Day 12: THANK YOU, Most Precious Blood of Jesus Parish, Traditional Latin Mass; Shift Buddies Vince P., Andy L., Marie P., Jim and Cathy S.; Volunteers Matt S., Amy M.; Carmelite Nuns of Fairfield PA; and all of the Blessed People who prayed with us today!

The Crucifixion of Christ (detail)

Diego Velazquez (1599 -1660)

Prado Museum, Madrid, Spain

© Dist. RMN-GP / image du Prado


This baby, according to many who support abortion – is never and can never be someone’s child. There is no treasure in this child.  He or she is never considered a member of a family but merely an independent entity, on his or her own, unaware of what is about to happen and powerless to stop it. Abortion is straight from Hell. Christianity was birthed from Heaven in a barn, in poverty, in the cold, among animals, but with the one foundation God chose to use: a family, a Holy Family. Shawn D. Carney. TO THE HEART OF THE MATTER

Your opponent the devil is prowling around like a roaring lion looking for [someone] to devour. Resist him, steadfast in faith, knowing that your fellow believers throughout the world undergo the same sufferings. 1 Peter 5:8-9

People whose hearts God has captured keep prayer vigil and Sidewalk Advocate presence at Planned Parenthood in downtown Pittsburgh. The red brick building looks ordinary.  People going in and out look normal.  Look deeper.  Saint Peter knows that roaring lion.  David Daleiden does too.  He speaks to us from many You Tube interviews.  He calls us to battle.    

Daleiden is the investigative journalist who went undercover for 30 months to investigate and ultimately to expose trafficking in aborted baby body parts by the abortion industry and its allies.  His numerous videos exposed the criminal activity. They demonstrated how tax payer funding was being used to do research using fetal organs harvested from born alive babies. Daleiden: In 2010, I first noticed it.  I was extremely troubled.  I had nightmares for about a week afterwards. I decided it deserved an in depth, focused, comprehensive expose.

Daleiden: I am the child of a crisis pregnancy situation.  My parents got pregnant with me their junior year of college and got married after graduation.  People can get pregnant and have kids in less than perfect situations. NOW is always the good time to welcome a little person into the world.

There is a cruel paradox that I can never get over. It is the fact that the humanity of unborn children is not considered equal enough to protect them from abortion. It is precisely that equal humanity – a humanity that is identical to our own – that makes them so valuable for scientific experimentation. It makes Planned Parenthood and researchers and their allies hunt their body parts like buried treasure.

Planned Parenthood has been illegally altering their abortion procedures to make them partial birth abortions so they can better harvest body parts for sale. A medical doctor is to do a procedure in whatever way is safest for the patient. But the abortionist changes that standard of care solely to increase the money line. That’s the first violation. The next big violation is that in changing that standard of care the doctor resorts to an illegal method of abortion.

Daleiden: In one video, the former medical director of a Planned Parenthood laughs and indicates that she needs to go to the gym to be strong enough to perform a dismemberment abortion with forceps. She describes how to deliver babies intact during late term abortions allegedly in order to harvest body parts.The law is that when a baby comes out intact in a late term abortion you are to check for signs of life of the baby. If there are signs of life, you are to do everything you can to save the life of the baby. I asked this long time Planned Parenthood abortion doctor what her standard procedure was for verifying signs of life.  Her response was – the key is you have to pay attention to who else is in the room with you. That was one of about three times that she made comments about paying attention to the reactions of the other staff workers in the clinic … that they might have to seeing a viable late term fetus come out in one piece. That was one of the most disturbing comments from any Planned Parenthood abortion doctor or really any abortion doctor in his time under cover in the abortion industry.

Daleiden: A whistle blower told me about the biggest liver from the biggest baby that they ever got during her time at Stem Express. A 19week old child had been aborted at a big Planned Parenthood site in Sacramento.  That is where I grew up. She said they received this pristine large intact liver … pulled all the stem cells out of it … put them in a vial … and sold that single vial … to a tax payer funded laboratory … for $17,000.  The way the system works, it was worth more to someone for that child to die and that liver to be harvested … rather than to use that $17,000 to try to save that child’s life.

David, you released the latest under cover video hours after you were hit with 15 felony charges in California. Why not wait to release new videos until your legal issues are resolved?

Daleiden: These 15 charges in the state of California are all based around the video tapes. They are all based around the act of recording which under California law is not illegal if it is a conversation that is held out in public or out in a public area. That’s why these 15 charges are totally bogus. Every single video tape that is cited in the Attorney General’s complaint is a video tape that was made of a conversation that was out in public or it could be overheard and in fact it was overheard.  And so pin point political prosecutions like the California Attorney General’s office has brought at the behest of Planned Parenthood cannot be allowed to stop and stifle the public conversation and the free and open exchange of ideas and information on issues of burning public concern like Planned Parenthood’s barbaric tax payer funded abortion business.

In summer 2015, with the release of the videos, the California Attorney General sent 11 California DOJ agents to my one bedroom apartment.  They had explicit instructions from Planned Parenthood to seize the computers and video equipment that I was using to publish the undercover videos.  Not all of them (the DOJ agents) fit in my apartment.  They had AR-15s (rifles; ArmaLite AR-15s; Barrel length 20 inches; length 39 inches. They had bomb sniffing dogs.

