Day 14: Thank you St. Peter Parish (Steubenville, OH), Individual volunteers and Ancient Order of Hibernians

YOU are a Work of ART

cre·a·tive adjective: relating to or involving the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work.

Each of us is an O-riginal idea, sprung from the imagination of God!! You are a work of art!!


All was quieter this morning. No drama. We began with a group rosary and then took up our posts while Greg and Steve made efforts to help any entering PP. Beth, Masha, and Tracy from St. Peter’s in Steubenville were there along with a new Steubie neighbor, Karen. Karen did sidewalk work at one of the three (!!) PP’s in  Austin, TX. Glad to have a new member onboard!


Thanks to our great ladies from St. Peter in Steubenville,  Beth and her daughter Masha.  It was cold inside PP and outside on Liberty Avenue. Clients came, help was offered,the results we couldn’t see. But as Beth said that’s the way of the Holy Spirit. Later Bill joined us. Pretty quiet morning 


We were thankful for this beautiful, although slightly chilly, fall day.  In addition to two individuals who stopped briefly to pray, I was joined by Ken, Gerard, and faithful, faith-filled, Sidewalk Advocate, Elsie. 

We experienced mostly affirmation from those passing by but, sadly, our hearts were hurting with and for the abortion-bound women who were arriving today at planned intervals.  It was clear from the extreme sadness in their eyes that they will need all of our prayers in the days ahead. As the Mounted Police passed by I said a prayer of thanks for their service and sacrifice.  At any moment they might be called upon to selflessly risk their lives to protect ours.  When the Security Guard walked out of the doors of PP today I thought: If only we could ask her to go back inside and protect the babies… praying that her heart will be softened.     

Johanna Mike & Kim

When I arrived , Michael, Kim and Marlene were already there ready to begin our shift. We had a wonderful afternoon…people were very pleasant giving thumbs up and thanking us for being there.
Only one couple said something under their breath.
Kim and Michael were praying very devoutly as was Mary.

I was beginning my rosary when a woman named Patricia from New Jersey stopped and asked to pray with me.
I asked if she wanted to pray the rosary; she said that she prayed directly to God, so I told her to pray her way and I would pray with her.
She gave the greatest witness with her prayer. She spoke very loud, begged God to help all those who were going to have an abortion and how she had 4 abortions and regretted it and how, even though she knew God had forgiven her, it is always in her mind.
I began the Divine Mercy and she knelt down with me and prostrated herself praying with me. She gave me a hug and wished me God’s blessings  and went on her way.
I wish she would have stayed longer, because after she left two young girls entered Planned Parenthood. I prayed that neither of them were going in for an abortion.
Wow!! What an afternoon!
Thanks 🙏 be to God. Amen!!


Larry and I were the only ones from 3 to 5 and we had a very prayerful and peaceful  shift. At the start of our shift, a young woman named Alba from London stopped with questions about what we were doing. She has a YouTube channel and talks about issues and so she was interested in knowing about 40 Days for Life. We had a pleasant conversation, she was very glad to learn about all the wonderful things happening in the pro-life movement and took some of our literature to learn more. We also saw a very young and very pretty woman who came to Planned Parenthood to check on where she is to go tomorrow morning when she arrives for her abortion. She seemed so callous and unemotional about getting an abortion, like she was going to be getting a tooth pulled. I talked to her briefly, offered her some of our information but when she realized it was information to help her keep her baby, she gave it back to me and said I don’t need this, I don’t want a baby, I want an abortion. I just blurted out, “if you are pregnant then you already have a baby, all you will do by getting an abortion is to kill your baby who is already there.“ That did not seem to affect her at all, she said that she wanted the abortion and she will be back tomorrow. I pleaded one last thing to her, I told her that her baby already has a beating heart, to which she replied, “no it doesn’t!“ I told her that at 3 1/2 weeks, a baby’s heart is already beating, to which she replied, “I am only 2 1/2 weeks. I said to her that it is not possible to get an abortion if you were only two weeks pregnant, and that was the end, she was gone. Larry and I prayed a Divine Mercy chaplet for that poor little baby, whose mother is so careless about its little life. All of the comments tonight were mostly negative, but nothing too bad. We just keep marching on and trusting the Lord!

3 thoughts on “Day 14: Thank you St. Peter Parish (Steubenville, OH), Individual volunteers and Ancient Order of Hibernians

  • October 6, 2020 at 10:17 pm

    I will also pray that she has a change of heart and keeps hearing what Nikki said to her about her baby having a beating heart.
    God Bless you Nikki.

  • October 7, 2020 at 9:33 am

    Thank you Johanna! I gave her to Jesus during adoration this morning, and I know that with so many prayers for her and her baby, and on this special feast day, that she will receive as much grace as she needs to choose life for her child!

  • October 9, 2020 at 12:01 pm

    Nikki, know that your words with this young woman, may well be seeds planted in her heart. Maybe not today but at some point in the future. This we trust in our faith in Our Lord’s power and mercy. Your heartfelt prayers for her and her baby are another gift to God. You are so giving! God Bless you!



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