” rulings. I learned during the hearings that there are some decisions which once decided by the Supreme Court are sweeping, obvious, and NEVER challenged once decided and enacted. These include Brown V. Education that disallowed segregated schools, Marbury v. Madison that established the Justice system, and a handful of others.

SO what about Roe v. Wade?

Here’s what the INDEPENDENT reported online:

“Roe v. Wade, the landmark case making abortion legal across the country, does not meet the criteria of a “super precedent” and therefore is not settled law,” Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett said, signalling she believes it could be overturned.
The conservative federal judge made the comment under questioning by Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar, a former candidate for president, who pressed the nominee in an attempt to get her to signal or outright say she favours overturning Roe.
“Roe is not a super precedent because calls for its over-ruling have never ceased,” Ms. Barrett told the senator during a debate chock full of legal jargon and focused on several hot-button election-year issues.


7-9 AM +++ Tim, Virginia, and Sidewalk Advocates

Fr. Tim and the Guardians for Life

The crisp beautiful morning started with faithful Diane and Tom bringing all the signs and displays along with year-round Saturday sidewalk advocates Virginia and Joe.  Nikki joined us with her beautiful signs. Two men, Mike and Denis, drove over an hour from St. Michael’s in Wheeling to pray.

We were joined later by Father Tim and his faithful Guardians for Life.  Prayers were plentiful.  It was a beautiful morning. 


9-11 AM +++ Sue M and Sue D

Guardians for Life were on the sidewalk when I arrived this morning. It was wonderful to have constant prayer! St. Ferdinand’s Respect Life group signed up and started the rosary upon arriving. It was great to see our dear friends Benson and Bella along with Bella’s Dad, Michael, stand faithfully and witness with their signs. We reached out to as many women as we could and handed the resource card to many people passing by. A group of 3 waiting for the bus yelled to us for doing a good job. After yelling back, I crossed the street to give each of them yellow cards in case they know anyone needing help. The mom has 6 children and her daughter is a mom to 1. They were grateful for the information and I thanked them for their support! Bridget kneeled in continuous prayer. 

Sue D.

11 AM-1 PM +++Dean and Greg

Another International 40 Days pray-er: Iris from Puerto Rico! 

It was nice to see Barbara this morning. It had been a while since we last had sidewalk duty together. It was an otherwise quiet shift. More people than usual were accepting our yellow pregnancy support group cards.


Our heart was broken this Saturday morning as we watched a young woman in sweatpants hobble out of the PP doors, doubled over in pain, and escorted by the guard.  It was obvious she had just undergone an abortion, and had refused our offers of help, both entering and exiting the facility.  We prayed for her, both her unborn baby and this poor mother who will live with her decision for the rest of her life.  


1-3 PM +++ Fran

When I arrived, Barbara, Johanna and Marianne from Christ Our Savior Parish had already been praying for two hours.  I would have been tired but these ladies showed no signs of slowing down.  Nikki joined us very early in the shift and she, too, was going to be praying at the vigil for four hours.  Diane came along not long after to pick up the supplies.  After Diane’s car was loaded we continued in prayer starting with the Scriptural Rosary.  When we finished, Johanna had a wonderful idea.  Her car was parked curbside so she got in, opened her car windows, turned up the volume, and we sang along to the most beautiful musical rendition of the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.  So many people walking by smiled and nodded in affirmation ~ so many hearts were touched.  Unfortunately, the hearts who needed our prayers most moved quickly past and into the doors of PP.  The only thing we can do is continue to pray and trust in God.  Also today, there was a very small group of protesters who gathered across the street.  Other than some unpleasant noise, they were of no consequence.  Hopefully our prayerful presence will help to soften their hearts.  And, on a more positive note, a young woman stopped to talk with us and she was saying that she feels called by God to share the Gospel with others.  Her loving gentle nature was so welcoming.  Nikki encouraged her and prayed for her to persevere in her calling.  


3-5 PM +++ Jeff and Billy

We had wonderful participation on the sidewalk today! I expected it to be just me, Billy and Jeff, but we actually had nine people during the 3 to 5 shift! A group of wonderful people, including our sidewalk advocate Joan, came all the way from Canonsburg. We were also blessed to have Karolina join us. A group of folks were holding a little rally for Biden across the street, they were trying to target us, I believe. Even though we have no political signs. We just prayed the entire time. During the first part of my shift, Johanna was there and she played the Divine Mercy song while we sang the Divine Mercy prayer. That really helped create a peaceful atmosphere to counter the protesters from across the street. Our vocalist was also back. He did not sing Lord of the Dance this time, but was singing other songs. He does have a beautiful voice, although it is very clear that he does not like us! I tell you what, pro life work is never boring! God is with us! We just have to stay with Him!


2 thoughts on “Day 25: Thank you to Sidewalk Advocates, Guardians for Life, St. Ferdinand RL Group, Christ our Savior Parish, gracious Volunteers, and terrific Team Members!

  • October 17, 2020 at 10:50 pm

    I need to see if I can team up with one of the groups from Canonsburg area. I am in Peters Township and I drive to the south hills village to get the trolley. I travel alone and there is safety in numbers especially if you’re older.

  • October 17, 2020 at 11:27 pm

    Greg, so sad….. Thank you for being there nonetheless.


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