May 18, 2020, with the THOMAS MORE SOCIETY at his side, David Daleiden filed a massive federal civil rights complaint in Los Angeles, on the Feast Day of Our Lady of Fatima, against the then Attorney General of California, Planned Parenthood, Stem Express, and  others. David is the first and only case of an undercover journalist being prosecuted in California for undercover news gathering under a California recording law that has been on the books for about 60 years.

After exposing Planned Parenthood’s baby body parts trafficking business, Daleiden is now facing possible seizure of all of his assets by the abortion giant if he fails to raise $600,000 for an appeal bond due around October 2020, this month.

I don’t think I could go through experiences like having my home raided by the Attorney General of the state of California … going through all the law suits … and the bogus criminal prosecution. I don’t think I would be able to do that without having the Catholic Church … something that if the world is crumbling all around you, you can always come back to … because it stood and will continue to stand the test of time.  That is critical … something to stand on when it feels like the bottom is dropping out.  It is never going to change on you. It is not of this world.


Body of Christ, save me.

From the malignant enemy defend me.

At the hour of my death call me,

and cause me to come to thee.

ANIMA CHRISTI – Music scored and conducted by Reverend Marco Frisina, an Italian Roman Catholic priest and composer.


FUEL The prayers of the religious are like fuel in our tank.  They give us the spiritual power that we need.



Praised be Jesus Christ!  May God reward you for sending notice of your Planned Parenthood Prayer Vigils for the fall. We assure you that all the Sisters will be joining their prayers with yours and that we will very much  be standing guard with you in spirit. May God bless you and your efforts at saving lives. 

With the assurance of our prayers for all your other intentions, too.

Devotedly in Jesus, Mary, and Joseph

Your Carmelite Nuns




The schedule was empty this morning, but God surprised us by filling the sidewalk in front of PP with wonderful companions. Many thanks to Tom, Diane, and Nikki for setting us up for the day. Shift Buddy Vince and his brother Knights of Columbus, George and Rich, joined with faithful friends Bill and Pat to provide a peaceful, prayerful presence as our dear security guard kept watch.  Then we welcomed Andy and Ken at 9:00 to keep the vigil rolling.

Vince, Bill, George, Rich

Pat, Ken, Andy


For the second Sunday in a row the Rosary procession stopped in front of PP to pray at our vigil as they circled downtown Pittsburgh praying for peace, healing, God’s Mercy and an increased awareness and fulfillment of the message of Our Lady of Fatima for our city, our nation, our church, and our world. Perhaps next week I will remember to take a picture of the procession.

Always peaceful on Sunday to pray on Liberty Avenue. Some positive comments and visits from regulars Bill and Jim.

Andy, Pat, George and Rich


We had a nice group of pro-life parishioners from Most Precious Blood of Jesus Parish. It was a great blessing when Reverend Canon O’Connor arrived. He led us in the Rosary and Litany to the Saints among other beautiful prayers. Many thanks to all who came. God is good.

Faithful Shift Managers Roseann and Rich

Sunday Powerful Prayer Presence

Reverend Canon O’Connor praying with his parishioners.


After a near miss with a fast moving bicyclist on the sidewalk, today was particularly peaceful, and I’m sure the Holy Spirit was present thanks to the devoted members of the Most Precious Blood of Jesus Parish. I did see and hear a lot of birds. That is to say not pigeons, or doves, but middle digits and harsh words. It’s amazing how telling people they’re wrong in killing an unborn child generates so much anger. But in person, EVERYONE is joyous around babies!. But these gestures or ugly words did not affect our group today at all. Those who insult us don’t realize they actually give us more strength, mysteriously … mystically. The humble parish group just kept their eyes down ward, and continued their fervent peaceful prayers quietly within themselves, and sometimes we prayed traditional prayers as a group.

Most Precious Blood Parish lit up the sidewalk with their prayers.

Our Sunday Prayer Vigil brought love to the sidewalk.

Sunday Afternoon Prayer Witnesses for Life

Thank you, Most Precious Blood of Jesus Prayer Witnesses for Life today!!!


Inspiring shift lived out with beautiful Catholics (pictured, sorry to those not included in the pictures) standing up for the Innocents, with prayer and good will to all.

Grateful for the holy folks from Precious Blood of Jesus Christ Parish who came in multitudes armed with prayer and setting the example thru action for the youngins that accompanied them. Very uplifting.

Also my 40 days muses Jim and Cathy.

All glory and praise be to God.

Jim and Cathy, 40 DAYS MUSES

Most Precious Blood of Jesus Parish raises the roof in prayer!

Prayerful witness from Most Precious Blood of Jesus Parish

A joyful prayer with a youthful vibe!!!

Children are always welcome!


And God saw that it was good.


People whose hearts God has captured keep prayer vigil and Sidewalk Advocate presence at Planned Parenthood in downtown Pittsburgh. The red brick building looks ordinary.  People going in and out look normal.  Look deeper.  Saint Peter knows that roaring lion.

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