Day 21: Thank you Ancient Order of Hibernians, Shift Managers and Buddies!

Most of us are not hard-wired for confrontation……maybe that is why people get nervous about coming to the sidewalk to pray, we generally like to avoid confrontation and confrontation is to be expected when we put ourselves out there. There is a lot of misunderstanding by the women entering Planned Parenthood, the employees, escorts and security guards.

But really, what we are about is CARE-frontation.

We are there to Care-Front with the TRUTH…..abortion kills a living, human being.

It is destructive to the mother, the baby and everyone participating in it. But we care enough for our brothers and sisters to lovingly offer other choices. We care enough to provide rides to doctors appointments, throw baby showers, provide material assistance and walk with anyone who will walk away from the death and destruction and choose life. We care about anyone working in the abortion industry, so many prayers are said for you, and we care enough to help you find a new job!

As Christians, we are ready to go to the sidewalk and engage in Care-frontation!


7-9: Tracy

We began our morning together by reciting the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Holy Rosary, using the Rachel Rosary booklet meditations. Very helpful for helping to remain focused on our ministry here at Liberty Avenue! No group was signed up to keep us company, so it was just the three of us.

Greg and Steve were fairly busy. It seemed there were more young ladies going in than is usual on a Tuesday morning. Sadly, most looked right past them, refusing to engage at all. Greg was fortunate enough to pass info onto a brother who dropped off his sister. Maybe it’ll prove helpful later?
God’s will be done!
– Tracy

9-11: Beth

Busy day at PP. People from St. Alexis and Bible Church witnessing by prayer and handing out lots of literature.  Here’s hoping that our first time volunteers become regulars.

11-1: Fran

Although no one was able to sign-up today for the 11-1 shift, three individuals did stop by at different times to pray ~ it was good to have them with us.  Between the hours of 11am and 1pm you can usually count on a lot of traffic in downtown, both foot and vehicle, because everyone is scurrying to get their lunch.  This picture was taken at 11:34 am ~ completely deserted!  Unfortunately, the same thing could not be said for PP ~ there was a lot of traffic in and out of their doors.  Elsie and I stood on either side of the doors in order to reach as many people as possible.  Some took the literature as they entered and a few took it as they left.  Please pray that they will accept the help that was offered to them ~ there is always hope.”The real hope is not in something we think we can do, but in God, who is making something good out of it in some way we cannot see.”  Thomas Merton 

1-3: Johanna Mike & Kim

My wife Kim and Johanna were there from 1pm to 3pm. Beautiful weather. Quiet on the street. Many couples coming out with paper bags. Prayed multiple rosaries. Little interaction with customers of Planned Parenthood.

3-5: Nikki

The weather was beautiful to stand outside and pray with my faithful sidewalk partner, Larry from the Ancient Order of Hibernians.  We had a few negative encounters. One group of young women stopped by and were looking at the baby models and one of them asked me, I was on my knees praying at the time, what I thought should be done in the case of rape. I stopped praying and told her that we don’t punish the child of the criminal, and that the baby is innocent and does not deserve to be killed. She told me that she had been raped, but she was not pregnant and did not have to make that choice. I explained to her that the fact is that most women who get pregnant after rape and choose abortion end up being more traumatized from the abortion than they were from the rape. In fact, the birth of the child, whether or not they choose to parent the child, can be a way of healing, bringing something good from something bad. I don’t know if any of the seeds took root in her heart or not, but from the expressions of one or two of the other girls, I think they were thinking about it. Another young woman stopped later and was looking at the abortion pill reversal sign and she asked me why I didn’t go do something more worthwhile, didn’t I have a job? She had already taken the abortion pill and was hurting, I could tell. I told her how the abortion pill reversal works, and that it is very successful. She was not interested in listening, and walked away. Larry and I prayed the Divine Mercy chaplet and rosary for healing for so many hurting people.

Larry, Nikki, Diane

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